The Best of 2008

2008 have been a very fruitful year for horror in all aspects of the word. We had some of the most talented breakthrough actors and actresses, the most original storylines, the most spine tingling tv shows and vampires could not be any hotter! Click on the title links below to check each of these succulent stories out!


The Hottest Horror Movie Hottie of 2008

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The Horror Movie Hotties of 2008

Alice Braga

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The most gorgeous hunk in Horror of 2008

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The Horror Movie Hunks of 2008

Jared Padalecki

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The most twisted movies of 2008 

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The hottest breakthough horror movie actress of 2008

Born: Amber Laura Heard

When: April 22, 1986

Where: Austin, Texas

Why: Her breakthrough performance in "All the boys love Mandy Lane"

Status: Actress and Model

Next Project: And Soon the Darkness with fellow actress Odette Yustman

Career: 2004 to present

Contributions: 22 movies, 1 tv main role, 5 tv guest appearances

The talk of the town: She is sure hot with this phat ass!


The most gorgeous bad boy in horror of 2008

Born: Cam Joslin Gigandet

When: August 16, 1982

Where: Tacoma, Washington

Why: His breakthrough perfomance in "Twilight" made it for me. He can be such a badass and he also played a similar character in "Never back down"

Status: Actor

Career: 2000 to present

Contributions: 12 movies, 3 tv main roles, and 1 tv guest appearance

The talk of the town: Nice abs, oh my oh my!


Twilight addiction

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Let The Right One In 

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The Hottest Horror TV show of 2008

 True Blood: A vampire tv miniseries created by Alan Ball, this HBO series is based on the book series of Sookie Stackhouse, also the lead character from Charlaine Harris fantasy, drama, horror, mystery books. I love HBO, they show you everything, the weird, the twisted, the obscene, the scary, the creepy, the no fucking way this is possible, point blank, the stories were captivating. Every week, you are in for a surprise, a delicious one at that. The show is the best and hottest tv miniseries of 2008 that could be rated XXX in Hollywood land. Thank God we have HBO, where the taboo is welcomed as this show is a pure delight of everything that is wild, fun, bloody, obscene, and scary as hell.

Bonus package: Anna Paquin and a long line of very attractive young ladies and gorgeous men shedding it all off for our viewing pleasure.

Hot, hot, hot!



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