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Fright Night 2011: Toni Collette, Colin Ferrell
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Aug 27, 2011
10:09 AM
I went to watch the new Fright Night for reviewing purposes and to tell you honestly, I wanted to see Colin play an undead badass for a change...if you are following my tone you can already foresee what I am about to divulge about this movie is not going to be pretty. Note to self, don't go watch a movie you are already biased about with someone who already hates the genre. So here I was at the movies with my guy friend, and yes the movie started out really slow and typical, but the only thing I was not expecting from this movie was the comedy improv from this young actor you've seen in "Superbad"; owner of the one-name fake ID. Yes, you guessed it, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, he stole so many scenes and for some odd reason, I almost liked the movie for that. Yes, the scares were rather funny than horrifying, yes, there were dead people, and some dead that came back to life. But one thing is for sure about this movie, they tried so hard to pay homage to the former that they messed up by trying to recreate the same teethful-mouth on the vampires. I guess I just didn't like those teeth on my Colin Ferrell, he could have been a lot scarier with just the regular fangs, the CGI effects with the face transformations were a bit too fake to say the least. All in all, I had fun watching this movie because it had indeed some good moments as much as it sucked "not blood"!

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