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Christo: The Mermaid Watcher

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Christo who lived in a small town near a lake, called Sirens’ lake, oh yes he was a very naturally talented storyteller.

 Christo had three older, overly busy with life, breadwinner brothers christened: Christi, Christelio, and Christoli and one younger sister named Christa; his brothers were his pride and joy but his sister was his life. Their parents died when Christa was very young; as a result, Christo took it upon himself always to care for his little sister and keep her from any harms. He was the perfect big brother to Christa. Anywhere he went, his sister was within arm’s reach and everyone in their neighborhood thought they were twins as Christo was only two years older than Christa and their resemblance was simply remarkable.

Christo and Christa visited their uncle Marcel twice a week. On their way to their uncle’s humble abode, they would always pass the lake nearby. Oftentimes, the siblings would stop by Sirens’ lake to contemplate its beauty; they would rest for a little while and Christo would amuse his sister with lively tales about sea creatures nicknamed the Sirens of the waters.

 Christa was so mesmerized with these stories, she thought to herself ‘they had to be true’ solely because her brother exuded such a convincingly serious tone as he was narrating these folk tales. Christa would seat peacefully on a rock while listening attentively to her brother’s reckoning and wishing she could also be one of those delightful life forms that her brother portrayed so amazingly...




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