"Happy November"
Get your Horror On!
Foley...was his name.
His nightmare was to be born a Neptenu!


The summary below is an excerpt from my unpublished script, if you like what you read please do leave some feedback. 


Foley was born, Folier Neptenu, on a sinister April Fool’s day, in Albany, GA in 1973. Very early on, Foley could sense that his parents did not want him as they almost left the hospital without him. Although, Foley was rather a handsome boy in his peculiar way, his parents simply did not contemplate to have another boy. More precisely, they were not permitted to have a third son or "great loss would come upon them". Little did Foley know that Lehcim and Ymor Neptenu defied their family's sacred rules by keeping him. Nevertheless, they overtly allowed Foley to feel their infinite resentment for bringing him into this world every single day of his life. For they already had two sons, one named Finkster "Finkley" and the other, Freckster "Freckley".

The Neptenus' intent were to name their sons, as a sign of respect, after their great grand-father, the famous "Fink Neptenu" whom was mostly known for authoring widely popular scary tales adapted into films. Tales with such titles as "Thirteen dark tales", "Life as a Fly", "Take me to Hell", "Hell in Apriltown" and "A Neptenu's voyage to hell". Foley grew up hard and insecure as his family made it dreadfully impossible to enjoy his wretched childhood. On his 18th birthday, Foley snapped and knifed his entire family.

Foley was institutionalized as everyone thought he had to be clearly insane to commit such heinous crimes and had nothing to say for himself. It's thirteen years later, and Foley is finally inclined to tell the truth about his family but not to anyone. On plain paper equipped with a ball pencil, Foley is resolute to tell someone what it's like to be "Folier Neptenu" as he recounts his life story from the day he laid eyes on his parents to the day he had to lay them down to rest-- permanently.


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