October 31, 2011 @ 7:42 PM

Halloween has always been one of my favorite Holidays since I can remember. I cannot tell you exactly what my reasons are to think so highly of a Holiday that is considered demonic in certain parts of the world. Then again, I guess I like anything with some depth and some controversy about it. I like Halloween because it is when I can totally be outrageous with my outfit and noone will give me craps about it, it's when I can totally be myself for a change and the world will accept me just as I am, not realizing that I am celebrating Halloween all year long in my ever feverish soul. I definitely think that some role-playing is essential for living a long and healthy life and Halloween is the day when you can be whoever and whatever your pure demented heart desires with no sudden backlash. So indulge and get your demons out, whatever they may be but make sure that you can live with the consequences on November 1st. My guilty pleasures on Halloween are to dress up like catwoman, hand out candy to trick r treaters while watching the most ghoulish Halloween flicks ever with MJ's "Thriller" as my background music. I can let you in on one of my darkest Halloween habits, I will share my Halloween-themed horror movies that I watch till Halloween night with you here and do tell what your favorite Halloween-themed movies are. I have a calendar that I post all the movies to watch as part of the 13 days of Pre-Halloween splurge. I also want your votes on which movie to play on this page on Halloween night...so spread it!


13 days of Pre-Halloween Horror Splurge

Jack o Lantern - 17 October 

The Hollow - 18 October

Goosebumps: Attack of Jack O' Lanterns - 19 October

Pumpkinhead - 20 October

Night of the Demons - 21 October

The Nightmare before Christmas - 22 October

Donnie Darko - 23 October

Ginger Snaps - 24 October

Treehouse of Horror - 25 October

May - 26 October

Dark Night of the Scarecrow - 27 October

Satan's Little Helper - 28 October

The Midnight Hour - 29 October

Boo - 30 October


31 October: combo of four 

Hocus Pocus

Sleepy Hollow

Trick R Treat

Rob Zombie's Halloween


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