October 17, 2011 @ 8:49 AM


13 days of Pre-Halloween Fun Splurge

Jack O' Lantern (2004)

Why: After a car accident, Jack became a catatonic strange man and eventually was institutionalized for his demented state. Shortly after he was released from the asylum, he decided to carve a pumpkin for Halloween but Jack goes through a trance. Later he finds that the ones whom caused his accident were all murdered one by one by a crazed creature in the likeness of a Jack O' Lantern.

Tagline: "Vengeance shows no mercy"

Actors: Dave R. Watkins, Tracy Yarkoni, Kevin L. Powers 

Director: Ron Mclellen

Fact: The Director knocked himself unconscious while filming the climatic scene in the barn where Jack O' Lantern chases Bret. Ron Mclellen played the demonic creature along with two other actors, Brooks Ross and Barry Norman.

Demonic and Demented+++***: Hell yeah!


Day: 17 Oct 2011