October 18, 2011 @ 1:21 PM


Once upon a time in Halloweentown, there was a girl named Ivelande, she woke up on Halloween day in her lavish bedroom and ran into her parents' bedroom to give them hugs and kisses as nothing else in this world mattered as much as her parents did. She had made plans for later on to go trick or treating with them but something inside of her clicked to make her understand that somehow her plans were not going to be fully realized. She watched television throughout the whole day, ate dinner and got ready for trick or treating. Her mother was there waiting on her already dressed up in a witch's outfit. Little Ivelande dressed up as a mouse since that was how she felt not to have her father by her side on Halloween night. When they finally stepped outside, the whole neighborhood came alive with costumes and decor that looked more real than life itself. They started out for a neighbor's door, as they knocked, Ivelande heard a too familiar voice coming from the house. She turned around wanting to ask her mother if she heard it too but recoiled as she felt that she had to face this head on. While the neighbor opened the door and greeted her with a variety of candy, she could see in the background a man dressed up as a wizard laughing with his children, he was her father.