October 28, 2011 @ 3:08 AM

Part of the 13 days of Pre-Halloween Splurge


Satan's Little Helper (2004)


Why: I loved this storyline because it was funny and horrifying at the same time. Jenna is coming home to spend Halloween with her younger brother, Dougie, but she is also choosing to spend some time with her boyfriend from college while she is on vacay which could be okay with any other family but in Jenna's case, her younger brother is in love with her and has grown very fond of a video game called "Satan's Little Helper".  As you could imagine, Dougie is much unhappy about the news of Alex, Jenna's new boyfriend. Dougie leaves his home to witness a man dressed like Satan from his favorite video game, planting bodies in a front yard in the neighborhood, thinking to himself that it's all part of tricks from the video game, he starts following Satan around, and even helps Satan kills thinking it's all a big game. Until Satan has a deadly grip on his family then Dougie starts to turn to God for answers. Dougie has no idea that Satan is not who he says he is...but who are we kidding? Satan doesn't talk! It's a hilarious, fun, scary and unique watch!

Actors: Alexander Brickel, Katheryn Winnick 

Quote: "Sometimes Evil needs a helping hand" 

Director: Jeff Lieberman

Creepy and Original+++***: Hell yeah!