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Movie Synopsis:


A film written by Chris Soth, James G. Rogers, Blair Dalton, Pamela Heath, Peter Greenwald, Kimberly Kaplan. S. C. Farrow, Searnold, Kim Standring Jacobs, was shot by Ric Griffith and directed by Emmy nominee Brent Roske.

"Don’t Fall Asleep" follows Janice and Sam, a young couple moving into their first house on Isabelle Street. They start hearing stories from the neighbors about the woman who used to live there, Isabelle, in fact, the street is named after her. Back in the 50’s Isabelle flew into a jealous rage when she found her husband with another woman. She killed both of them but her bloodlust wasn’t sated. Now, 50 years later, Janice has started sleepwalking with visions of a wild German woman and blood. Janice can’t remember what she does when she sleepwalks. “I think Isabelle works through me when I’m asleep…” ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ stars Ashley Hinson, Daniel Kent and Ana Belibasis.


I present to you below an article written by an actress from the featured film itself. Please do read it if you are a true horror fan!



'Its something of a magical to hear “now can you just lick some of the blood off her face?” from director Brent Roske. With not a moment of hesitation, I feel the stickiness of stage blood as well as the warm willing tip of Zoeys tong on my face. Said blood, only moments earlier swished around in my mouth and spit out in attempt to capture that split second right after being accosted with a shovel to the face.

This is the kind of moment I live for.

People working together, doing what it takes to make something just that much better, a little more cringe worthy, a deeper peek into the characters twisted essence or victims pain. Being in a situation im hopefully never going to encounter in real life, but still being someone believable and doing them justice in that moment.

There are those of us that become bored and generally unimpressed within the four walls of an office, ignoring the droning sounds of everyday monotony.

Nothing the blood sweat and tears and pure commitment put into a good horror film can’t fix! Turning anyone’s four walls into a gruesome murder scene were the screams of tortured victims drown out any other dull sound. I personally really enjoy being a part of that little horrific escape.

I’m not the type to enjoy doing the same thing every day and, although I wasn’t truly shovel bashed or carved up, I was tied to support beams with rope-not the soft fun kind of rope. I wasn’t actually left to my death naked and bleeding, but I was confined to a real basement made of dirt, darkness, and enough space to kneel, mostly naked and covered in fair amount of fake blood. And even though I wasn’t really the lover a German psycho killer, I did have Zoey (the actress Zoey Sidwell who plays ‘Isabelle’) pinch my nipples before slicing open my dress-not for personal enjoyment but rather to capture the “cold look”. And even though at the end of it all I was cut lose and given a clean towel and a shower, I did still go home with real rope burns at my wrist and bits of matted fake blood in my hair.

Just little reminders when lying down to sleep and recapping my day, that I don’t have an office job and I love it! Thanks to all the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with, I intend to find myself covered in blood like substances or at least tied up, very soon.'


-Amber Rose

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