August 28, 2011 @ 4:04 AM

Movie Synopsis: 

A film directed and written by Norb Caoili & Rob Portmann and produced by: Kurt Svennungsen

Kurt was committed to the Yellow Glen Rehabilitation Center where he would spend the rest of his adolescent years in solitary silence drawing frightening images conjured from his damaged mind. Thirteen years later, Sheriff Baker’s worst fears are realized when he learns that Kurt has escaped.

"This movie is a must see from start to finish, you can't ever guess what twists this movie truly have in stores for you. I loved it and recommend it to all horror fans. The first kill in the beginning of the movie was one of the most graphic scenes in a horror movie, beware and enjoy the ride!" RAM

 Frayed is now available on Blockbuster, Amazon and Netflix Streaming!

Frayed News:

"Frayed" will be premiered on the Chiller Channel on Friday May 6th, 2011 if you missed it it's okay because Frayed is now available on Netflix Instant Watch and you can influence the Chiller Channel to replay the movie by visiting the Chiller Channel on the link below and leaving supporting comments about the movie Frayed on the site!



Frayed is one of the most obscure and unique horror movie I have seen in years. It's a very profound tale of abuse with a twisted ending that will rock your world. Check out the websites below if you need more info about the premise.

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