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Breakfast with Life, Death, Suicide and the Afterlife
  It's not always black and white...




life is so complex. Death is so simple. Suicide is too complicated. Life after Death is definitely up to you. All things must come to an end.

In the game of Life, ostensibly Death is a common denominator. Try to outlive everyone else in the game with poise and class, no matter how many bad situations you find yourself in, don’t slice your wrists. You will be faced with many adverse situations; you will be rated on how well you can handle stress, and pressures of life. Be strong, and you will be rewarded not only on Earth but in Heaven, at least your own version of Heaven. Remember you dictate how your afterlife will be in this lifetime.



Some of us are alive but our lives are so miserable that we might as well be dead. We are not strong enough to go look for happiness or do a make over to the lives that we are leading right now. So, the easiest way out to this is suicide. Some others love to live life to the fullest. Enjoying and taking in everyday as if it was their last. They lead a positive lifestyle, with no reasons to regret anything. They see the bigger picture not only this short lifespan but their afterlife after it’s all over. They don’t need to commit suicide or kill anyone over unhappiness. They are happy with themselves. If they die today they will be more likely to go straight to their version of heaven as they know it and meet with their creator.



Is suicide the easiest way out when our lives are not as fulfilling as we thought they could have been? Suicide is a temporary fix for punks to end their headaches, heartaches, and any problems that they are facing in this lifetime. The problem is you may stop your headaches and all previous problems from this lifetime but you will be sentenced to live another lifetime in a in between hell and this world. You will be leaving the same life over and over until you take a different path to resolve your problems then this in between stage will be changed to either paradise or hell which is the afterlife.


We will all die someday one way or another. If it’s our time, the angel of death will come for us. Either we are ready or not, it will come. Death can be painful or painless; it’s not up to us the way the reaper chooses to take us to the afterlife. Death is quick but the agony you have to go through before your heart stops sometimes can last a second to some but hours if not years, to others. Honestly, that is the biggest scare for us all, not knowing if we will die in our sleep or from a tragic car, train, bus, plane, helicopter accident, possession, shootings, or in the hands of a murderer. It’s all up to one being, the way we exit this life. Sometimes we suffer so much that we wish we could have been dead already.
Is the way we die a result from the way we lead our lives? Is it to show us that we have been really bad and that is the beginning of our punishment for bad deeds? Or is it to teach others around us a lesson? Just think about it for a little bit.


Life after death or the Afterlife:

We all know that we live to die; no one is here for all eternity. No one would want to live forever, I promise you. There might be so much to be done on Earth but you will get tired one day. You may love living, being alive but this body will want to rest someday. And you will want to rest as well. Your spirit, your soul, your inner self, your resilient self will still be going but your body, your vessel, your envelop can take only so much. So, you get the point. Life is meant to live, as we are all meant to die and meet our creator someday.

The question is: what happens after you are dead?

After death comes to get us, we are still on Earth awaiting for our guardian to come and meet us halfway to hell or to heaven which is just a figure of speech because hell or heaven is whatever you make of it, your actions in this lifetime define what your kind of the afterlife will be. Sometimes, we have to sort out everything ourselves, if we have unfinished business on this Earth which is most likely the case for every young adults that are dead. Eithery they have to resolve a problem so they can move on to the next life or they choose not to forgive or resolve their unfinished business because they hold grudges and have no goodness in themselves they choose to inflict more pain to others and themselves in the process, they become poltergeists, evil spirits. That's one way to look at it. It's still unknown, we can speculate until Kingdom comes. One thing is for sure, you ought to live by certain rules, code of conduct in this lifetime, as only your deeds will be the judge of you.



To die and have no unfinished business: Lead a crime free life, be a positive example for others. Be a good girl or boy throughout your lifetime on this Earth.

Things not to do:

To die and have some unfinished business: Be a criminal, be resentful of everyone, have no place in your heart for forgiveness for anyone. Be pissed off at all times, enraged, and obnoxious.


Scenario I:

Job was the poorest and most unlucky man alive. Everything he did came out wrong. He could never accomplish something positive in this lifetime. It’s as if he was cursed. He could not be accepted by his peers, his family or strangers. He was a laughing stock to everyone that knew him. He was a failure as a person. He was worthless with creative brain cells in his head. What is Job to do? He locks himself in his home. He goes to work but tries his best to avoid his co-workers, his boss but he is always getting called in to the office to get yelled at by the big boss. For some reasons, Job cannot get a break. He is depressed; he had enough with this life, these people, and his insecurities. He decides to end his life. But first, he starts to display the signs of suicidal maniacs. He is tired, he really needs a break, he is fed up with everyone, and he wants to blow up his place of duty with all of his co-workers inside. He will not only kill himself but hundreds of people as well.

You are Job, you had enough with life and with the people in it, what can you do to change the events to where they are right now. Will you commit suicide and multiple homicides? Or will you choose to move to another state, change your lifestyle, listen to some motivational speeches to boost your morale, and take control of your life. Will you choose to be good or evil? Would you choose to get back at them? You are tired of trying; you want to end it all in one instant; knowing the consequences of committing suicide. Is the easiest solution to a problem the best one?

Rhetorical questions:


Multiple homicides and suicide
Make over of present life

You are Job what will you choose and why?



Scenario II:

Jonas was the richest and happiest man living in NYC. He had the Midas touch, everything he chose to do become mega successful. He was blessed; he had all the money anyone his age could have wished to have in a lifetime. He was the center of jealousy and envy from his peers. But Jonas was not arrogant, selfish, or obnoxious. He was rather humble and generous. He helped his family as much as he could. But his incompetent, jealous accountant have not been filing his taxes right for nearly five years now, and the IRS came after him. He owed over couple billions in taxes. He had to pay the due taxes and do time in prison. From that one mistake, everything started to drop down the ladder. His wife divorced him, he had to give her half of everything he had ever own. He was reduced to couple thousand of dollars. He was sued by his personal assistant, by his publicist, and his bodyguards, he was in the negative within three years. He had to file for bankruptcy. He was poor and friendless with no entourage of fake people who were using him to feel the lime light on them as well. He was going through some pretty dark times. He had no education; he was just a performer with a lucky break. Now, it felt as his luck was running out. He was a beggar now. Day in and day out, he was being recognized by famous people who use to know him when he was somebody, and felt the need to let him know that they knew who he was or who he used to be. He was so out of it. He did not know what to do, to either end his life or go on with life knowing that every day that goes by will be a reminder for him that he is a failure, that he had hit rock bottom.

You are Jonas what would you do if you were put in this situation? What would you do if you lost everything you have ever earned in your lifetime? Would you end your life or start over again even though, you don’t even see a way to start over? Would you keep taking it in, knowing that there is no way in hell, you will ever be that famous, that rich again. Would you be willing to continue living under those circumstances or end your life now to spare yourself all the humiliations?

Rhetorical questions:


End your life because you are tired of trying
Start over with the determination that you can build a life again

You are Jonas what will you choose and why?


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Name: jen
E-mail: @yahoo.com
Your scary thoughts: OMG! This is a very profound game/story, to me I take those matters very seriously, you explained your version of the afterlife so convincingly as if you have some idea of how it could be. I will definitely go on with life because it's never over until the fat woman start singing, or until God takes me away but until then, I will try to start over and make something out myself.
Your favorites: The second scenario was my favorite, it's very touching, and very believable. Things like that happen, but if it happened to me, I know that if God puts me in it, He will guide me through it. I am not alone!