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          Meet the Johns

Sonaa and Timothe Johns are newlyweds with one thing in their minds, to make it big in the music industry. Sonaa was a singer, song-writer and Timothe was a composer. You would think these two had the right ingredients to be the singing power couple. Wrong. They were very mediocre in their callings if that were truly their callings. They had nothing else in mind but to hit it big.

What a sorry, ambitious couple to do in a position like this? Well, one thing. Make a deal with the devil. God gives to whom He knows can control and do well with a talent but the devil will help you get whatever God does not want to give you with a price. Were they willing to pay that price? Were they aware of the consequences to what this deal might entail? So hungry to be the best in a domain that was not for them to succeed in, they sealed the deal with little drops of their blood.

They say to make a deal with the devil is like a prosperous, rich man being hooked on Meth because one day he has it all and the next day, he doesn’t even own his own skin. You get all the great things this world offers but you get to burn in the seven circles of hell with lucifer for all Eternity. From what they say this guy is still recruiting, he needs more followers, more companions to fill his ranks. So Sonaa and Timothe became the newest additions to Lucifer’s list of damned souls.

Undoubtedly in this lifetime, they became quite the singing sensation. They became very famous and made double-platinum in mostly all of their albums. Every album was a hit album, what more could they have asked for. All of their dreams were becoming true. Sometimes we dare to dream but if we deploy all of our efforts to realize such a dream and we fall on our face. Should we pursue this dream at all costs, even if it costs a soul to be happy in this lifetime and forever burn in hell in the Afterlife?

Well, Sonaa and Timothe Johns were not thinking of their afterlives, they were just worrying about making their dreams come true in this life. As a result of their deal with the devil, they were famous, they were known worldwide and they were finally content. So content that they even forgot at one point, they had sold their souls to make their happiness happen. They had enough money to buy a small Country. They could save the world from hunger, they could have done so much to help humanity with their money, but they chose to buy more toys, more luxurious cars, and more mansions instead.

Until the day had came for them to pay. They weren’t ready, they had so much more things to buy, as they were never satisfied. The devil took everything he had given to them and sentenced them to live an eternity poor and talentless; that was their mere price to pay. Inevitably, they became even worse than they were at singing before, and they lost all their fortune. They were reduced to nothing, they were nobodies again. The fact that they dreaded for so long became their reality. They were living in hell as they know it, wishing everyday that they were dead. They have lived for centennials regreting they had made such a deal, to which, they had no control over what the price was to pay.


Author: Mrs. TBHMManiac

Written: 11/09/06








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