January 1, 2012 @ 1:44 AM

2011 was a highly intoxicated year as far as horror movie villains are concerned, filmmakers have outdone themselves by projecting and introducing to us some of the baddest villains in the history of horror on the silver screen. Without further ado, from me to you, check out our hand-picked bad guys below and spread your horror!


Villain: Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night (2011)

Actor: Colin Farrell

Why: Colin brings originality, vampire funk, and his hunkalicious badass persona into the character.

Favorite Quote: "This girl tonight. She's a handful, you know? Women who look a certain way, they... they need to be managed. It's true. Your dad ducked out on you, huh? Your mom, she didn't exactly say, but there's a kind of... neglect. Gives off a scent. You don't mind my saying, you got a lot on your shoulders for a kid. The two of you, alone. And your girl... Amy. She's ripe. I bet there's a line of guys dying to pluck that. Your mom, too. You don't see it. Maybe you do, but she's putting it out. It's on you to look after them. You up for that, guy?" 

TBHM: What a bloody cross can do to me, I can do worse to you!

TBHM: I am such a raging beast, flexing every muscle in my body...


Villain: Lipstick-Face Demon from Insidious (2011)

Actor: Joseph Bishara

Why: This demon is scary as hell and was so original

Favorite Quote: "Oh, My God, Dad, he is looking" - Dalton about Lipstick Face

TBHM: Look behind you, please look, a crazy-eyed demon is behind you!


Meet the actor playing Lipstick-Face Demon below:

TBHM: We love his mohawk!


Villain: Shadowy, old woman from Insidious (2011)

Actor: Philip Friedman

Why: So disgustingly creepy, she is the first ghost that will wait patiently throughout a lifetime or two to get what she wants.

Favorite Quote:  "I want it. Give me it! Give me it! I want it! I want it! NOW!" - Voice on Baby monitor ie Demon from the Further.

TBHM: Creepy Old lady with a veil covering her face holding a candle - Scaryyyyyy!


Below meet the actor playing the shadowy, old woman, yes, it's a man:


Villain: The feral Woman from The Woman (2011)

Actor: Pollyana Mcintosh

Why: Badass savage, flesh-eating woman who holds her own and recruits innocent girls into her way of life. She is truly one of the many victims in this sequel whereas in the Prequel, titled "Offspring", she is a survivor of a ruthless cannibalistic clan that preyed and chewed down on the flesh of the civilized people in Dead River, Maine.

Favorite Quote:  "I never condoned what you did. Never. You just can't keep putting one thing on top of the other and expect to keep getting away with it forever. I've had it." - Belle Cleek to her misogynistic husband


TBHM: Can you tell what her eyes are truly saying because her mouth is definitely saying "I dare you come near me"


The dame behind "The Woman" is actually this gorgeous brunette below:


Villain: The Rubber-man or gimp-suit wearing Tate from The American Horror Story Series (2011)

Actor: Evan Peters

Why: The most devilish teenage ghost boy ever. He kills without a conscience, so it seems, until we find out later, that his morbid behavior and demented actions were motivated shockingly by some good intentions. He had sex and consequently impregnanted his girlfriend's mother. Can we saym  "awkward"!

Favorite Quote: “It’s a filthy world we live in. It’s a filthy goddamn helpless world, and honestly I feel like I’m taking them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run in the streets. I’m helping to take them somewhere clean and kind.” - Tate

TBHM: What else can we say about the gimp suit wearer that has not been said before? Oh, yes, noir, vraiment noir!


Meet tate also known as rubber-suit man aka bipolar, occasional rapist, loveless, misunderstood Tate:


Villain:  Moira O'Hara, The naughty, stocking with garters wearing maid to men, for this section we are profiling the young Moira from The American Horror Story Series (2011)

Actresses: Alexandra Breckenridge, (Young)

Why: She is so sex-craved, so poisonous, so dirty and raw.

Favorite Quote: "I know I just get wet, thinking about sliding that rubber on my body." -Young Moira to Ben

Meet our favorite maid ever from American Horror Story:

TBHM: Very naughty!

TBHM: The naughty and man-hating combo


Vilain: Infantata from The American Horror Story Series (2011)

Actor: Benjamin Woolf

Why: Infantata is a creation of the left over remains of the Montgomerys' murdered son, Thaddeus. Infantata is so scary because it still looks like a baby but it's old and crippled looking that feeds on possums and bugs and delivers one of the biggest scares in the pilot.

Favorite Quote: The Infantata

TBHM: I am the result of despair and vengeance but I am still a baby at heart, really, I love this red stuff.


Meet the actor playing Infantata below:


These were our bad asses of 2011, enjoy and spread it!