April 2, 2012 @ 10:48 PM

Who: Kristen Connolly from the supernatural meets sci-fi horror movie "The Cabin in the Woods" is our hottie for the month of April. She was a reccurring guest star in popular soap operas Guiding Light and As The World Turns before landing her breakthrough role in The Cabin in the Woods. On a personal note, Kristen is very close to her mother, since the movie was under a very tight leash, she could not let anyone know any of it, not even her own mother, therefore, she was extremely happy when the movie was finally scheduled to be released in theaters. Kristen graduated from Yale School of Drama, shortly after graduating she secured several guest starring roles in television shows planted in the East Coast, such as Nurse Jackie and Life on Mars. Her next television appearance will be in the American Series House of Cards. Kristen has also performed in multiple films before The Cabin in the Woods for instance Mona Lisa Smile, The Happening and Meet Dave.

Why: She is very down to Earth and full of potential, we have so much more to see from her.

Born: Kristen Connolly

Kristen Connolly from Cabin in the Woods