May 19, 2013 @ 6:43 PM


TBHM Hottie of the Month

Who: Tamara Feldman from the psychedellic horror thriller, ALYCE KILLS, written and directed by Jay Lee, is our horror movie hottie for the month of May. Tamara was born in Wichita from Cherokee and Mexican descent. She has been actively performing since 2002 in TV shows such as Smallville, Dirty, Sex and Money, Supernatural and Gossip Girl and landed a role in major indie horror movie Hatchet playing Marybeth among other notable roles. Fun fact: Tamara has a son and was reportedly rumored to be dating Bruce Willis in 2006.

Why: Her poise and collected character after Bruce Willis's two-timing relationship with her and Emma Hemming finally ending by the actor opting to wed Emma over her.

Born: Tamara Feldman, on December 05, 1980, in Wichita, Kansas