July 13, 2012 @ 5:43 AM


Dosage: A shot of purple nurple every time the phantom abductor is shown in a scene.

Level of Horror: Slasher, Split personality

 Why: This premise is a French Gem titled Haute Tension in their motherland, that revealed one of the most twisted endings ever in Slasher movie history. Two female friends from College, Alexia (Maiwenn) and Marie (Cecile De France) find themselves entrapped in one of the most gruesome series of killings while vacationing on Alexia's family farmhouse. We have no idea, why this normal family living peacefully on their farm, haphazardly will get a visit from a psycho-killer in the middle of the night. As it turns out, it was definitely not a ramdom act. This movie is so great because of the tension it builds throughout until the final act. You must watch this movie if you have not done so already, if you have, this time around, bring a little fun into it by sipping from a bottle of beer (Preferably Guinness) everytime Maiwenn's character, Alexia, screams out of fear for this senseless killer, and everytime someone gets brutally chopped into pieces. And Remember, don't drink alone, and never drive drunk, only morons would drive drunk! 


Actors: Cecile De France, Maiwenn

Tagline: "Hearts Will Bleed.

Writer: Alexandre Aja, Gregory Levasseur

Director: Alexandre Aja

So Twisted, So Raw, So French +++***: Hell yeah!


Happy Friday the 13th TBHMmaniacs!!!