September 13, 2013 @ 5:52 AM

Dosage: A gulp of Amber Ale every time Regan says something naughty while being possessed by Pazuzu.

Level of Horror: Supernatural

Title: The Exorcist (1973) Directed by William Friedkin, Written by William Peter Blatty in 1971

Cast: Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Jason Miller, Max Von Sydow, Mercedes McCambridge

Scoop: Based on true events, several strange things occured throughout the filming of this supernatural flick. Fr King was called to bless the set and the cast numerous times.

Languages: English, Arabic, Latin, Greek, German, French

Favorite Quote: "It's an excellent day for an exorcism!"

Scariest character: Regan(Pazuzu)

Running Time: 122 minutes

Filming Locations: Sinjar, Iraq; Manhattan, NY

Favorite Scenes: Vaginal Crucifix stabbing scene, the spider walk scene, the 360 head spin, the hundred gallons of green slimy vomit. These scenes made this movie what it is now, the best horror movie of all times!

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Why: The Exorcist is that movie you just can't ever get enough of...even though, you probably have seen it hundreds of times when you were in your teens. As an adult now, you still find yourself compelled to watch it again. Scary enough, you find new thrills, new scary scenes that you have missed when you were younger or maybe your feeble mind was just not ready to fully digest it when you were at that age. Recently, these scenes just bite at you and you find yourself worshipping the greatness of this movie...Trust me, it's okay, we are with you on that...because it hapenned to us too. That's why we will continue to celebrate this supernatural cult classic for years to come as the most perversed, the most sinister, the most grotesque, hands down, the scariest and the most entertaining horror movie of all times. 

To me that was horror at its best but if you feel there are other horror movies out there way better than "The Exorcist" please do not hesitate to enlighten me. 

Happy Friday the 13th TBHMmaniacs!