June 13, 2014 @ 5:08 AM

Dosage: Shot of Jack and Coke everytime evil Ed says something salty or a swallow of Miller beer!

Level of Horror: Vampire (Supernatural, Horror-Comedy)

 Why: I sincerely think this was the first horror - comedy that I innately felt was purely scary because, the blood-sucking creature that lurks in the shadows may easily pass for a young, friendly, gorgeous and available neighbor, in the reclusive Jerry Dandridge and that fear haunted me for years to come. Check your Vampire meter...TBHMMANIACS!

Actors: Chris Sarandon, William Raggsdale

Tagline: "He got me, Charley! He bit me! You know what you're gonna have to do now, don't you? Kill me. Kill me, Charley... before I turn into a vampire, and... GIVE YOU A HICKEY!" 

Writer: Tom Holland

Director: Tom Holland

So Loup Garoued Vamp and raw +++***: Hell yeah!


Happy Friday the 13th TBHMmaniacs!!!