February 16, 2015 @ 1:14 PM


As TBHM tradition goes, we are pleased to provide entertainment on your lazy day in, that is if you are a public servant. At an attempt to induce you to watch these five top rated Horror movies on Presidents' day as they portray the 'U.S. Presidents' in a whole different light-- sometimes good, other times bad and oftentimes very satirical; we have reviewed each of them with a very Romyesque curt and cheeky attitude. You can purchase each title by clicking on mini-posters, enjoy!


1- Scary Movie 3 (2003) and 4 (2006):

Why: You need some laughter in your life. These two installments portray the fictional President Baxter Harris, played by the renowned comedian, Leslie Nielsen as a vapid doltish human being who always opt to do the right thing by going through the most difficult route. President Harris actually steals every scenes that he is in-- Your mouth will hurt from laughing so hard!

Weapon: Witless

Role: Fictional President, Well-versed in Alien diplomacy


2 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012):

Why: Benjamin Walker portrays the 16th President of the United States. This rather ingenious trope depicts the confederacy harboring an Army of blood-suckers that will stop at nothing to win the war against the North Men by enslaving not just Black people but will cost Humanity. An epic battle between good and evil ensues-- President Lincoln literally kicks villainous vampire asses with silver and takes names. Who would not want to see that?

Weapon: Silver-bladed axe

Role: 16th President, Vampire Hunter


3 - President's Day (2010):

Why: A serial killer is on the loose on President's Day at Lincoln High school. He disguises himself wearing a President Abraham Lincoln's mask as he indiscriminately kills all who were unfortunate enough to find themselves on his killing path. Puns deluxe!

Weapon: Axe

Role: Masked Mass-murderer, Killer Abe


4 - Independence Day (1996):

Why: Bill Pullman portrays fictional President Thomas J. Whitmore in this apocalyptic alien invasion thriller. This film is a must-see even if you are not a horror movie enthusiast. It is guaranteed to make one feel so darn patriotic and/or fall for Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum before it ends. The speech alone rendered by fictional President Whitmore will boost you up to your feet and make you feel grand and capable as you should.

Weapon: Hiller and Levinson

Role: Highly clever fictional President


5 - The Tripper (2006):

Why: In this Woodstock-vibe slasher, this serial killer wears a mask of the likeness of President Ronald Wilson Reagan and abhors the Hippie movement almost to the same level as former President Reagan. Instead of publicly denigrate this movement which was the primary tactic used then, this killer made it more of a personal affair. Killer Ronnie assumed President Reagan's mannerism and voice while conducting his axing, knifing and sawing. Woodstock babies may not want to watch!

Weapon: Bloody Axe, chainsaw, kitchen knife

Role: Masked Mass-Murderer, The Gipper, Killer Ronnie