February 20, 2015 @ 4:17 PM

Title: Creepshow (1982)

Jordy suffered from the perpetual Verrill luck and inevitably transformed into a distressed man-weed plant.

Actor: Stephen King

Scene: Jordy Verrill's unsettling demise-- after one bare touch of that 'meteor shit', Jordy Verrill's luck took a supreme downfall. His fingers, his tongue, his body and all gradually grew into weeds after direct exposure to fluids until Jordy became a full-blown plant, that could still mutter its last words; as he blows his plant-like head off from acute anguish.  

 Keep drinking...your 'luck' might just reverse lunkhead!

Why: As most Stephen King fans would agree, Creepshow is one of the very first anthologies that had some of the most WTF moments ever. Creepshowshowcases five short stories that are nothing short of spectacular, fun and well, scary as hell. From this short-form film, the story that truly captivated me the most and forced me to feel so damn awful for the main  character, was titled "Weeds" aka "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill". We are acquainted with the principal character 'Jordy' portrayed by Stephen King himself, who is an overalls-wearing, colorful catchprases-spitting, happy-go-lucky hick with the most terrible luck (Verrill Luck) but feverishly quick to dim everything out by indulging in gulping 'Red Ripple' or a mix of Popov Vodka and OJ while watching his favorite shows. His worst luck yet arrived in the form of a meteor. 

"I wonder how much they'd pay for it up at the college..." -- poor Jordy Verrill