December 3, 2018 @ 4:28 AM


Title: Venom

"Eating bad guy"


Venom was a guilty pleasure for me. I anticipated going to watch it the first two weeks it was out because of peer pressure. Let me say that Tom Hardy is to Venom what Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool. He was born to play that underdog of an anti-hero character who literally eats his enemy. Yes most of us have read the comics but what is undoubtedly the most nail-biting cringefest is watching our favorite characters portrayed poorly on the big screen which was not the case for Venom. Moreover, Venom is a parasitic alien who co-habitates Eddie Brock's body and in turn grant his host super strength, invincibility, and courage under fire. Venom has a voracious appetite for flesh, a dark humorous killing attitude and hates being called a "parasite". I enjoyed every minute of Venom's duality, its cynicism, its hidden message, its catchphrases and its over the top WTF moments! The WTF moment picked out for you this week is "Eat the bad guy in front of the clerk".


He called Eddie Brock a loser over half a dozen times... 

"He eats only the bad guys"