January 2, 2019 @ 2:43 PM

Title: The Invitation (2015)

"The End of The World Party...just don't drink the good wine"


The Invitation is one of those movies that starts out slow but shifts into high tension and keeps that momentum throughout. Will accepts an invitation to a dinner-party hosted by his ex wife Eden, in their former home. As soon as he arrives to the house with his new partner Kira, he has a bad taste in his mouth that we all can also taste. Is it all in his head as this house brings back a whole lot of old dark memories that should be better left in the past. Some of his closest old pals are guests and he cannot figure out how his ex seems so darn "happy" and "calm", especially after their super macabre experience two years ago. Will is on edge and spots a quasi feral and eerie looking female in the house that his ex and her new hubby David, introduce to them as a beautiful drifter they met in Mexico. When all suspicion spells out sex cult, the hosts expose a video of a woman on her death bed accepting her fate with a mysterious man guiding her to "Nirvana". Understandably, Will spins out of control and grows more defensive as he feels confident they are aiming to harm them and that Eden and David are part of a deadly cult. This film intensified as it progressed into what we feared the most. The WTF moment picked out for you this week is "The lamp signal". Unlikely enough, both Kira and Will survive this end of their days party, but LA as they knew it was in flames. They stand by a red lamp from Eden's backyard, where they observe multiple houses with similar red lamps in their yards confirming that there were many of these "parties" being hosted that day.


Whatever you do, just don't drink the wine...

"Wolves in sheep clothing"


The Signal