June 9, 2019 @ 6:54 AM



Title: The Domestics (2019)

"Good people didn't survive, they did"

Writer: Mike P. Nelson

Director: Mike P. Nelson

Actors: Kate Bosworth, Tyler Hoechlin, Sophia Rosales, Sonoya Mizuno


 I was reluctant to watch "The Domestics" because at first glance, it seemed like it would be another formulaic Mad Max a la Straw Dogs meets This is the End flick. However, to my delightful surprise, it was something entirely different. In fact, it was the evolution of a love story mingled with cannibals, murderous rapists, nihilists, feminists, gamblers, fascists, sadists, and height-challenged killers set in a post-apocalyptic lawless America. Mark and Nina West are a couple on the verge of a divorce when the end of civilization happened. They are among the few known as "The Domestics" with no sadistic murderous gang association. While they set out on a road trip to Milwaukee to go check on Nina's parents, their outrageous misadventures begin. Needless to say, countless of WTF moments ensued. 


The WTF: There were so many WTF moments in The Domestics such as...

Men craving bedroom fight club

An actual gang named "Sheets" and they wear sheets...

Gamblers are closer to Milwaukee than any other gang affiliations

The evolution of Nina...from wimpy Nina to Badass, gun blazing, shoot'em up and ask questions later Nina


But the one to top it all is the discovery of bloody little, tiny footprints walking away from a fatally wounded body...and when a shocked Nina sees the little girl with the bloodied feet and hands. I was also startled and it came full circle to me. Women and girls are as stealthy as Arya which proves "Cherries" is really the gang to fear in The Domestics Verse.


A Badass Cherry in action...Nina's personal bodyguard, unbeknownst to her. Stealthy AF!