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April’s Poem
In the dark, I appear.
I promise them death.
They promise me, fear.
I promise you my life 
They promise you death
In the dead of the night they strike.
But they will fear
At the last drop of your tear 
I swear this to you.
I will fight for you
I make you that wish
It is my last wish 
Every April Fools’ Night
Alive for the night 
For love is stronger than death.  
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RAM - January 2011


The Staircase of Life

On my way up the stairs,

saw little boy,

he was smiling at me. (Quietly)


When was descending the stairs

 saw an old man,

and he was laughing at me. (Hysterically)


Then had to ascend the stairs once more,

there saw young man

whom was enraged with me. (Uncontrollably)


... is that how one's life has been scripted?



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RAM ~ January 3, 2011


 Apriltown, GA


"In Apriltown, Fooley was born on April Fool's Day, his parents whom felt it was naturally fair to taunt him with a birthday party every April 1st became the very first victims. As Fooley grew old enough to hold an axe, he killed his entire family and half of the neighborhood who thought it was fun to pull tricks on people on April 1st. And every year, on that very same day, Apriltown met the product of what one foolish day like April fools day can create."'


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RAM ~ February 3, 2011




"Lizzie is your all-american teenager, who wants to fit in, in high school and in life. Lizzie is also telekinetic, awkward, and a bird killer. At school, she is the butt of every joke, but she still tries to be nice to the popular kids, so she can score their friendships in return. If only she got to watch "Carrie" or "Not another teen Movie" she would probably wise up and stop trying to be liked and embrace who she really was "a telekinetic, awkward bird killer" who soon enough became also the popular students' decreaser. She decreased their count alright, almost to zero, with only one standing at the end of her senior year to tell her story which is now a part of Urban Legends."


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RAM ~ March 3, 2011




"This boy-man was always staring me down when I passed his comic book store on my way to Greta's house. One day, I could've sworn, someone was following me but everytime I turned around, there was no one there but just my shadow. Fooley was his name I saw the name tag on his chest. What kind of name was that anyway...I thought. But I felt all cold and sweaty everytime I passed his store. There was something terribly wrong with this guy, it's as though he was in a trance, everyday his stare was getting a lot more intense. Fooley was fooling with me alright. So, I stopped going to see my friend, Greta, who was paralyzed from the waist down. Greta used to be a popular cheerleader in school but one day on her way home from school, she was hit by a "parked" car. Greta was walking through a parking lot near this exact comic book store by the way, and unbeknownst to her, a parked car started to move and hit her from behind. There was no one in the car and the engine was turned off. Call me a punk if you want to but I'd rather be one than suffer from a terrible freak accident! Fooley, you're lucky it's April now, but I will get you in May, I will return the favor, I swear!"

- May


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RAM ~ April 3, 2011




"Finkster was his name and his dreams were all that he knew. Finkster was born on a windy winter night in St Claut Hospital. His parents Landee and Manuel did not have the slightest idea of what would become of Finkster as everything was already planned for Finkster to go live with the Finkleins in their Mansion, even the name Finkster was picked out. They wondered within themselves if they were making the right decision, but it really wasn't a decision to make, they were forced to give up their son at birth. Now, thirteen years later, Finkster is in his room that looks more like a demented laboratory than a teenager's nest, comtemplating his life, his eternal dreams and these dark rich folks that he is stuck calling his parents or more so his owners. Owned he was, as he never really had a real childhood, from the day they took him from his birth parents, Finkster has been dreaming worlds of wonder for the Finklein couple. Finkster was just a tool, a money making tool to them, nothing more. As Finkster dreamed of possibilities to escape this cold inferno, he had been calling life, he also had planned to take his dream-stealers down in hell with him. Well at least it would be warmer there than here, he thought. Destination: Blazing hell it is for Finkster and the Finkleins, he muttered. That would teach dreamstealers to quit their thieving schemes, as dreamers will create their worst nightmares."


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RAM ~ May 07, 2011


"Hell in Apriltown"

"Ymora was born on a sunny May day, happy as she was as a kid, no one would have guessed what was about to happen to her in the next thirteen days of her life. Ymora woke up one morning, on the bad side of the bed, as they say, as she became the most unhappy person ever in her small town, Apriltown. It's as if, in one single night, her whole thirteen years of existence got boxed up into a dark and sinister world of madness and pure hatred. She was just so pissed off at the world that she did not even want to be a part of it anymore. She had no idea where that hate came from, she used to be one of the happiest girls in Apriltown. It all happened one night, one crazy night, she went to sleep all full of joy but woke up dark, full of hate for anyone and everyone in Apriltown, except for her younger brother, Ymor. She was determined to end 'it' all. The following thirteen days of her life before she ended 'it' all, were the most macabre days that Apriltown had ever seen in 113 years. When the end of the year arrived, which marked the thirteenth day in Ymora's descent to hell, Apriltown was in for the biggest scare of their lives, Ymora was gone, she was no longer there to wreak havoc on the town but her little brother, Ymor, the 'devil' incarnated to the townsfolks, was her replacement for the next thirteen days of his life, to continue the reign of 'evilness or cleanliness' on the small town. You see, before them, there were two siblings, Folier and Folina, 113 years earlier whom perished during the great 'stand off' between Apriltown's skully mobs and the two siblings. The siblings held the same pre-disposition Ymora had before she turned 'dark and evil' but after a strange dream or nightmare one night, depending on how you view things, pushed them to decide the townsfolks were evil and they needed to be cleansed upon discovering the town's non-innocent past. Apriltown thought they had it bad with Ymora, with Ymor they will learn a new word about the devil, and it's worse than hell."


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RAM ~ 8 June 2011



"Life as a Fly"


"His name was Bartholemeu the third but his nanny nicknamed him "Bart", he was a very peculiar, introverted but extremely intelligent young boy. He was born from an aristocratic family who knew very little about being compassionate. They raised their only son in a very large mansion where he had only grown ups surrounding him throughout his whole childhood. His nanny was his only taste to the common world, he learned so much from her, for instance, he learned how to be humane, how to be social and how to have a sense of humor. His parents were so rigid, so controlling that they rejected Bartholemeu's idea to become a singer, song-writer. They thought he had to be completely out of his mind to come up with something like this. They saw their son as a future lawyer or doctor, someone "the family" could use. As a result, Bartholemeu saw his only way out of his parents' plan for his future was to escape from home. Unfortunately for Bart, his family found out about what he had in mind and they had their own way to deal with defiance and insubordination. Thusly, they decided that either Bartholemeu was going to become someone important to "the family" or no one at all. Bartholemeu was seventeen years old and was planning his escape in his massive bedroom as he gradually started to transform into a fly, he could not understand what was happening to him but his family knew. They had decided they would rather have him spend the rest of his life literally like a fly in the confines of his lavish room than to become anything other than a conventional professional. Bartholemeu had dreams to become the next pop singer sensation little did he know that "his family" had something else in mind or else."


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RAM ~ 8 July 2011

The little girl who wanted to be a bird

Once upon a time in Halloweentown, there was this little girl named Aquina who thought she was born to be a bird despite her parents' attempts to dissuade her on a daily basis, Aquina truly believed within herself that she was a bird stuck in a little girl's body. Her parents thought it was a stage that she will eventually grow out of. Unbeknownst to them, Aquina had made up her mind, she was finally going to prove to Halloweentown that she has been telling the truth all along. Consequently on an early saturday morning, the little girl decided to climb one of those big and tall screaming trees, they had a total of three in her town; she started to climb the one that was in her backyard with ugly crows perched on the tree branches. She reached the top and said to herself 'finally I will fly away from here'. Aquina opened her arms as wide as she could and jumped off of the tree. She landed flat on her head and died instantly.


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RAM ~ August 8, 2011

The Cat Boy

Once upon a time, a little boy woke up in a castle fit for a king, he was alone with the caretakers, his parents were nowhere to be found as usual. He wondered what more important things could they have to do on such a very special time in his life. The day has come for him to go trick or treating... again... with no parents. His nanny had laid out his costume for him, tonight, he will be a cat. But a cat, he has been transforming into at the precise twelth hit to midnight, year after year since his first Halloween night. Little did he know that his parents were mice, hiding safely from him in the dungeon. They involuntarily shapeshift into mice every Halloween's Eve eversince their son's first birthday and will inexplicably shift into their former selves at the end of the day of Dead, a 3-day observance.


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RAM ~ September 8, 2011


My father for Halloween

Once upon a time in Halloweentown, there was a girl named Ivelande, she woke up on Halloween day in her lavish bedroom and ran into her parents' bedroom to give them hugs and kisses as nothing else in this world mattered as much as her parents did. She had made plans for later on to go trick or treating with them but something inside of her clicked to make her understand that somehow her plans were not going to be fully realized. She watched television throughout the whole day, ate dinner and eventually got ready for trick or treating. Her mother was there waiting on her already dressed up in a witch's outfit, little Ivelande dressed up as a mouse since that was how she felt not to have her father by her side on Halloween night. When they finally stepped outside, the whole neighborhood came alive with costumes and decor that looked more real than life itself. They started out for a neighbor's door, as they knocked, Ivelande heard a too familiar voice coming from that house. She turned around wanting to ask her mother if she heard it too but recoiled as she felt that she had to face this head on. While the sweet beautiful neighbor opened her door and greeted Ivelande with a variety of Halloween hard candy, she could see in the background a man dressed up as a wizard laughing with his children, he was her father.


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RAM ~ October 8, 2011

Dark living echoes

"On my 13th birthday, I remember a dark, frail man trying to talk to me but my family was near, he couldn't approach me but I could see it on his face, he had something to unveil. I tricked my family into letting me go order more food. We were eating out at a mall, you see, they were only a few feet away. There I was in line to order my favorite chinese meal 'General Tso Chicken' as the dark man got in line behind me and whispered something into my left ear. Then I did not know what to make of it, but now 18 years later, on my 31st birthday, I am home alone with no family near and the dark frail man is knocking on my door."


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RAM ~ NOV 11


Brendan's Red X-Mas

"Brendan was as confused of a little boy as a stray cat that thinks it is a Great Dane. In his neighborhood, they grew to love him because he was so stubborn and so confused. In his hometown, they did not celebrate Christmas but he read books about Santa Claus and Christmas among other Holidays. This boy had the determination of a King to meet Santa and be his little helper as he truly believed in the tales of the benevolent Santa. No one could dissuade this eight year old as he was so stuck on his beliefs. And it never occurred to anyone that he would actually set out to find Santa. Brendan had spent seven Christmases without a toy to call his own, without a sign of Santa Claus yet he still believed Santa existed. He felt strongly that he ought to meet this 'Santa' and give him a piece of his mind. He traveled by foot from his little ravaged town to the beautiful city nearby. Amazed and happy to see the festive decorations, he had no doubt now that what he read in those books were true. This little boy who never saw an elf before, walks through a mall and quickly spots Santa sitting by a lively tree with a line of kids eagerly waiting to ask Santa for their favorite toys as they felt they made it to the 'nice list'. Brendan was restless, he was tired but determined to get his turn. When he finally made it to Santa's lap, little Brendan did not take a breath while he was filling Santa in with his suggestions and also asserted that Santa ought to do something about it ASAP. Instead of a polite reply, this 'mall Santa' loudly laughed at Brendan. At that very instant, this little boy snapped, used the candy cane from the overly decorated tree to stab Santa in the neck multiple times with a quiet rage unchecked for so long, it took several elves, parents, and store employees to hold Brendan down as Santa oozed blood all over this little boy's face and clothes.


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RAM ~ DEC 2011



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