The Three Levels of Horror
               How do you take your Horror?



Comedy-Horror(mild horror)

From classics to modern age parodies of Horror Movies, they depict the joy, the fun, the laugh-out-loud jokes that are featured in horrorfying movies that were intended to scare us silly. These movies still shake some fears into us but mostly fears to watch these laugh-packed horror movies with a full bladder because our undergarments will eventually pay the price. Just keep a fresh pair nearby, we don't want you to miss out on any of the twisted fun.

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Slasher (Gruesome)

They can either be psychotic boyfriends, stalkers, demented serial killers, jealous best friends or extremely envious co-workers; they all make up the slasher clan. They would do anything to get revenge for themselves or for their families. It does not matter how many people they will have to kill for their cause, it won't ever be enough because they are motivated, focused, and did I say they were psychopaths? They will try to reach their goal (whatever their cause is) at any cost. Thus their reason for killing innocent people might not seem so rational to you but it's their sole reason to exist. All in all, we know that we can't ever get enough of these restless souls.

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Supernatural (Paranormal)

When you hear "Supernatural", you think "Superstitions or Myths", "creatures of the night with supernatural powers." Some of them are always on a mission to possess your soul, to drink your blood, to eat your flesh, to switch bodies with you, to terrorize your family, to haunt your house, and lastly to drive you insane? Well, you are right, it means that and more. Anyone saw, Gothika with Halle Berry? Well, you got the idea. These lost souls came looking for something, they won't leave you until they leave with it. This selection holds the highest level and quality of Horror Movies. Horror Movie lovers whose unconditional attention go to these types of Horror Movies share my passion. This selection is made available for you with the best of care. This category is not for the meek or the feeble of heart, for most of these movies are based on true events. If you are not open and strong mentally, you might be lost in most of these movies and could never find yourself again. Beware, don't start too much too soon, you can always start with Horror-Comedy first. Stay with us throughout the ride, we do not want to lose any of our extraordinary and most valued fans in this journey. Enjoy your experience with TBHM.

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 "The best horror movies are created to inspire good or evil in the living, depending on our essence". | Promote Your Page Too


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