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TBHM Restricted (TBHM) is dedicated to horror movie fanatics everywhere that we affectionately nicknamed TBHMManiacs. We focus on reviewing and recommending the Best of The Three Levels of Horror which are-- Dark Comedy, Slasher, and Supernatural movies. We celebrate both the horror movie heroes and villains (We have our reasons). We strive to introduce each month our wildest selection of Horror movie hotties and hunks (We assure you, our picks are cleverly enticing with your votes of course). We extend our love to our unique scary movie writers and directors by featuring one of our mutual favorites in our Horror giant section annually. We accept your votes to create our yearly top rated lists. TBHM is here to support the greatest horror films by reviewing and recommending them to you on our site. We have plenty of juicy Horror topics updated weekly such as WTF Horror Moments and Dare you to watch. Check us out and Spread your Horror!


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WTF Horror Moments

Spoiler Alert!


Title: Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Ever felt like you were surrounded by Zombies?

Actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost  

Shaun of the Dead before zombies

Scene: Shaun and Ed are charming invalids who become the unlikely heroes as their beloved Bristish town falls prey of a zombie outbreak. They devised a great plan for their survival but too many Chiefs and not enough Indians caused it to fall short as Ed inevitably gets bitten by Pete. We could not possibly imagine to have a moment of sadness from this exceedingly permissible laughing out loud trope as we all assumed it was the end of our hateship loveship affair with Ed. 

Zombie Ed

Why: The zombie apocalypse has been subsided (under control) and the remaining undamaged population went on with their cherry lives whilst using the zombies for labor and entertainment. Shaun now lives with Liz and we are rather pleased for them. But in the shed, Zombie Ed survived as Shaun's best 'pet'! Major WTF moment for me as I could not reconcile the idea of Ed ever being restrained. 

Friends after zombied up


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The Lazarus Effect takes to theaters February 27 - Seems interesting and obscure enough a la Flatliners. Must-See of February!

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