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TBHM Restricted (TBHM) is dedicated to horror movie fanatics everywhere that we affectionately nicknamed TBHMManiacs. We focus on reviewing and recommending the Best of The Three Levels of Horror which are-- Dark Comedy, Slasher, and Supernatural movies. We celebrate both the horror movie heroes and villains (We have our reasons). We strive to introduce each month our wildest selection of Horror movie hotties and hunks (We assure you, our picks are cleverly enticing with your votes of course). We extend our love to our unique scary movie writers and directors by featuring one of our mutual favorites in our Horror giant section annually. We accept your votes to create our yearly top rated lists. TBHM is here to support the greatest horror films by reviewing and recommending them to you on our site. We have plenty of juicy Horror topics updated weekly such as WTF Horror Moments and Dare you to watch. Check us out and Spread your Horror!


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WTF Horror Moments

Spoiler Alert!


Title: The World's End (2013)

Prepare to get annihilated

Actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan

 The Good Companions

Background: Gary King is your all British drunken, bummy, rubbish guy cemented in his teenage years as they were the most fulfilling ones of his life. Let's just say, Gary King has ceased to grow as a human being since his last pub hopping while commandeering his four best friends - Peter, Oliver, Andy and Steven. Now several years later, Gary guilts his now estranged successful friends into coming back to their hometown, New Haven, to complete this ceremonial "Golden Mile" which has for object that they each finish a draft in these twelve contentiously named Public Houses with double meaning - The First Post, The Old Familiar, The Famous Cock, The Cross Hands, The Good Companions, The Trusty Servant, The Two Headed Dog, The Mermaid, The Beehive, The King's Head, The Hole in the Wall and last but not least, The World's End. Little did they know, that their beloved town has gone through a thorough remodeling (Conformist Issue) by this 'super stuck up' alien perfectionist group called ambiguously enough "The Network".

The Blanks

Scene: There they are all trapped in the porcelain throne plant at THE CROSS HANDS and have to face teenage boys who happen to be well, "blanks", copies of their former selves, no longer human or possess any human will. 

Blanks from TWE

WTF moment: 'Modern art' pose by far the biggest menace from the androids - blanks. 

Modern Art

WTF: These blanks also generate an insurmountable amount of light through their eye and mouth holes - talking about a blinding walking lamp...






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The scariest movies in March in America...


Although, It Follows was introduced last May in Cannes' Film Festival. There was finally a limited theatrical screening of David Robert Mitchell's It Follows on Friday March 13th, 2015 but was premiered in France and UK in February 2015. For those of you, who have missed the last screening, it will be released on Movies on Demand (MOD) later this month on March 27th, 2015, we anticipate a wide release scheduled for Spring. There is such a great buzz about this dread-filled cat and mouse flick of deadly ghost appearances/attacks/followings that are too clever to get deceived by partaking in sexual intercouse with any sucker; since it is hinted that 'it' is a sexually contracted "curse"; nonetheless, these ghastly creatures will finish you off and unequivocally target this easy sex dispenser until he/she meets their untimely demise in deeply creative ways as well. No one gets do the dirty deed you must do the time in this premise. It's so raw, so surreal that you may think it's happening right next door to you in your splendid suburbia!

Three pieces of advice...think twice, keep your legs crossed, don't be a scapegoat for anyone to spread their persistent potent 'curse' or 'these creepy followers' will undeniably follow you and haunt you silly till you meet your maker... Watch the trailer below TBHMManiacs!


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We March on TBHMManiacs!!!

Spring is arguably one of the best horror movies of March after reading its review by Variety's Joe Leydon which makes it unbearable to wait till it hits theaters on March 20th or out on MOD to accurately vote nay or yay. Nonetheless, it stars TBHM's Hunk of the month, Lou Taylor Pucci and German-bred Vixen Nadia Hilker. I know I am going to see it, I want to see Lou in a different setting and I am craving a pure unalduterated horror story draped in a scary love backdrop. Watch the trailer below and cast your vote for the best horror of 2015 by clicking here


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