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WTF Horror Moments

Spoiler Alert!


Title: The Hatchet (2006)

Prepare to get annihilated

Actors: Joel Moore, Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond

 Hatchet - Adam Green

Background: From the demented mind of Adam Green, Victor Crowley, the villain you wanted to cheer for but feared was born in all of its Hatchet Face glory. I enjoyed Hatchet so much that I watched the premise at least five times already. I love how each character was so richly conceived. It was raunchy laughter in each scene deprived of Hatchet Face and each scene that starred the irreverent deformed serial killer was dreadfully blood-curdling. If you have not yet seen Hatchet, you need to click on this mini poster below and join the Hatchet Army.


Unfair kills: There were many creative kills, some characters undeservingly received the most innovative kills whereas deserving ones were killed offscreen. 

First creative kill - jaw dropping


WTF moment: Why Marybeth waits till Victor Crowley kills both elderly people before she shoots him down to the ground is beyond WTF. 

The Hatchet Gang


WTF moment: Does Misty deserve the gas powered jaw sanding off action more than others in the group? Anyway, this was an awesome kill and WTF moment since such a hardware appliance does not yet exist... 

Second creative kill - jaw dropping Hatchet


WTF: The WTF moment that surpassed all WTFs may as well be the following. Victor Crowley sucessfully attacked, scared the remaining gang witless and effortlessly overpowered Ben to the ground and proceeded to do nothing but puking into Ben's oral cavity...ewwwww.....gross! WTF!!!!WTF Crowley just pukes in Ben's mouth


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The scariest and best horror movie in April 

Synopsis: A year after the suicide of Laura Barns prompted by a shaming video, 6 friends get on skype to commemorate the death but become the prey of an unwelcomed guest online that demands only one thing the identity of the person who recorded and uploaded the shaming vid or else.
Prediction: Will scare the pants off young and old using this imaginative and thought-provoking trope!

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