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G Game of GG

American Horror Story: Freak Show is by far less compelling than the Murder House and Coven seasons. However, in this fourth season, there are some very colorful characters armed with the right skills to keep us chained to our rather uncomfortable seats. Among them are the manipulative freakshow leader Elsa Mars portrayed by none other than Jessica Lange, the singing conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler performed superbly by Sarah Paulson and the moralistic syndactyly-born Jimmy Darling played convincingly by Evan Peters. Freak Show possesses another dark tool to keep us attuned, WTF moments! Yes and they are abundantly flowing from all directions and oftentimes, help us forget how upsettingly lazy and repetitive their overall concept of the show can be. Well, without further ado, TBHM presents to you our favorite emotional WTF moment from Freak show!

Test of Strength Episode 7

When father turns beautiful daughter to a real freak for choosing to bone one over him!


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