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The best slasher movies of all times are movies that haunted you for months if not years long after you have watched them. The following are some of the best slasher ever made because they got under my skin to the point that I couldn't go to sleep alone for my entire pre-teen years and became sort of paranoid of overly friendly weirdos!

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Spoiler Alert!!!


11) I know What you did last Summer (1997)

 Director: Jim Gillepsie

 Writers: Lois Duncan & Kevin Williamson

Plot: A group of carefree high school friends, loving and enjoying life to the fullest would have never believed what they were about to go through if someone was to tell them five minutes before it happened. On their drive back home from the beach, they hit a fisherman who was walking in the middle of the street (who does that?) by accident. Terrified by what happened they decided to dump him in the ocean and to speak of this incident never again. Only if secrets could stay secrets, they could have been able to get away with murder but we all know better. So, the following summer they start receiving weird notes and strange things start happening to the group. They all grow paranoid of the situation as they start pointing fingers at each other. But was it one of them? Or was the fisherman ever dead? They start to believe the worse as they are getting killed off one after another.

10) Scream (1996)

 Director: Wes Craven

 Writer: Kevin Williamson

  Plot: "Hello Sydney!" This movie is the dictionary of what to expect in a scary movie, how to react if you were to fall victim of a scary movie plot, how to prevent being killed off, and last but not least the scream factor that comes to finding out that the killer is usually the closest person to you, the one that you would least imagine to be a killer. A blueprint for all slasher flicks post the 80s.

9) The Last House on the Left (1972)

 Director: Wes Craven

 Writer: Wes Craven

 Plot: This film was so intense. One lesson, great parents will do whatever it takes to get sweet revenge. This movie was banned when it first came out in the 70's, even Wes Craven did not want to associate himself with the movie because it had such bad reviews but once I watched this movie for the first time, I knew I could only love it. Admittedly, the cops were comical, and some of the scene arrangements were inconsistent but I loved the gore, the bloodshed and the fact that Mari's parents in this former version took no prisoners.


 8) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The beginning (2006)

 Director: Jonathan Liebesman

 Writer: Sheldon Turner

 Plot: This is the prequel to the 2003 film, I assure you this is the most heart-wrenching version ever. We learn the beginnings of Leatherface in this terrifying tale of an adopted boy. Two brothers are driving cross-Country with their girlfriends onboard only to bump into none other than the cannibalistic Hewitt family. There is only one way out and it's definitely not alive as the Hewitts vow to stay hungry no more.

 7) Silent Night, Deadly Night (1981)

 Director: Charles Sellier

 Writers: Paul Caimi, Michael Hickey

Plot: Young Billy was severely traumatized when he was only seven years old. His grandfather's inappropriate stories, witnessing his parents' deaths by a deviant killer dressed as Santa, and the nuns at the orphanage, where he had to stay after the deaths of his parents' inflicted more mental than physical duress that can only push anyone to the brink of sanity. Billy was simply very unlucky but something had to give.


6) Psycho (1960)

 Director: Alfred Hitchcock

 Writers: Joseph Stefano, Robert Bloch

 Plot: Mother this, mother that! Alfred Hitchcock is one of my favorite directors and writers because of his originality and dedication to create great work. This movie has a valuable lesson in it, if you weren’t paying attention, read the following very attentively. Whoever you are dating, have friended or acquainted  and have to make sure his mom is fed, clothed, or have to approve of their every waking decisions but something is very wrong. No man should act this way towards their mom unless mother is paralyzed, even if that was the case, whatever happened to in-house nurses? You need to keep your psycho radar on at all times because I am sure there are some live Norman Bates out there!


5) My Bloody Valentine (1981)

 Director: George Mihalka

 Writer: Stephen Miller, John Beaird

Cool Quote: "Sarah, be my bloody valentine"

 Plot: Valentine Bluffs had been the prey of a vindictive serial killer who went on a rampage on Valentine's day after he survived the sublevels of the coal mine after a methane gas leak. The two surpervisors who were supposed to be on shift that night, instead of doing their duty, they left for the town's annual Valentine's dance, unknowingly leaving the miners to their deaths as the lethal gas leak occurred. Harry Warden was resolute to survive by killing the four miners that were on shift with him and anyone involved in this disaster using his mining pick. Subsequently, Harry leaves their hearts in decorative arrangements and threatens the town to no longer hold a valentine's dance or else. It's 20 years later, and the youngsters from the town in spite of several attempts to dissuade them from pursuing this darn dance, they defiantly hold it in no better location than the mine itself. Well, you have to watch this one from start to finish as everything is not always as it seems. Very cool and unprecedented premise. I also enjoyed the reboot with Jensen Ackles!  


4) Saw (2004)

 Director: James Wan

 Writer: Leigh Whannell, James Wan

Starring: Cary Elwes, Danny Glover

Plot: This movie kept me on my toes throughout its entirety. I never felt so intrigued to the point I could not stop myself from saying outloud, how great the film was as I was watching it. I felt as if it was one of my greatest experience, definitely recommend not to watch alone. You must have a group of friends surrounding you as you are attempting to help these players escape from these elaborate traps. 


3) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

 Director: Wes Craven

 Writer: Wes Craven

Starring: John Saxon, Ronee Blakley Robert Englund, Johnny Depp

Plot: One of the very first slasher movies to get me addicted to the term horror movies. We are acquainted with a colorful character that kills primarily children through their dreams or more precisely their nightmares... The more the children on Elm Street stay asleep, the more powerful this villainous character named Freddy Kruegger gets, the more sexually promiscuous the teen, the more of a target he/she becomes. It's not just a slasher flick it's a supernatural slasher film with a dash of dark, scary funny. First character to embody all three levels of Horror with such ease. 

2) Friday the 13th (1980)

 Director: Sean S. Cunningham

 Writer: Sean S. Cunningham, Victor Miller

Starring: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Kevin Bacon

Plot: This first film in this mega-successful franchise did not  showcase Jason as the hockey-masked, super strong killer armed with a machete who kills mainly sex-having counselors at Crystal Lake, as it all started with Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees, avenging her son's wrongful drowning-- setting things right, one killing after another in a mysterious manner. I loved the ending even more as Pamela finally reveals that she is the killer subsequently she attacks Alice who defends herself by chopping off her head with her own machete. When we think that Alice is triumphant, the final girl and unbelievably, a deformed teenager-Jason resurfaces from the lake taking down the sole survivor but Alice was just dreaming these turn of events...or was she? One of the greatest slasher films ever! 


1) Halloween (2007) 

Plot: Following the Halloween tradition this last addition to the horrifying tale of Mike Myers, the misunderstood child, is very unsettling just like the others. In this remake directed by Rob Zombie, we are invited to sympathize with little Mike Myers as we are exposed to the harsh reality that Mike as a kid had to face. A selfish, slutty older sister, a good for nothing guy living with his mother, a mother who has no time in her hands to give her ten year old boy the attention he needs because she's the money maker in the family. What a boy got to do, to get some affection? Pretty much, become bipolar and later a stalkish serial killer.  Halloween is bound to keep you entertained from start to finish. Halloween fans, you will get your money’s worth.

Tagline: "Evil has a destiny"

Actors: Sheri Moon Zombie, Danielle Harris, Brad Dourif, Tyler Mane, Malcom McDowell

Director: Rob Zombie

Fun Fact: The Mask worn by Mike Myers is of the likeness of William Shatner. The budget for the original film was so low that they had bought a Star Trek William Shatner's face mask from a Halloween store. They had gorged out the eyes and pulled out the hair to give it a crazed used look.

Demented+++***: Hell yeah!



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The following are Not true slashers but they've won my heart


Great Mentions:


Irreversible (2002)

 Director: Gaspar Noe

 Writer: Gaspar Noe

  Plot: Things that happen to us in life are sometimes unfortunate and most often irreversible no matter how much we try to turn back the clock or to make others pay for our misfortune, it will never make it better or make it go away. Two wrongs just do not make it right. This movie was banned in major Countries when it first came out due to extreme violence and nudity. This movie is very profound, and provides us all with a very important lesson. Some might not see it right away, because we love the gore, the violence and the nudity but after you let it sink in, you will see sometimes no matter how much you try to make others pay for your pain, it will always be with you. The movie plays in a non-linear format which makes it more interesting to see how one wrong turn can change not just one life but three lives for the worse. This movie is very inspiring to see how one girl's misfortune can transform two other lives forever. I love Vincent Cassel and my ex loved Monica Belluci so much, they are a married couple in real life by the way. This beautiful couple starred in this visceral, most controversial thriller. Two questions: What would you do if the love of your life gets victimized and abused physically over and over and over? Would you seek revenge personally or would you let the cops handle it? If you haven’t seen this movie yet, shame on you. Watch it today.

 Identity (2003)

 Director: James Mangold

 Writer: Michael Cooney


Plot: This serial killer is sentenced to the electric chair; his doctor wants the judge to change the plea to not guilty because of his perceived insanity on the wake of his execution. His doctor requests a meeting between all the lawyers and the judge, to prove his patient’s condition. Meanwhile, this multiple personality-having serial killer is holding a meeting as well, in his head with all of his personalities. One out of the 10 personalities is evil; he has to confront them all in order to conclude which one is the evil one and to kick this sucker to the curve. Will he succeed? Will the evil one kill off all of the good personalities? You got to watch it to know.

 Misery (1990)

 Director: Rob Reiner

 Writers: Stephen King & William Goldman

 Plot: "I am your biggest fan" always come to mind when I think of this movie. Sometimes, being a fan and not having a life of your own is not the right mix. As a result, you get so involved with the artist, author, writer, singer whatever profession they have, to the point that you cannot stop yourself from being too concerned about their personal life as well as their professional life. That is the story of this nurse who is a true passionate but sometimes too much passion becomes an obsession. She was obsessed about this writer; she loved his body of work and had bought all of his books. The gift of her life arrived when this writer came to her town. What a no-life, self-absorbed, fanatic, writer-crazed of a woman to do? Well very simple, plan a car accident and hold the writer hostage until he writes the ending of her dreams. She will do whatever needs to be done to get this writer to see how much she truly cares about him; even if that means paralyzing him to the bed with the help of a hammer.

 Hannibal (2001) 

 Director: Ridley Scott

 Writers: Thomas Harris & David Mamet


 Plot: Hannibal is one of those sociopaths who has the façade of a sociable person, very knowledgeable but eats people’s flesh on occasion while killing them softly. Hannibal is one of those characters that kills certain group of people and wants to be known for doing it, wants the cops on his tail as if that is his greatest motivation. Hannibal and Silence of the lambs are very similar as the former is the continuation and the description of the serial killer at hand, which makes for one of the greatest serial killer installment ever.

 Hostel (2005)

 Director: Eli Roth

 Writer: Eli Roth

 Plot: Two friends go backpack through Europe, befriends another traveler and get words from an European sex addict that they would be able to find the most beautiful women in Europe hassle free in the heart of some hostel in the middle of nowhere. What he faulted to tell them is that for one night stand with these beautiful women they get to become raw pieces of meat for some twisted men's entertainment...literally. Very original story!





Which Slasher movie is your favorite one?




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