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Hey boys and girls have you ever read a story that made you wish you never did because after reading it that's all you could think about. Simply you were not equipped mentally to abstain from reading it; when you started reading it, it became evident to you that this story was so inspiring and poor you grew so possessed by the essence of the story for some reason which rendered you thirsting for more and unable to stop yourself. Well, Dido. The following stories are so indiscriminately interesting and horrifying that once you begin to read you won't be able to stop. Should I dare you not to read them? You know you will anyway...so get ready to escape for awhile.  


  April Fools' Killer: About a girl named April who was unlucky enough to be born on April Fool's Day from fervent cult followers.


Voodoo Knowledge: Your guide to voodoo origins...test your voodoo knowledge!


Vampiric knowledge: Your guide to vampire movies...which continent does it better?


Break bread with Life, Death, Suicide and the Afterlife: The beginner's ledger of all endings.


Meet The Johns: The tormented lives of an ambitious talentless couple.


Sky: The Movie Maker: An unique girl's tale. 


Foley: Read at your own risk...leave your comments.


Christo: The Mermaid Watcher: A brother's heart-rending story.


The tell-tale heartPoe much? merely sharing my favorite from the greatest poet ever!


 "A really scary-good story stays with you forever."




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