February 14, 2015 @ 3:06 AM

Happy Anti-Rose day TBHMManiacs!!!


Top 13 special horror movies to watch today as we, TBHMManiacs, have a very singular type of cravings on this said bloody day. Guaranteed no Cinderella endings!


1-My Bloody Valentine (1981 and 2009) - They will equally turn your hearts inside out!

2-Let the Right one in (2008) Swedish

version - They truly know how to scare us witless!


3-A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) -


A must-see!


A personal favorite!


A visceral epic!

4-Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Only a mother can empathize! 

5-Honeymoon (2014) - You will loathe honeymoons after watching this-- guaranteed!

6-You're Next (2011) - Beware of phony boyfriends!

7-Antichrist (2009) - A gut-wrenching lesson on keeping your spouses past in the past-- simple as that!

8-Zombie Honeymoon (2004) - Till death do 'them' part... literally!

9-The Fly (1986) - Love does NOT always conquer all!

10- Dracula (1979) - The cold truth about love--bad boys win almost all the time!

11- High Tension/Haute Tension (2003) - Lesson: Steer clear of overly possessive besties-- consider yourselves warned!

12- Only lovers left alive (2013) - Left alive with a colossal price to pay!

13- Shaun of the Dead (2004) - Somewhat of an happy ending but like I promised -- definitely no Cinderella ending here-- just pure unadulterated demented good fun!


Enjoy your Anti-Rose day TBHMManiacs!


Worthy Mentionables: 


May (2002): Beware of May, she may look invitingly innocent but she bears a very macabre secret deep within. Do you want to know her dark secret?


Warm Bodies (2013): Love knows no bounds in this cold blooded film!


Red Velvet (2008): A bloody boy meets girl story with a killer ending!


Shutter (2008): A true ghastly [love] story...really!