drinking game with the messengers, dead silence, silent hill, An American Haunting
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TBHM drinking game

We love these horrifying movies, we enjoy getting morbidly terrified off of them, but some of us love to do other things simultaneously. Like sipping beer while watching an incredibly frightening movie for some reasons. You know who you are!

I picked these movies with you in mind, I also picked the type of beer to consume, the scenes in these movies when you can consume the alcoholic beverage and how much of it you can consume is limited as well. You wouldn't want to get too buzzed too soon now, would you? Anyway, from me to you, enjoy!

Click on the title that you like and get started on the fun. We strongly suggest you host a slumber party/movie night to complement this game.


The drinking game with Dead Silence



The drinking game with The Messengers



The drinking game with Silent Hill



The drinking game with An American Haunting


"Eight dollars for beer nuts? This room is evil!"

1408 - Mike Enslin

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