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 Hey there, we know you love horror but we also know that you love to watch the hot chic in those cut-out shorts and tees where they leave nothing to the imagination. We know how it is, that's exactly why we are giving you the chance to disclose your most favorite hottest horror movie beauty of the month. There goes your chance to share your most carnal and dirtiest thoughts with us. We want to know, spread it!



 The Best Horror Movie Hottie of the year 2005

Who: Shannon Elizabeth from "13 Ghosts (2001)" and "Cursed (2005)". She is the only child of Gerald Edward Fadal and Patricia Dianne Abbott. You may wonder where she gets this exotic look, well, she is from Lebanese, Irish, English, Cherokee, German and Syrian descent. She started out as a model, and before that she played tennis and even considered to play professionally but acting was in the stars for her and that's what she's sticking with.

Why: She has been chosen because she has personality and she has a body that I know you guys are craving. Although, she played in only two horror movies so far but she played the victim so well in them, which makes her a horror movie hottie; The horror movie hottie of the year 2005. 

Born: Shannon Elizabeth Fadal on September 7, 1973 in Houston, Texas

Thirteen Ghosts Movie Stills: F. Murray Abraham, Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Beck

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The Best Horror Movie Hottie of the year 2006

Who: Jessica Biel from "The Illusionist (2006)" co-starring Edward Norton, the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)", and "Blade: Trinity (2004)". Her parents are Kimberly Kim and Jonathan Edward Biel. Her good looks come from her ancestry of Choctaw, German, French and English. She was training to be a vocalist with the intentions to perform in Musical Theather, but she was soon discovered when she attended the International Modeling and Talent Association Convention in LA in 1994 that her career as a model started to take off. But her biggest first break came when she was chosen to play Mary Camden in the WB TV show "7th Heaven" from 1996 - 2006.

Why: She is the horror movie hottie of the year 2006 simply because she is hotness personified, watching 7th Heaven, I know you guys were always wondering about this Mary girl, when is she going to take it all off. Well she did in "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" and she did that also in magazines like Cosmopolitan, and Maxim but seeing her in the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" made it worthwhile as she plays Erin the only survivor from what seemed like a very normal road trip that ended up like a killing spree from hell as they met with the cannibalistic Leatherface and his family.

Born: Jessica Claire Felicity Biel on March 3rd, 1982 in Ely, Minnesota


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The Best Horror Movie Hottie of the year 2007

Who: Amber Valletta from "Dead Silence (2007)", "What Lies Beneath (2000)" and "Premonition (2007)". She is married to Olympic Volleyball player Christian McCaw and has a son from him named Auden. She got her start in the fashion industry at the very tender age of 15. She appeared on the cover of magazines for Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Versace. Her career in films started in early 2000 and she blew our brains out with her impeccable performances in movies like "Dead Silence" and "What Lies Beneath"...this should say it all, she is here to stay.

Why: Don't ask me why, just look at the package.

Born: Amber Evangeline Valleta on February 9th, 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona


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The Horror Movie Hottie for the Month of January 2008

Who: Odette Yustman from "Cloverfield (2008)" and "The Unborn (2009)". She is the daughter of Lydia and Victor Yustman. She is of Cuban, French and Italian descent. She was born in Bogota, Columbia and raised in Nicaragua. She is very fluent in Spanish. I don't think you guys remember her in her early role as a student in "Kindergarten Cop" but her role in "Cloverfield" this year, will definitely open more doors for her as an actress.

Why: Her character in "Cloverfield" is so loved by this man that he will jeopardize his life and the lives of two of his friends to find her and save her from the monsters. The movie was revolving around her. This is her first role in a horror movie, I think she played being scared so well and with such class that I foresee a whole lot of roles in the horror genre for her.

Born: Odette Juliette Yustman on May 10, 1985, in Bogota, Columbia but currently living in Los Angeles, California

Odette Yustman at the Los Angeles premiere of Paramount Pictures' Cloverfield 

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 The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of February 2008

Who: Alice Braga is the hottie from "I Am Legend (2008)". Her introduction to films started at a very early age. This Brazilian native is the daughter of Ana Maria Braga who is also an Actress. This beautiful face is here to stay, although, she is well known in South, and Central America for her work, but in the USA she has to earn it by starring in major blockbuster films which she is starting to do. She played opposite Will Smith in "I Am Legend" and I am sure even if she does not play in any other horror movies she will do very well in the other genres.

Why: She was the hottest girl in the remake.

Born: Alice Braga on April 15, 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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 The Horror Movie Hottie for the Month of March 2008

Who: Rachael Taylor star of "Shutter (2008)", "Man-Thing (2005)", and "See No Evil (2006)". She is a former model, a former Miss Teen Universe. She started out in "HeadLand" an Australian TV show and landed a role in "Transformers" as the smart, intelligent, out-spoken computer science geek, a hot geek for that matter.

Why: Because she's got spunk and looks, makes her the horror movie hottie for the month of March.

Born: Rachael Taylor on July 11, 1984 in Launcestron, Tasmania

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The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of April 2008

 Who: Jessica Alba star of the supernatural remake "The Eye (2008)". Her parents are Katherine and Mark Alba. She is a mixed heritage of Danish, French Canadian and Mexican American. Although, she had a complicated childhood ridden with disease, she had a passion for acting and she pursued this passion in which she grew to be a very talented actress whom received numerous awards for performances and special appearances in movies.

Why: She is pure, genuine, down to earth, loving, spiritual, generous, and intoxicatingly beautiful...that makes up for a very hot mama in every levels.

Born: Jessica Marie Alba in Pomona, CA on April 28, 1981

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 The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of May 2008

Who: Brittany Snow from the slasher thriller "Prom Night (2008)". Her parents are Cynthia and John Snow, Sr. She started modeling at three and appeared as the troubled teen Susan Lemay in the soap opera "Guiding Light" at the age of twelve. She is best known for her starring role in the ABC cancelled tv show "American Dreams" and later "Tucker Must Die", "The Pacifier", "Hairspray" and "Whisper of the Heart" among others.

Why: "Prom Night" was her very first scary movie role and she aced it, I personally think she has scream queen quality.

Born: Brittany Anne Snow in Tampa, Florida, on March 9th, 1986

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The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of June 2008

Who: Liv Tyler co-starring with Scott Speedman in "The Strangers (2008)" and with Edward Norton in "The Incredible Hulk (2008)". She is the daughter of rock star Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's frontman and Bebe Buell, a model, singer and former playboy playmate, (Miss November 1974). She started modeling at age 15. She is the Spokeperson for Givenchy Perfume and Cosmetics. She dated actor Joaquin Phoenix from 1995 to 1998. She married British musician Royston Langdon on March 23, 2003 in Barbados whom she has a son with named Milo William Langdon. They amicably separated on May 8, 2008. She was chosen by People Magazine to be one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1997. She won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in 2003's Lord of the Ring. She is just very impeccable in what she does. I just adore her.

Why: Because she is superstar by blood but it does not get to her head. She is a sweetheart, down to Earth, very gorgeous, very curvacious and loving it.

Born: Liv Rundgren Tyler, in Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, NY, on July 1, 1977


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 The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of July 2008

Who: Selma Blair who plays in both Hellboy (2004 and 2008) and The Fog (2005). She has not played in many scary movies, only the two cited above, and her movie career really started to skyrocket in 2000. She plays characters that you can make fun of. She has three older sisters; she is the daughter of Molly Ann and Elliott Beitner. She was married to musician Ahmed Zappa in 2004, the same year Hellboy came out but they divorced in 2006 and remain friends. She has a bachelor's degree, she is a nice Jewish girl, hein!

Why: She is the horror movie hottie for this month because she plays her roles from the heart and her everchanging looks are contagious!

Born: Selma Blair Beitner, in Southfield Michigan on June 23, 1972

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The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of August 2008

Who: Amy Smart from "The Butterfly Effect (2004)" "Mirrors (2008)" and so many other great flavored blockbuster movies. She is the daughter of Judy, a museum worker, and John Smart, a salesperson. She started a career in modeling where she worked in Italy, Tahiti, France, and Mexico. She took acting classes at the tender age of 16. She landed her first role in 1996, in Campfire Tales, and eversince she has been actively working on major films catering to a teenage audience.

 Why: She is The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of August purely because she is flawlessly beautiful and plays great characters in horror films.

 Born: Amy Lysle Smart, in Topanga, California, on March 26, 1776 

Amy Smart so fun!

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The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of September 2008

Who: Tea Leoni from the supernatural comedy Ghost Town (2008). Her mother is Emily nee Patterson, a native of Texas, and her father is Anthony Pantaleoni of Italian and Polish descent. She's been married to David Duchovny since 1997 with whom she has an adorable son and a beautiful daughter. She played in a lot of major blockbuster movies and made a name for herself.

 Why: She is absolutely the most gorgeous blue eyed chic in the business.

 Born: Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni in New York, NY, in February 25, 1966 

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The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of October 2008 

Who: Alyssa Milano from Charmed (1998 - 2006), Pathology (2008), she is the daughter of Italian-Americans Lin, a former fashion designer and Thomas M. Milano, a film music editor. She has a younger brother whose aspirations are for music, although, he is tried to be an actor at first, his name is Cory Milano. She was mostly known for her role on "who's the boss" opposite Tony Danza, she tried her best to shed this nice kid look, by playing in major adult roles. She has no kids but own three dogs and several horses. She is divorced and is an active philanthropist. Although, she suffers from dyslexia, she still became a very talented young actress. She is a fan of tatoos, she has eight for now on different parts of her body. She owns a new line of apparel for female named "Touch" from Dodgers Baseball team

 Why: Because she is a guy's girl, she is a great actress and a great person overall.

 Born: Alyssa Jayne Milano, in Brooklyn, NY, on December 19, 1972


 The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of November 2008

Who: Kristen Stewart, she played in the supernatural thriller "The Messengers", she also played in "Undertow" and many other box office movies and independent films, she has been a very busy teenager, from the tender age of ten, she has been actively playing in major roles. "Speak 2004" is a television movie where she played the character of a high school student who lost all verbal contact after being raped, to me was one of her most successful performance, given she was only thirteen at the time. Most recently, she plays the character of Isabella Marie "Bella" Swan in the romantic vampire thriller "Twilight". the first of Twilight films is out this month, and there have been so much buzz about this adaptation of the bestselling novel by Stephanie Meyer for over a year now, the fans of the novel can finally get their fix. 

Why: She is the most talked about actress who is still a teenager, and she will sure blossom into one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, she is surely very talented.

Born: Kristen Jaymes Stewart, on April 9, 1990, in Los Angeles, California



 The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of December 2008

Who: Julianne Moore, beautiful actress, played in horror thrillers "The Forgotten" and "Blindness" and so many others. She is the daughter of Anne, a psychiatrist social worker and Peter Moore Smith, a military lawyer, judge, helicopter pilot, and Army Colonel. Well, there you have it, she is a military brat. She was born in Fort Bragg. She has a younger sister named Valerie and a younger brother, a novelist named, Peter Moore Smith III. Her real name is Julie Anne Smith, she had to change her name to Julianne Moore because there were two other actresses with her name, so she change her last name to her dad's middle name. She has two kids and married to Bart Freunlich since 2003.

Why: She is a very talented actress, she plays in many unforgettable features.

 Born: Julie Anne Smith, in December 3, 1960, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.



The Best Horror Movie Hottie of the year 2008


Who: Anna Paquin (X-Men installments), from this year’s True Blood and Trick r Treat. Born Canadian and lived for several years in New Zealand where she was discovered to play in motion picture “The Piano”. She is one of the youngest actors to ever win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Flora in “The Piano”, and the first Canadian actor to ever win one. She has had a very fruitful journey in acting; she has been actively playing in movies since 1993. Thereafter, she’s won several other awards for best performances. She is a well accomplished young lady, as she is now a producer also.
Why: She is currently heating up the screens on HBO’s True Blood as vampire Bill Compton’s hot girlfriend. Originally a brunette, she plays the character of Sookie Stackhouse so well. Boys don’t get jealous but she is actually dating in real life the on-screen boyfriend. She is smoking hot in those black shorts and skin tight white t’s. She is not my type since I don’t date girls but I have an open mind if I were I guess I would be bragging a lot more about her assets than most men. Overall, she is a very talented actress; we’ve been following her since her first role in the Piano and grew up to be this hottie. As a result, she is the horror movie hottie of 2008. If some of you disagree, well, go watch True Blood and you will change your mind.
Born: Anna Helene Paquin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on July 24, 1982

The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of December 2009

Who: Piper Perabo from the zombie movie "Carriers" out in dvd this month. Piper is of Portuguese and Norwegian descent. She is named after the actress Piper Laurie. Piper is best known for her role in Coyote Ugly as Jersey.

Why: If Piper can play it so cool in a flesh eating virus movie, she can play in anything she wants to.

Born: Piper Lisa Perabo, in Dallas, Texas, on October 31, 1976.

Piper Perabo


The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of November 2009

Who: Nikki Reed from the latest installment to the Twilight Series "New Moon" is our horror Movie Hottie for this month. She plays the role of Rosalie Hale in the film adaptation of the Twilight Books, she is the snotty adopted daughter to the Cullens and may be the biggest rival of Bella. Nonetheless, Reed has played in several controversial TV movies such as "Mini's first time", and "Thirteen" which was her first movie role and which she co-wrote in 2003. Thereafter, Reed received many recognitions for her writing and her acting, and soon became the host for several award shows. She was born in West Los Angeles, California from Cheryl and Seth Reed. Nikki is of Jewish, Cherokee, and Italian descent. Nikki has experimented with drugs, alcohol and sex at a very young age which made her relationship with her mother very difficult. Reed emancipated herself at fourteen and went out to live on her own.

Why: She is your all out vampire, she is both gorgeously curvacious and talented.

Born: Nicole Houston Reed, in West Los Angeles, California, on May 17, 1988.

Nikki Reed Hot

Nikki Houston Reed

Nikki Reed Smiles


The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of October 2009

Who: Amber Heard stars in "The Stepfather" out in theaters this month. She was the best breakthrough actress for last year on our site for her role in "All the boys love Mandy Lane". She is the daughter of David, a contractor and Paige Heard, an internet researcher for the government. She stays pretty busy in the horror screen this year, she plays screamlicious roles in "The Stepfather, Zombieland, And Soon The Darkness" all out in theaters this year. Although, Heard was raised as a catholic, now she is a self-proclaimed atheist. She dropped out of school at seventeen to follow her dreams in NY to becoming a model but then later moved to LA and changed her plans to be in Hollywood.

Why: She has spunk and she is not scared to play down and dirty, and the nice good girlfriend role.

Born: Amber Laura Heard, in Austin, Texas, on April 22, 1986

Amber Heard


Amber Heard


The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of September 2009

Who: Megan Fox is the horror movie hottie for this month because she is one of the hottest women in Hollywood whose not even 25 years old yet. She is the man eater from the Supernatural thriller "Jennifer's body". She has not played in that many movies but she is mostly popular after playing the love interest of Shia Laboeuf in Transformers. She is of Irish, Native American and French descent. After her parents divorced Megan and her older sister lived with their mother and step-father. She had a very strict upbringing, she wasn't even allowed to date.  She has been compared to Angelina Jolie among other beautiful Hollywood icons for her tattoo collection and her sex appeal. There has been rumors circulating about Megan Fox's gender, although she is such a stunning woman, she has difficulties accepting her beauty as it is, and creates so many excuses as to why she doesn't think she is deserving of being beautiful. Too Bad, because she is a gorgeous creature. She is openly a bi, and distrusts men.

Why: Megan Fox is not afraid to be herself even though she has a lot of fears, she strives to stay on top.

Born: Megan Denise Fox in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on May 16, 1986

Megan Fox with a towel

Megan Fox's Face

Megan Fox in underwear


The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of August 2009

Who: Krista Allen from the latest "Final Destination" installments out this month. She played in "Feast (2005)", but more recently she has played in more than five horror movies in 2009 alone, which are "Silent Venom, Alien Presence, Locker 13, Black Widow and Final Destination: Death Trip" all of these titles are scheduled to be released this year. She has been a pretty busy lady this year. Krista has been linked to eight "Emmanuelle" installments all released in 1994. She is always playing a hot vixen in every TV shows or films.

Why: She is a hot Vixen, she was on Baywatch and she portrays Emmanuelle Arson on screen almost as good as Sylvia Kristel did, now think about it!

Born: Krista Allen in Ventura, California, on April 5, 1971

Krista Allen in underwear

Krista Allen in sexy underwear


Krista Allen Hot

The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of July 2009

Who: Vera Farmiga from "Joshua (2007)" and "Orphan (2009)" these movies are very similar as I think she really has a flair to play the victimized mother. She is of Ukrainian heritage, and has six siblings, she is second eldest. Originally, she was going to major and become an Optometrist, as she enrolled in Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts. She is a very strong actress as she plays characters who are mentally impaired just as easily as if she were playing a normal housewife with no complications whatsoever.

Why: Her gorgeous eyes!

Born: Vera Ann Farmiga in Essex County, New Jersey, on August 6, 1973

Vera Farmiga blue eyes

Vera Farmiga hot

Vera Farmiga wet

The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of June 2009

Who: Natalie Bassingthwaighte from the cannibalistic Australian Horror Movie "Prey" out in theaters this month. She is the co-author of a teenage book for girls, and the host of Australia's "So you think you can dance?". She is a great personality on TV as she has been nominated with numerous awards for being the most popular actress in Australia and the most popular personality on TV. As well as her acting career she has a rewarding music career; She is the lead vocalist for the electro- pop band, Rogue Traders, she performs in several musicals such as "Rent and Chicago" among others. Natalie was married briefly when she was twenty three years old, however she is currently dating former Rogue Traders drummer, Cameron McGlinchey.

Why: Simply because she is a kick ass chick who is not afraid to take risks to be all she can be!

Born: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, on September 1, 1975. 

 Natalie Bassingthwaighte hot

Natalie Basingthwaighte in underwear

 The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of May 2009

Who: Alison Lohman from "Drag Me to Hell (2009)", "Beowulf (2007)", and many other captivating movies that usually end up being popular at the movie store but not in theaters. She is the only daughter of Diane and Gary Lohman, she has a younger brother named Robert and two cats, Monk and Clint. She is a great performer, as she was a backing singer for the likes of Frank Sinatra. In her senior year, she was offered to attend the Tisch School of the Arts but she had declined. However, after graduating high school she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in acting. 

Why: Alison is the Horror Movie Hottie of the month because she is very pure and innocent looking but never ceases to amaze us in the role she plays. Alison Lohman from the supernatural thriller "Drag me to hell" hit theaters May 29, is our Horror Movie Hottie for the month of May. "Drag Me to Hell" is a very original story in its own context but spells casting have been part of supernatural movies for centuries now, however, in this movie it's a little different. Christine Brown portrayed by Alison Lohman who usually plays teenager roles is being haunted by a demonic spell of the Lamia which simply means she is bound to live the rest of her life as a living hell unless she does the unthinkable. Why was the spell cast upon her? Well, you gotta watch the movie to find out! 

Born: Alison Marion Lohman, in Palm Springs, California, on September 18, 1979. 

Alison Marion Lohman


Alison Lohman hot


Alison Lohman sucking on a lolipop 

 Alison Lohman shed it all off for a cause

The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of April 2009

Who: Arielle Kebbel from "The Uninvited 2009", "The Grudge II", played Jared Padalecki's wife on Gilmore Girls, who else can claim that? She played in several tv shows and teen oriented movies which resulted in mega buzz. She has dated Brahman Turner for a little over a year now, we don't know who she is dating, apparently she is single, so go for it, boys. She graduated High School a year earlier than most people. Within a week from moving to Hollywood, she landed a great part in a movie, how many other actresses can say that without having a family member in the business pulling strings for them?

 Why: She is a gem waiting to be made gold out of. She is hot stuff, check her pix out!

Born: Arielle Caroline Kebbel in Winter Park, Florida, on February 19, 1985

Sexy Ariel Kebbel

Ariel Caroline Kebbel: she's got it

Ariel Kebbel Smiling

Ariel Kebbel hot

The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of March 2009
Who: Sara Paxton from "The Last house on the Left (2009)" is our horror movie hottie for this month. She is the daughter of Steve Paxton, a businessman of European descent, distant relative of Bill Paxton, and of Lucia, a Jewish dentist from Monterrey, Mexico. She thinks highly of education as she applied in the University of Southern California's Film Studies Program and was not accepted but she is still contemplating to major in Business Administration with a minor in History, she is an avid fan of History. She keeps a journal, remains friends with her co-stars from Aquamarine, Emma Roberts and Jojo, and has a chihuahua named Coco Chanel. She is an only child, a beautiful and talented young actress and a radiant Pop Rock singer. 
Why: She is only twenty years of age and already played a mermaid, a drug addict, a victim and left for dead and I am sure she will be playing many more interesting characters in the future.
Born: Sara Paxton, in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, on April 25, 1988.
mermaid Sara Paxton
Glamorous Sara Paxton
Sara Paxton

The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of February 2009 

Who: Danielle Panabaker, starred in Sky High, Shark, Mr. Brooks and now the latest remake of Friday the 13th (2009). Her parents are Harold and Donna Panabaker, she has a younger sister, Kay Panabaker, who is also an actress. She graduated high school as valedictorian at the tender age of 14, earned her associate and bachelor's degrees before she was even twenty years old. Her parents must be proud, her sister Kay, also excelled and completed high school, and college before she was 18 years old. They must have some super geniuses' genes or something.

Why: She is simply hot stuff. She is the smartest 21 year old, I had the pleasure to add on my hottie list. If you read up about this girl, you will know why.

Born: Danielle Nicole Panabaker, on September 19, 1987, in Augusta, GA 

Danielle Panabaker 

Danielle Panabaker

The Horror Movie Hottie for the Month of January 2009

Who: Megan Good playing Romy, my first name, in “The Unborn” out in theaters this month. She played in several movies among them was “Eve’s bayou” from which she had her breakthrough role. I loved her in Venom, even though she was killed off way too early. Megan is the daughter of Tara Doyle, her manager and Leon Good, an LAPD officer. She has African American, Puerto Rican, French and Native American blood in her. She is very spiritual as she stated that she will only do roles that would not disappoint God.

Why: Megan Good is very curvaceous; guys want to be her Jeans, the lip gloss she uses on her mouth, the bra she wears every day. They want a piece of her because she has it going on pretty much! Well, she is The Horror Movie Hottie for this month because she is a great actress, great producer and the usual eye candy; what can I say, she’s pretty badass!

Born: Meagan Monique Good, in Panorama City, California, on August 8, 1981

Meagan Good Hot
Meagan Good sexy
Meagan Good so sexy
Meagan Good
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