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Taste the TBHM rainbow, this page contains a compilation of the top 13 most twisted endings ever, WTF moments in Horror, the 13 most vampirilicious temptresses, the best horror movie directors and writers, the most deliciously gorgeous Johns in Horror, the top ten scariest movies in recent years and so much more. So find out for yourself by clicking on the titles below, start tasting the rainbow and spread it!



WTF Moments in Horror


Nastiest of 2020


Most Terrifying of 2019


Most Visceral of 2018


The Scariest of 2017


Frightfest of 2016


The Best of 2015

It Follows


The Best of 2014



The Best of 2013



The Best of 2012



Most Frightening of 2011 



The Freakiest of 2010



The Best of 2009


Thirteen Most Twisted Endings



craziest Horror Movies of 2009



Most Twisted of 2008


       Most Disturbing of 2007   

     Dead Silence poster    


  Most Demented of 2006 



      TBHM Drinking Game     



   Marvel Characters   


 John Horror  


Top thirteen Vampire temptresses



     Horror Writers    



Horror Directors



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