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Our Objective

thebesthorrormovies.com is specialized in promoting, reviewing and recommending the best of supernatural, slasher and horror ~ comedy movies to our TBHMmaniacs. We are prepared to provide our fans with very detailed information about every type of horror movies we have listed on our site. We want to ensure that your online experience with us is worth coming back and referring your special ones to us. Please feel free to email us at: thebesthorrormovies@gmail.com



Certain horror movies mean different things and stimulate different emotions in us depending on our cultural roots, geographical background, age difference, and gender. For instance, if you were born in Haiti or Louisiana, you would definitely have a different reaction to a supernatural movie like "The Exorcist" as opposed to a native of Wisconsin or North Dakota simply because you were exposed to different beliefs and principles growing up in those places or vice versa. Thus, one can safely say that each generation, each individual from various walks of life will always have a very unique pick at what their best horror movies should be to watch. Consequently, TBHM focuses the reviews and recommendations on three specific levels of horror movies to match your interests and beliefs. They are Horror-Comedy movies such as Otis, Shawn of the Dead, the Scary Movie installments; Slasher movies like Scream, Friday the 13th, Prom Night, The Last House on the Left, Psycho; and lastly Supernatural movies like The Exorcist, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Rose Red, Rosemary's Baby, Skeleton Key. From the three levels of Horror Movies, my favorite are Supernatural movies because of the unknown element purely. Needless to say that Stephen King is one of my absolute favorite horror writers mainly because he knows how to bring in a big bad creepy scare. We hope you like what we have to offer, remember we are fans like you, spread your horror in our dark room and bring your friends along next time. Let them have their pick at: The Three Levels of Horror! 


The Maniacs of TBHM


 Name: Mrs. TBHMManiac

Position: Founder of TBHM and Webmistress

Passion: Couple decades of knowledge in Supernatural, Dark Comedy, and Slasher Movies

Status: Veteran


 Name: Evol TBHMManiac

Position: Editor

Passion: Profound knowledge in Supernatural, Dark Comedy, and Slasher Movies and all things dark.

Status: Veteran


 Name: Tony TBHMManiac

Position: Editor

Passion: Extensive knowledge in Supernatural movies.

Status: Veteran



Why Horror Movies?


Just because they soothe the curious little girl living inside of me!


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