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 Get into the minds of our Kings of Slasher and find out what their motives were to kill in the first place. Love them or hate them...they still rock!

Beware, it's a kill or be killed zone!

You've been warned...


Character from "I know what you did last summer"

This fisherman below is not your typical angler, instead of catching little or big fish, he gets off killing teenagers. Don't get him wrong, he has his reasons, or does he? Ironically enough, after avenging his daughter's death whom was killed in a car accident and ultimately blamed and killed the sole survivor, the boyfriend. He was hit by a car holding four teenagers on their way home from getting laid on the beach after the fourth of July festivities in their small town. In lieu of bringing him to the ER or calling the cops, they dump him in the water. Guess what happened next? As it turned out, he wasn't really dead, he came back for revenge the next year on the exact same date, July 4th, by initially tormenting his subjects, making them doubt each other and finally killing them one by one with the use of a hook.

Name: Ben Willis AKA the Fisherman 

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Location: Croaker Bay, North Carolina; Tower Bay Resort, Bahamas, Broken Ridge, Colorado

Signature Weapon: Hook

Trademark Look: Fisherman gear ie a slicker, hook, fisherman hat and boots

Parents: Unknown

Spouse: Sarah Willis

Children: Susie and William Willis both deceased

Created by: Kevin Williamson

Born defects and demeanors: None up until his daughter got accidentally killed (Clinically Insane)

Real Actors: Muse Watson, Don Shanks

First Death: He is thrown overboard by Ray Bronson from his own boat named after his beloved daughter and loses his right hand in the process.

Super Powers: He becomes a legend and resurfaces when we kill and try to keep it a secret, bent on getting revenge

Background music: Complete silence


Character from "My Bloody Valentine"

 This miner below knows his way around with a pickaxe. I am not kidding, this guy wants be alive so much, that he will clean out a room, meaning, he will kill anything that has lungs, in order to have sufficient oxygen for him to breath. Harry Warden was made a murderous freak, he used to be a respectful, hard working miner. In fact, he was working along with five other miners, when the explosion occurred, on Valentine's Day. I guess, when the foremen forgot to vent out the mine before leaving for the valentine dance and ultimately causing this methane explosion, Warden had probably two things in mind; to keep breathing at any cost, and to make whoever was responsible for this cave-in pay. I sympathize with him mildly but he took his revenge vendetta on a whole new level, by dispatching innocent people in various creative ways in his killing spree. All in all, Harry Warden is one miner, you don't want to fuck with; otherwise you will feel his pickaxe deep into your heart on Valentine's Day! 



Name: Harry Warden AKA the Miner

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Location: Hanniger Mines, Harmony/Valentine Bluffs (Sydney Mines)

Signature Weapon: Pickaxe

Trademark Look: Mining Gear ie helmet with light fixture, jumpsuit, pro-mask, gloves, and boots

Parents: Unknown

Born defects and demeanors: None up until the cave in (Clinically Insane)

Real Actors: Peter Cowper, Richard John Walters.

First Death: Terminated by the deputy and the mayor

Super Powers: god-like strength, bent on getting even with the mine foremen

Background music: Sarah, be my bloody valentine...(1981 version)


 Character from "Friday the 13th"

This villain below is the mass murderer portrayed in all of the Friday the 13th sequels.  Jason is infamously known for slashing young adults while doing the dirty deed in camp side tents when they were supposed to be making sure the camp was running smoothly. This is merely his way to avenge his and his mother's death caused by those careless campers and counselors. Is he right for hunting these kids down and ultimately killing them one by one?  Keep in mind, he was disfigured and they used to make fun of him, bully him, and push him around. They pushed him into crystal lake on his birthday, a Friday the 13th, knowing that he could not swim. They let him drown like some invalid. Payback could not be any juicier and effortless for Jason, armed with his machete, he is ready for anything, and anyone; especially if you catch yourself on Camp Crystal Lake on a Friday the 13th! Jason is ready to keep order and to keep Camp Crystal Lake shut down indefinitely.

Watch out Jared Padalecki (Friday the 13th, 2009) Jason is gonna get you even if you're the fastest man alive!


Name: Jason Voorhees

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Location: Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th)

Signature Weapon: Machete

Trademark Look: Hockey mask, boots, worn out jacket

Parents: Pamela and Elias Voorhees

Born defects and demeanors: Deformed face, low self-esteem

Real Actor: Ary Leehman, and so many others.

First Death: Drowned in Camp Crystal Lake

Super Powers: god-like strength, invincible

Background music: chi chi chi  chi cha cha cha cha

 Character from "A Nighmare on Elm Street"

We all know this monster with the red and green torn out sweater. He gave us nightmares for years, well, at least me. He was born of a nun whom was trapped in a psychiatric ward and was raped by over a hundred of the patients there. Needless to say, that is where he got his crazy traits. Unfortunately, he could not escape his future, he became quite the Jack the Ripper in his neighborhood with the Children. Neighbors and parents alike plotted to murder him once they find out that  he was acquitted of the charges to killing off the innocence of the children on Elm street. They collectively threw Molotov Cocktails in the boiler room where they locked him in to set the place on fire. Freddy was visited  by three dream demons who have been searching the mortal world in the quest to finding the most devilish soul and in return they will give this human the power to turn dreams into his own reality. Thus, Freddy Krueger came to the Children of Elm Street every night in their dreams to make their lives a living hell, and to continue with the killings while they are asleep and dreaming... to never wake up again.


Name: Frederick Charles Krueger A.K A. Freddy Krueger, Springwood Slasher

Mother: Sister Mary Helena A.K.A  Amanda Krueger

Signature Weapon: His claws

Trademark look: red and green stripes sweater and brown hat

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Location: Springwood, Ohio (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Real Actor: Robert Englund

First Death: Burnt to death by the locals of Springwood

Super Powers and demeanors: Deals with the devil, lives through dreams, kills in dreams

Background music: 1,2 better stay awake, 3,4 and you know the rest...

Character from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

 Leatherface is a fictional character of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. One of these deranged characters who will kill only at the request of their family. He doesn't mean to kill people, just like the white sharks, they get hostile only when they feel their safety as well as their families' safety are at risks. Then, Leatherface will unleash his inner demons on everyone in question. He does not know any better, he is like a puppet to his family.

Name: Leatherface, Bubba, Big baby

Gender: Male

Location: Texas (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Race: Caucasian

Signature Weapon: Chainsaw or Sledgehammer

Trademark look: Human Flesh Mask, Butcher's Apron

Real Actors: Bill Johnson, Robert Jacks, Andrew Bryniarski, R.A Mihailoff

Super Powers and demeanors: Cannibal, survives numerous stunts designed to kill the average human being

Background music: Heavy breathing, chainsaw noise 

Character from "Halloween"

 There are so many versions to this fictional tale but the one that I like the most is the one about the babysitter...and it goes something like this. Michael Myers was a very bright six year old until a babysitter brain-washed young Mike with stories of a cult  in which, the chosen one will murder his entire family and other families to keep people from the community from dying. One of the perks that come with being the chosen one is that you can self-resurrect I guess. But there are always disadvantages as well, Mike is unable to speak a word in his adult life, he also displays signs of autism. One night out of the blue, Michael picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed his older sister Judith Margaret Myers to death. Hereon, the curse of the Thorn began to take over Michael's life. Consequently, he became the cold blooded murderer who kills off his bloodline on Halloween.  Watch out for who you are letting babysit your kids!

Name: Michael Audrey Myers

D.O.B: October 19, 1957

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Location: Haddonfield, Illinois (Halloween)

Signature Weapon: Kitchen Knife

Trademark look: white mask

Super Powers: Self-Resurrects

Real Actors: Nick Castle, Tony Moran, Will Sandin, Dick Warlock, Don Shanks, Adam Dunn, Georges P. Wilbur, Chris Durand, Brad Loree, Tyler Mane, Daef Faerch

Background music: Heavy Breathing, Halloween famous creepy theme song

 Real life Slasher from Amityville, NY

This last one is not an actor but he might as well be one for the stunt that he pulled on November 14, 1974. His story intrigues and puzzles me for many different reasons.

Get in his mind and find out why!

Ronald woke up oneday and decided to kill his entire family, it's not how he did it, but why?  Got everyone puzzled...some says he heard voices coming from the attic that told him what to do, some others say, he committed this horrible crime so he could cash in his parents life insurance. How crazy could anyone get to think you could commit such a violent crime and go on with life unnoticed. I assume that he had to be hearing voices to get so delusional to the point to end so many lives included his (Life Sentence) within an hour and go on with life with no regrets. This young man's actions were the center of the Amityville horror movie mega success. Especially after the Lutz family moved into the house in December 1975 and began to experience some paranormal activities which led them to flee the house without their belongings. Furthermore, Ronald inconsistently claimed so many different versions to what really happened on November 14, 1974 that no one could plausibly say or not say that there were no evil manifestations in the house when the killings occurred. This guy is our real life slasher serving his life sentence in Green Haven Correctional Facility, Beekman, NY.

Name: Ronald Defeo, Jr A.K.A Butch

Gender: Male

Parents: Louise and Ronald Defeo Senior

Race: Caucasian

Demeanors: Real-life slasher king

Location: (Old Address: Amityville, Long Island, NY) New Address: Green Haven Correctional Facility, Beekman, NY

Signature weapon: Riffle







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