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I have always wanted to know what inspired filmmakers, writers, actors, producers to write, make, act and produce some of the most rare and inspirational horror movies ever made. I have always wanted to get in their minds to find out what motivated them to create such masterpieces. Was it something in their childhood? Was it something they grew to love? Or was horror movies just so intoxicating that actors, filmmakers, writers, and producers feel that they have to make history with them. Well, this section is created just for you fans who want to know exactly why horror filmmakers, writers, actors and producers alike created such beautiful, fun, and unique work for our eyes and minds to enjoy. Check them out! 

09-Nov-11 Ralf Kemper, the latest and hottest Euro brains in Horror

I have had the privilege to interview Mr. Ralph Kemper who hails from Germany, I can tell you that he is a very genuine person and has a very profound passion for horror movies. Help spread the word out about this Euro-imported Zombie breed with already a vast cult followers and read what this German-born writer and director has to say about his baby, Toxic Lullaby.

14-Mar-08 Interview with the man behind the

I had the opportunity to score an interview with Joe Moe: the co-writer, co-producer, production designer of this new tasteful and thrilling horror movie due out this year, "Red Velvet",  to answer my detailed and challenging 13 questions. Joe Moe lives and breathes horror, he has an entourage of very famous people in the genre to guide him every step out of the way. What juicy, gory, bloody thrills does he have in store for us, well read on and find out for yourself.

20-Feb-08 Interview with the writer of Bad Reputation

I had the privilege to interview, Jim Hemphill, one of the many successfull independent horror filmmakers out there. He wrote and directed the Award-winning horror movie "Bad Reputation". He contributes to many online magazines. He is a breath of fresh air in the horror scene. He is as open-minded and straight-forward as I was expecting him to be and more. Jim Hemphil is here to stay. Find out what he had to say about his cast, the actors he would love to work with in the future, what he feels about Stephen King, and how early on he got into horror to the point to write his very first horror movie...and no, "Bad Reputation" was not his first creation. Check it out!!!





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