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First name: John, John Horror! 

What's in a name? Why so many delicious actors have the same first name and potentially become very successful in Hollywood? For instance, the first name John. Is there something remarkably enticing about the first name itself that feeds the name bearer with more abilities, more charisma, more ooomph, more sexiness, and more beauty that we, the fans, find ourselves spellbound by their irresistible looks, smarts, and mannerism?

Below are pictures of my favorite Johns ever, I know ladies and gentlemen alike will appreciate these actors. If not, horror fans start appreciating them today because they all starred in horror movies or horror TV shows, they are very attractive, photogenic and buff! I am sure you will like after one hard look. (: All Big, Wide, Smiles :)


Our favorites Johns


John Travolta: the many faces of JT

Short bio

Born: John Joseph Travolta

Where: Englewood, New Jersey

When: February 18, 1954

Spouse: Kelly Preston

Horror Movies: Carrie (1976)



John with fellow actor (from Grease the best musical ever)


John as a woman


John in his teens w/out shirt


John now...still a hottie

The family guy

John in dreadlocks

John the biker

John in the Rolling Stones



John(Johnny)Christopher Depp II: every picture tells a story, these ones are about Depp, my favorite John!

Short Bio

Born: John Christopher Depp II

Where: Owensboro, Kentucky

When: June 9, 1963

Spouse or partner: Vanessa Paradis

Horror Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Freddy's dead: Final Nightmare (1991), Sleepy Hollow (1998), The Ninth Gate (1999), From Hell (2000), Secret Window (2004), Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet street (2007) 



Johnny and mini Johnny


Ghouly John


John the musician


John and family


Badass John


John Wet

Just irresistible

Johnny the heartthrob!


John Cusack: Faces of JC! 

Short Bio

Born: John Paul Cusack

Where: Evanston, Illinois

When: June 28, 1966

Spouse: none

Horror Movies: Identity (2003), 1408 (2007)



John in many faces


John in black


Laid back John


Say anything John


John the charmer


John in the rain


Average John

Handsome John



John Malkovich: the many faces of John!


Short Bio

Born: John Gavin Malkovich

Where: Christopher, Illinois

When: December 9, 1953

Spouse: Nicoletta Peyran

Horror Movies: Shadow of the vampire (2000), Beowulf (2007)



Being John Malkovich

Naughty John

A guys' guy




John with hair


John with more hair


Nice looking John


Cynical John


John Corbett: the many faces of John C.!


Short Bio

Born: John Joseph Corbett,Jr.

Where: Wheeling, West Virginia

When: May 9, 1961

Spouse/Partner: Bo Derek

Horror Movies: The Messengers (2006)


Affectionate John


Jesus look alike


Normal John


Guitarist John


Hottie with his hottie

John with his band

The ladies' man



John Stamos: get a full view of John S.!

 Short Bio

Born: John Phillip Stamos

Where: Cypress, California

When: August 9, 1963

Spouse: Divorced

Horror Movies: Tales from the Crypt (1993) Episode: Till death do we part.



John with ex-wife Rebecca


John in uniforms


Young John




John suit up


John on the go


John the ladies' man


John the doctor



John Hannah: get to know the Scotsman through these pictures.


Short Bio

Born: John David Hannah

Where: East Kilbride, Scotland

When: April 23, 1963

Spouse: Joanna Roth

Horror Movies: The Mummy installments


John the Adventurer

Charming John

John the action star

John with a mustache

Doctor John

Sleeping John

John the tease


John Abraham: get to know the Indian sensation on camera!


Short Bio

Born: John Farhan Abraham

Where: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

When: December 17, 1972

Spouse or Partner: Bipasha Basu

Horror Movies: Saaya (2003), Kaal (2005)


John with girlfriend so watch out girls!

A vision

Bad boy John

John with no shirt on

Smoking John

 good to go

Feeling hot, hot, hot

John with corn rows

Animal friendly John

John with tattoos


 John Barrowman: the many skins of JB!

Short Bio

Born: John Scot Barrowman

Where: Glasgow, Scotland

When: March 11, 1967

Spouse or Partner: Scott Gill

Horror Movies: Shark Attack III: Megalodon



The strong

John wet

Gay and loving it

Hold on to those

Hot in black

Get lost with passion


John Glover: the various faces of John G.!

 Short Bio

Born: John Soursby Glover,Jr.

Where: Salisbury, Maryland

When: August 7, 1944

Spouse: None

Horror Movies: Gremlins II: The New Batch (1990), The Brimstone (1998-1999)


Sinister look


Young and happy

Relaxed and loving himself

The locked up look

Quite the ladies' man

John in a scene from TV show Smallville

Just John

The many sides of John Carpenter: the director, the composer, the screenwriter, the producer and the occasional actor

Short Bio

Born: John Howard Carpenter

Where: Carthage, NY

When: January 16, 1948

Spouse: Sandy King

Movies: Halloween, The Fog, Village of the Damned among others.


Young Johnny

John with shades

John behind bars (directing)

John the composer

Smooth operator

The smoker

Still smooth


The Shining (1980)

To have a list about Johns in Horror movies and not to mention Jack Torrance although fictional character from The Shining is as ludicrous as having a flesh-eating disease movie without Eli Roth as the director. Most would argue that Jack Nicholson was the best portrayal of Jack Torrance in the adaptation as the unstable recovering alcoholic writer from The Shining written by Stephen King. The storyline is about a family who happens to be hotel-seating through a very long and blizzard infested winter at a renowned haunted hotel that had a history of sudden and bizarre deaths occurring within its walls. This family of three will endure the effects of cabin fever mixed with elements of the supernatural realm pushing their way to break the already feeble family foundation. Jack Torrance was the most affected as his weakness for substance abuse and cohabitation with impressionable ghosts will summon a brand new level of inner demon out of him.

The scene "Here's Johnny..." imitating Ed McMahon as he usually announces Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, was the craziest and most most memorable scene in that supernatural thriller.

Here's Johnny...!!!

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Our fans are speaking out and their favorite Johns are being revealed. Who's your favorite John?

Name: Mad Doc
E-mail: @yahoo.com
Which John is your favorite one?: Seems you've forgotten a major John as in Carpenter
Why?: His work speaks for him!


TBHM: John Carpenter was not forgotten, waiting for a fan to point him out, just like you did, but he is mostly known for writing and directing movies, my top ten Johns are all actors foremost but as you should know I have love for everyone in the Horror movie, art, writing industry etc..., so there he is among the other Johns as he deserves to be recognized more than all the other Johns combined since he has brought to us some of the greatest horror movies in the genre.



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