"Happy November"
Get your Horror On!

Our Favorite Heroes 

The good guy clan is made of purely characters that kept us talking about their performances long after the movies were over.



The blonde chics from Friday the 13th (So many of them):

As we should already know there is always a blonde chic in all of the Friday the 13th episodes, where she fights off Jason and gets out of Crystal Lake in one piece but doomed to have nightmares for the rest of her life. "If you go back over all the Friday movies, you notice that the people who make these films love to see blondes running," stated Melanie Kinnaman. "I knew how to run and I was blonde, so I had an edge." I met Melanie at the last convention I had went to in MD. She is a very down-to-earth beautiful lady. She loved my outfit.


Nancy Thompson from A Nightmare on Elm Street (So many brunettes):

Every Nightmare on Elm Street movies have that brunette named Nancy, the chic that miraculously outsmarts the undying Freddy Krueger, and gets off Elm Street to continually have nightmares and daydreams of Freddy and his claws.



Michael Myers’ sister, the scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis:

She is one sister that knows how to keep a sadistic brother in line as she puts up a fight with her brother for her life. She displays very strong survival skills throughout the whole former movie which made it even less expected when she died in one of the sequels. I thought she was going to be that brunette chic, but she still kicks butts.


(Jessica Biel) Erin from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 film):

She literally kicks ass! She is one chic that this strong cannibal with a chainsaw could not run down. Although, all her friends perished in the hands of LeatherFace, she did not give up. It came close but she defeated the odds, and became the brunette chic from Texas Chainsaw Massacre who has performances remembered by horror fans from all over.



Sydney from "Scream" (Neve Campbell):

Sydney survives the trilogy; she has to be one smart and bad ass chic to be that good. She has a killer instinct; she can sense danger from miles. She is fast and learns from her mistakes. Through all the stabbings that are going around in Scream, she is the only chic who got stabbed only once. She knows how to run, when to run, and where to run to. She is the ultimate chic factor in slasher movies.



Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) from Aliens:

Ellen Ripley is a survivor. She does not stand and stare at the Alien, she knows it’s lethal. She also knows that you can not bring a creature like this to civilization, it will kill it off. She sacrifices her own life to kill the last Alien standing which gives her the title of a selfless chic who will do anything to keep order.



Arnold Schwarzenegger (the governator) the delta force guy from Predator:

He is this super strong Delta Force guy who is assigned with a group of remarkable soldiers as allies that died almost instantly after Predator started his killing spree. Arnold's character is the sole survivor; he uses his battle tactics to the fullest as he fights till the end against Predator. Lastly, he became everyone’s hero for killing Predator with its own bomb. Yeah, there were some flops in this movie as you can notice in the picture below as some part of his body is not entirely covered in mud but Predator remains a classic among other-worldly creatures reigning havoc on Earth.



The sole survivor from Hostel (Jay Hernandez):

I never saw it coming; this movie is so well arranged and so full of surprises that you would never see who the hero was going to be. In the beginning of the movie, you would think this guy was going to be the second one to die, even at the end, I still expected the Asian girl to survive, but he beats all the odds as he escapes from the torture museum with the Asian girl, steals one of their cars, runs over the set up squad as he makes his way for the train station, you think with all these dirty cops around patrolling, he is bound to get caught. He gets into the train with no trails on his tail, and even makes a stop to annihilate the torture museum’s owner in the men’s room. This part at the end, I give it a 100/10, it was my favorite and the most satisfying part for me in the whole movie, because he tortures this bastard and drowns him in his own shitzer as he cuts his throat.


Regan, the possessed little girl from the Exorcist (Linda Blair):

The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies ever made purely because it’s based on true events. The possessed little girl was in fact a possessed little boy in upstate New York. The possessed little girl made the list because she plays being possessed so well. I know they had to put make up and special effects but she was only twelve at the time. Just thinking about this little girl and her performance give me the creeps. Her face would always come up every time I think of something scary. To go through all of this and to survive is another thing. She brought the character to life with the 360 spin, the crab walk and the 100 gallons of vomit per seconds.



The little blonde girl from Poltergeist (Late Heather):

Remember that little blonde girl who would sit in front of the TV, even though, nothing was on. She would do it for hours, and she would announce the arrival of the evil beings with the famous line: "They're coming!" She was the first one these evil spirits wanted to claim. For some reasons, she would always survive no matter how strong these poltergeists will get, her parents would find a medium or a healer to exorcise the house, and to claim back their kids. This experience was disconcerting for me, watching it as a young kid. But it did not stop me from trying it for myself. I remember I used to sit in front of my TV waiting for something special to happen, waiting for a sign from the TV people but hardly anything ever happens. She survived all of the Poltergeist installments which made her a hero. However, she passed away in real life due to an incurable disease. May she rest in Peace!