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Vampire movies have changed greatly throughout the years, I cannot forget the first time I watched Nosferatu, I thought it was a masterpiece until I saw Bram Stoker's Dracula then I found myself thirsting for more of this brand in the genre. Writers and directors of all corners of the world keep bringing in new ideas about the vampire mythology as if such creatures used to walk or are still walking among us in the dark of the night. Perhaps some of these writers have very vivid imaginations or do they? Europeans have had their various versions of the vampire myth; Americans as well as Asians have touched up and delivered on the vampire concept but the question remains who does it better?


Is it Europe with their Dracula, Let The Right One In, Night Watch, Day Watch, Nosferatu, Immortality; America with their Interview with the Vampire, Dracula 2000, Queen of the Damned or Asia with mostly their Anime version of vampire stories?


I have grown to enjoy these different skins of vampire movies; imported or exported vampire breeds are alright with me as long as they stick with the main ideas; that these creatures will seduce you as they are drinking you up since their ultimate sustenance and life-source is blood; that they are nearly invincible, fast as lightning, strangely beautiful and cold; that they are also heart-popping scary once revealed to you but you just cannot keep away as they are so irresistible. So dumb I know!


Vampirism is a myth to some but a reality to others as some make it a part of their lifestyle...Marilyn Manson anyone? Would you label such people as posers because they feel closer to this creature of the night than being what society considers to be normal? Or do you have enough facts to support your stance on whether vampires are either myth or reality to keep an open mind?


American Vampire Movies, a handful of their beasts that I wouldn't mind letting suck on my toe anytime because they are purely lustful...my hubby would definitely be angry with me. However I get less tingly for these vampires when their portrayal is rather more comical than believable.


Asian Vampire Movies, the caped and mostly animated-creature is displayed in such a disdained light that I cannot fathom the idea that anyone would ever let themselves be bitten by or copy the life of such a cold-blooded sucker with no real love interest or weakness.


Nonetheless, European Vampire movies, they portray this soulless creature in such a graceful light that I, the enamored superfan, find myself either quietly cheering for the fanged-creature every time he or she survives a stake to the cold heart or booing the vampire slayer when he or she gets a cheap shot at that glorious beast of the night.


 Finally, it would be so unfair of me if I were to impose on you exactly who I think create the best vampire movies. Therefore, I am leaving you with your own conscience to decipher which continent you personally and factually believe paint the best vampire theme on the silver screen that ultimately results in creating a fan base so powerful and committed that you can easily either empathize with or ostracize them.


So who do you think do vampire movies better?


Americans, Europeans or Asians?


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The fans are spreading the word, what's yours?




Name: Dina

E-mail: @aol.com

Europeans, Asians or Americans, who do you think do Vampire movies better and why?              

First off  Europeans because they have all the original history to go by and any artifacts to use.  Next is Americans for their extreme imaginations.  Not too impressed by Asians at all ... sorry.


Name: Dina

E-mail: @aol.com

Europeans, Asians or Americans, who do you think do Vampire movies better and why?              

Europeans, because thats where the origins come from so they can get all the facts straight and seem to know how to put the right actions and reactions into the movie. :)


Name: Michelle

E-mail: @yahoo.com

Europeans, Asians or Americans, who do you think do Vampire movies better and why?              

I would have said Americans until that crapfest Twilight came out. But before that...just look at the list:

 Interview with the Vampire

 Near Dark

 The Lost Boys

 Fright Night


 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Tv show)

 Salem's Lot

 Innocent Blood

 From Dusk till Dawn



 Shadow of the Vampire


 30 Days of Night

 All of those are great vampire films.


  2. Name: Josh

    E-mail: @yahoo.com

    Europeans, Asians or Americans, who do you think do Vampire movies better and why?

  3. Americans are way cooler







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