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Slasher Movies: Get sliced or dice some!

Love the Heroes...hate the villains or vice versa, it's your pick...it's totally up to you.

"These movies are very graphic. They are full of suspense and mystery. These movies are written to puzzle you, to pick your brain. You cannot put all the pieces together up until the end. This is one category that has fans of all ages fearful of urban legends, friday the 13th, go to vacation in remote locations, or even go to excursions in the mid-west or are they? Find out for yourself, grab yours today. Those movies will live you with so many unanswered questions, so many disturbing, distorted thoughts. If you are the paranoid type, don't watch these movies when you have to close up a shop with a mysterious co-worker. Just kidding!"

These are some of the Slasher Movies that made history worldwide. Enjoy viewing your curated best category by clicking on the mini posters and pass it around!


The Crazed Serial Killers, the Psycho Killers

Final Destinations Films
Road Invasions
Home Invasions
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Films
Halloween Films
The Hills Have Eyes Films
Wrong Turn films



Foreign Sensation



After Dark Horrorfest Films



Scream Films



I know What you did last summer films



Friday The 13th Films 




Saw Films



Revenge Slashers



A Nightmare on Elm Street Films



The Ultimate Boogeymen


Stephen King inspired Slashers



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The top ten Slasher Movies Ever!


What is your favorite Slasher movie of all times?

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The fans are speaking out about their favorites, what's yours?
Name: Raymond
What is your favorite Slasher Movie ever? Probly SAW 1 or SAW 6.
I also like the wrong turn movies
Name: bryan 
What is your favorite Slasher Movie ever? childrens of the corn




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