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TBHM Hotties of 2010

2010 has been truly a hot year in horror movies, and even a hotter year in horror movie vixens. Below are our hand-picked hotties who can survive any sequel, any serial killer, any monster, and any scary movie of the months in the year 2010. Well, maybe not all of them can, but they sure as hell give it their best damn shot! Enjoy and spread it, nobody likes a selfish prick!


*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of December*

Who: Natalie Portman is the hottie for this month. She stars in "Black Swan" a dark psychological thriller out in theaters December 2010. Natalie Portman is the daughter of doctor Avner Hershlag and homemaker Shelley Stevens, now her personal agent. I have been a witness to Natalie's career climbing to the top since her first role in the French film "Leon" where she played Mathilda, the little girl who ironically was being looked after by a hitman since corrupt policemen attacked and killed her parents. Portman has been an avid, versatile and intense actress. She gives you her all in every roles she has portrayed so far as she plays them so flawlessly pure or raw depending on the context of the film.  

Scoop: Natalie Portman is currently withchild and engaged to dancer Benjamin Millepied.

Why: Natalie stands up for what she believes in. She is not just a movie star but also an intellectual who graduated with a psychology degree from Harvard and sporting great assets.

Born: Natalie Hershlag, on June 9, 1981, in Israel, Jerusalem

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of November*

Who: Betsy Russell from "SAW:3D" is our horror movie hottie for this month. Betsy plays John Kramer's wife in the Saw film series. She holds a master's degree in spiritual psychology.

Why: Betsy is a veteran in television shows. She claimed back her throne as she portrayed Jill Tuck, the main antagonist's wife in the Saw franchise from which her character was deceased in the latest installment. She made the hottie list because she is one of the reasons why John Kramer went onto this killing with a lesson spree.

Born: Elizabeth Russell, on September 6, 1963 in San Diego, California

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of October*

Who: Renee Zellweger from "Case 39" is our horror movie hottie for this month. Renee is of Sweden and Norwegian decent. Her mother was a nurse and her father was an electrical and mechanical engineer. As her career started in movies, she was mostly known for her roles in "Jerry Maguire" and "Bridget Jones's Diary" films but in 2003, she won an Academy Award for best supporting actress in "Cold Mountain".

Why: Her performance in "Case 39" was petrifyingly scary. She really got the audience concerned for her safety as this demented child, played by Jodelle Ferland, was trying to drive Renee's character insane while killing off everyone else around Renee in so many creative ways.

Born: Renee Kathleen Zellweger, on April 25, 1969, in Katy, Texas

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of September*

Who: Milla Jovovich from "Resident Evil: Afterlife" is the horror movie hottie for this month. Milla is an actress, model, musician and fashion designer. She has a Serbian background through her father and Russian roots through her mother who was also an actress. Milla married writer, director Paul W. S. Anderson in 2009 and had welcomed their first child in 2007. Milla speaks fluently Russian, Serbian, English and un p'tit peu du francais. Milla has fought for the legalization of Cannibis as she claimed in the nineties that smoking cigarettes and cannibis were her only vices.

Why: Milla has been a kick ass actress almost in every roles she takes on as she has been portraying Alice as a take no shit type of gal in the Resident Evil franchise. Milla also mentioned about her heritage that she is a strong Ukrainian girl and that's why she works so hard. However, her style in movies makes you wonder if she can ever look bad or over-worked in anything.

Born: Milica Jovovic, on December 17, 1975 in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of August*

Who: Maggie Q is the Horror Movie Hottie for this month. Her father is a war veteran who is of Polish, Canadian French, and Irish ancestry and her mother is Vietnamese. Her parents met while her father was serving in Vietnam. Maggie began a career in modeling soon after graduating from high school and moving to Japan in 1998 where she scored her first on screen role. She usually plays these kick ass, take no shit attitude babes in movies like "Mission Impossible:3 (2006)", "Live free or Die hard (2007)", "Nikita (2010)" and her latest "Priest (2011)" which is a vampire movie where her character is a priestess they seek out to help find a kidnapped girl. Although, she is of a non-Chinese heritage, Maggie has learned both Cantonese and Mandarin throughout her career in East Asia that enabled her to perform in some of the roles she gets. Maggie Q is a vegan and active supporter of PETA Asia-Pacific.

Why: Maggie Q is one of the hottest mixed heritage actresses to bless our screen with her strength and complex beauty.

Born: Margaret Denise Quigley, on May 22, 1979 in Honolulu, Haiwaii


*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of July*

Who: Maggie Grace from "The Experiment" is the horror movie hottie for this month. Maggie is your "from rag to fame" perfect hollywood story. She is not secretive about her teenage years as her mother divorced her dad and took her to a road of discovery in Los Angeles. The first few years living there, she was enrolled in acting classes but lived on a very tight budget. Since she has had roles in over 15 films and television shows over her 10 year career as she is gradually excelling in her profession.

Why: Maggie is highly impressive, and her charms are so irresistible on and off the screen. Maggie expressed to fans that her mother is not only her role model but also her best friend. How cool is that? She will be playing Irina in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I and Part II.

Born: Margaret Grace Denig, on September 21, 1983, in Worthington, Ohio

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of June*

Who: Delphine Chaneac from "Splice" is the horror movie hottie for this month. Delphine is a french actress, model and DJ who also finds time to write. She wrote a book titled "La nuie, mon pere me parle" translates into English as "The Night, my father speaks to me". She is mostly known for her European appearances in films and television.

Why: Dephine was brilliant in her role as Dren in the SCI-FI horror movie "Splice" where she played this man-made monster whom had sexual intercourses with both the male and female protagonist characters in the film.

Born: Delphine Chaneac, on November 14, 1978 in Rueil-Malmaison, France

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of May*

Who: Clemence Poesy from "Heartless" is the horror movie hottie for the month of MayClemence is a French actress and model. She is the daughter of actor/writer Etienne Guichard and of a French teacher named Poesy. In her young years, Clemence was never the "it" girl as her classmates thought she was strange and unusual in her looks. 

Why:  Clemence portrays this supermodel in the psycho-thriller "Heartless" and has had various diverse roles including one on the Harry Potter series as Fleur DelaCour.

Born: Clemence Guichard, on October 1982, in Meudon, Haut-de-Seine, France

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of April*

Who: Rooney Mara from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is the horror movie hottie for this month. Mara played the main character to the remake as "Nancy Holbrook". Rooney Mara is of Italian and Irish decent. Her parents are Timothy Christopher Mara who is the vice-president of the Player Evaluation for the NY Giants and also the grand-son to NY Giants founder Tim Mara and Katleen Rooney who is the grand-daughter to the Pittsburg Steelers founder Art Rooney, SR. Mara has played in over ten movies and TV shows since 2005. 

Why: Mara became active in the movie industry in mid 2000 but still managed to complete her degree in Psychology and International Social Policy in 2010. She has played in various roles since debuting her career as a movie star. Mara has guts as she played this high school basketball player in "The Winning Season" where she has an affair with a 40 year old man and her role in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is also very raw and spunklicious.

Born: Patricia Rooney Mara, on April 17, 1985, in Bedford, NY

Yep it's the same girl... ballsy and talented Rooney Mara!

*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of March*

Who: Christina Ricci is the horror movie hottie for this month. She is the daughter of Sarah, a former Ford model and Real Estate agent and Ralph Ricci, a lawyer and a psychiatrist. Ms. Ricci is Scots-Irish and has three older siblings. She was raised in Montclair, New Jersey and attented the Professional Children's School in New York City. Christina Ricci has played in numerous box office movies as well as independent films. She was also a child star who played in movies like "The Addams Family", "The Addams Family Values", "Mermaids", "Casper" "Now and Then" to cite only a few. She is recently starring in "After.Life" released now in selected theaters. Christina sports various tatoos which are reflections of every chapter of her life. She is the national spokesperson for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), she had mentioned that her research for the movie "Black Snake Moan" was very educational and ties in with the problems that RAINN help fix. Christina loves Rock, punk Rock and alternatives.

Why: Christina Ricci is an amazing actress who plays very dark, controversial, and demanding roles. She has won many awards for her film performances, and she is also the owner of the production company named Blaspheme Films. Simply because she exudes beauty!

Born: Christina Ricci in Santa Monica, California, on February 12, 1980


*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of February*

Who: Radha Mitchell from small town plague movie "The Crazies" out in theaters this February. Radha first started acting on ABC's TV show "Sugar and Spice" in 1988 and some twenty two odd years later she is playing Timothy Olyphant character's wife in this remake of the same name "The Crazies"(BTW, I'm in love with Timothy Olyphant right now!). She has played opposite a bunch of great names in Hollywood and also played some very controversial roles (High Art). Honestly, I started paying attention to her from her performances in "Pitch Black" and "Silent Hill". She is a formidable actress as well as being a great woman. Radha is a vegetarian, she practices yoga, and she is also very spiritual.

Why: She has been an actress for over two decades, but we have never heard anything negative about her. She is a veteran in Hollywood without displaying any of the symptoms of PTSD sort of speak. She is a very flexible actress playing very diverse roles. Radha is just hot inside and out!

Born: Radha Rani Amber Indigo Anunda Mitchell, on November 12, 1973 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Radha Mitchell


*The Horror Movie Hottie for the month of January*

Who: Adrianne Palicki from the end of days movie "Legion" out in theaters this January. Adrianne starred in numerous tv series such as playing the girlfriend of one of the Winchester brothers in "Supernatural", and playing Kara in "Smallville" among others. She started acting in 2003, she is mostly known for her role as Tyra Collette on the TV series "Friday Night Lights". She is currently dating actor Alan Tudyk.

Why: She is an upcoming new actress who is not afraid to take risks as she portrayed a pregnant waitress who will be giving birth to the chosen one in "Legion". A role in which she still managed to look very attractive although, she was nearly going on labor.

Born: Adrianne Palicki, on May 6, 1983 in Toledo, Ohio


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