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Celebrate or despise our villains, but keep in mind that we need them all to keep our horror movies alive! This clan is purely made of the serial killers, the demons, the monsters, the outer space creatures that will hunt you down until there is nothing left of you, not even your teeth that could be used for positive identification.



 1) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

 This character is known for killing off campers in Crystal Lake for more than two decades now. No, get this, he has his reasons, those neglectful campers were the cause of his first death at a very young age, and they killed off his mom. Revenge could not be any sweeter for Jason Voorhees who takes over Crystal Lake every Friday the 13th and set those horny campers straight. But we all know when he’s coming because our heart rate rises by the sound of sh sh sh sh sh sha sha sha sha... 



2) Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Freddy Krueger is the outcome of a rape done by hundreds of mentally ill patients from the psychiatry ward that his mother was unlucky enough to find herself working in. He grew up to become the ultimate maniacal serial killer who kills off mostly young kids on Elm Street. The neighbors took it upon themselves to clean their streets off of Freddy by making it seem like an accidental death caused by fire; through which Freddy was visited by three demons that were looking on Earth for someone like Freddy Krueger to offer them the eternal power to kill through dreams. As a result, Freddy was dead but visited the kids on Elm Street on a nightly basis while they were dreaming to kill them. His unique taste in clothes and claws makes him even scarier in the dreams. As the habitants of Elm Street know to 1, 2, always stay awake or Freddy will come for them. 



3) Michael Myers (Halloween)

As one of the versions go, Mike Myers was a very bright kid whom was brainwashed by his babysitter about a cult. The babysitter told him that he was the chosen one for the cult, and as such, he was to kill off his family to presume his status and to prevent death from the rest of the communities. What a young Mike to do but to pick up a kitchen knife to kill his older sister and to never put it down ever again, even worse to never mutter a word for that matter.

 Mike Myers


4) LeatherFace (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

This character’s roots have been changed throughout the different remakes of this film but this fact remains the same, he is one strong mother fuck*r, he knows his way with a chainsaw, he can run circles around the fastest man alive as he makes cutlets out of their body parts. Nonetheless, LeatherFace only kills when he feels threatened or his family orders him to kill. He is one cannibal that has a heart, but won’t mind using your face for his literally. 



5) The Count (Dracula)

When we think of Dracula we think of this creature that sleeps in the day and walks the streets at night in search of his ultimate sustenance, blood. Well, that’s him in a nutshell, but what drove count Dracula to be this way, to have eternal life by drinking humans’ blood to keep him young and handsome. Was he the first one like this? Was it a curse? Or was it an inheritance? The story changes through different remakes of Dracula but only one of these explanations for his predicament seems plausible, the one about a witch who casted a spell on him and killed his wife. Nevertheless, Dracula still remains one seductive count that will entice you as he is drinking you up. You have to be worth something to him in order to convert you into a vampire like him. 


6) PinHead (Hellraiser)

This British creation will have you question yourself as to what will you do, if you owed the devil? Would you sell your family’s soul to get your life back or would you take your chance with PinHead and his clan to get out of the box? Pin Head is such a scary character because of the levels of goriness he will use to inflect pain. He will make you suffer so much that you would wish you were dead. But dead, you are my friend if you have any vice and PinHead comes for you.



7) Pennywise the clown in "It"

I remember the first time I saw "It", I was so scared that I could not watch the whole thing by myself. To think of it, I finally saw the whole thing when I was eighteen. I am being frank when I say this character was the most horrifying character for me when I was 9 years old. I could not close my eyes without picturing Pennywise coming to scare me off my bed. There was something about his mouth, these sharp, pointy, hideous chops, he had for teeth. Any clown since that movie makes me feverish. Pennywise disturbed me for years. I hope I am not the only one who feels this way because I can handle scary but this was beyond scary for me at that age and secretly I liked it. 



8) The "VOICE" in Scream

I know you guys remember the voice, this scary, throaty voice that you could pinpoint from anywhere if you were to hear it again after the movie. The voice that asked Drew Barrymore if she liked scary movies. I don’t know but I don’t care if it’s a prank or not, I would not spend a minute more on the phone with that voice. It’s just too freakishly disturbing to have anything good come out of it. 

Voice Changer for Scream


9) The Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow)

This character is scary just because of the name. Imagine you are being chased by a headless horseman, how crazy does that sound? But if it did happen, how scary could that be? The Headless Horseman was the best horseman in his time and a normal person like the rest of the people in Sleepy Hollow. Nonetheless, he was beheaded after a wicked little girl made it known that he was hiding nearby. That same ambitious and creepy little girl hid the head for her personal gain. The Headless Horseman will come back to haunt Sleepy Hollow until he recovers his head. Until then, he will behead every men and women in sight. No one is safe in Sleepy Hollow!



10) Alien aka xenomorph or internecivus raptus

This creature was picked up after the vessel that was carrying Ellen Ripley and her team back to their home base heard a distress call. Was it a distress call or a warning to keep away? All of the passengers along with Ellen will soon find out what an alien is capable of. Especially, a very protective xenomorph mother who just gave birth to hundreds of little nearly indestructible xenomorphs. Alien is such a creepy creature because it could really exist. Its originality is beyond comparison, we’ve never seen anything like this before, but it could be out there though in those planets that our astronauts have not yet set foot on or should not... Alien is so scary because of its vicious mouth filled with acid breath and crooked, razor sharp little teeth, as well as its undeniable phallic distorted physique.



11) The dummy-maker,ventriloquist from Dead Silence

"Come Closer, Come Closer..." It’s all it takes for this witch by the name of Mary Shaw to cause you to scream due to her hideous visage. Once you scream, you die. You become one of her dummies that she loves dearly. She is one bad ventriloquist, I can tell you that. She initially killed only people and children who make fun of her abilities. She is proud of what she does. Nonetheless, she was accused of killing some kids in her town. She was soon put to death. But is she or will she ever die? Her only request before they killed her was to be made into a porcelain doll with her remains. Hah, if only they did not grant her request. She disappears long before her exposition at the funeral home. She is out there, capturing every single family that caused her death to turn them into priceless dummies and to add them to her collection. She may be old but she can hold it down, her voice and laughter are what spooked me the most.


12) Predator -- (1987 version) 

 This warrior was dropped off on Earth for reasons unknown. Possesses unparalleled sportsmanship by killing only armed good and bad guys. If Predator deems you are worthy then he fights you one on one, no gadgetry needed. Predator is so scary because you can’t see him coming as he uses a cloaking device. He is nearly invincible, he has all the cool gadgets that make up for the perfect soldier, but he is not from our world. Or is he? 


13) The "museum" owner in Hostel

This guy is one sadistic, twisted weirdo. He creates this sensational barbaric torture recreational place for twisted weirdoes like him to come and get off killing different races for a fee. The weirdo has a story, he wanted to become a surgeon but unable to get through medical school with his disability, he opens up his own torture-filled version of a hospital where the patients get fatal work done on them without consent. 


14) John The sick man from Saw

Saw made me think a lot about how important my life is, not because I had never thought about it, but because of the sick man whose life was being cut short due to an incurable disease. Having nothing to lose, he gets off trapping people in the weirdest circumstances to make them aware of how valuable their health and their lives should be to them. If you win his test, you get to live but with a lesson, his lesson, to stop devaluing your lives with the use of drugs, to stop adultery, to stop any immoral activities you used to partake in and become his follower. All in all, this sick man has a sick way to get through to people and it’s definitely twisted.


15) The little black haired girl from the ring (Samara)

This psychotic, sociopathic, telekinetic, long haired girl gets adopted by this family who soon finds out that she has super evil powers. But what can they do to prevent this little girl from being bad? She enjoys being bad, she can control herself but she loves toying with people and animals alike. So, her adoptive parents drop her into the well of their house. Hereon, she starts to kill more people every seven days after you watch the tape her parents (or was it her parents?) made of her and their delicate situation with the horses dying, the mother committing suicide, the ladder to go up her bed in the shed, and her being thrown in the ring of the well. I give it to her, she got us into it, thinking that she was an innocent little girl and her parents were evil while she is evil incarnate. She loves to kill every seven days! 


16) Damien (The Omen)

 Who does not know about Damien? This boy is a devilish child. He has the mark of 666, watch out! He is the devil’s son. He has protectors, people who knows where he is from and what his purpose is here on Earth. They will put their lives in his defense, but Damien is self-sufficient, no one can plot anything against him without getting mysteriously thrown out of the picture. This boy scares the living dead out of me…I don’t know about you guys, but this boy is one nefarious chum that gave me nightmares for months!


 17) Chucky (the possessed doll) from Child's play

Good Guy Doll was once one of the most popular dolls created by Play Pals Incorporated to be young boys' friends for life. Unfortunately one night, serial killer and voodoo practitioner Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky was being chased down and got fatally wounded by detective Mike Norris. He goes hiding in a toy factory, unable to find a human body to switch bodies with, he uses one of the Good Guy dolls from the toy factory to transfer his soul into through a voodoo ritual. Lightning strikes the factory and burns it to the ground, a homeless man finds the doll and sells it to Kyle's mother. Unbeknownst to her that the doll is in fact possessed by an evil man who will try to possess her son's body while killing dozens of people in his path. 


18) Candyman

Candyman (played by Mr. Tony Todd himself) is the son of a slave who was tortured and killed for having an affair with a woman who happens to be the daughter of a plantation and slave owner. Legends has it, Hollywood urban legends that is, if you chant his name five times in front of a mirror, he will appear out of thin air. Whoever summons Candyman will pay the price with their own life. Which is exactly what happened to Helen Lyle played by Virginia Madsen. "Candyman" was the film adaptation of the short story "The Forbidden" written by Clive Barker.


19) The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers

The Creeper is an ancient demon who comes out every twenty third spring for twenty three days of splurging on innocent people whom he can sense and smell fear from. The Creeper feasts on human flesh which becomes part of his body as he heals almost instantaneously when wounded. You know that he is near and coming for you when you hear the tunes of "Jeepers Creepers" playing from out of nowhere.


20) Mrs Ganush from Drag me to hell

Mrs Ganush played by Lorna Raver is this crazy one eye stapled together but still fighting, spell-casting, dirty-fighting, brick-dropping, hand-shoving up your mouth, bed-dropping, car-jacking, young lady-strangling, nightmare-giving, gum-biting, jaw-biting old gipsy  woman who you should try your best not to cross or she will ultimately drag you to hell with whatever means necessary. She is one old lady who can hold her own. You piss her off, and she will be the last person you piss off, she will make sure of it even after she dies. Beware of Mrs Ganush!  

2011 Villains 


Who from this list gets your heart popping?

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Who is your favorite badass? Other?
Why are they such badasses to you? THEY ARE SO CREEY AND JUST BLOOD THIRSTY FOR FLESH
TBHM wants you Jennifer, thank you for your input. You are right, I still cannot watch that flick alone, the make up artist did an awesome job on those subterranean creatures. TBHMmaniac!
Name: Christian
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Who is your favorite badass? Other?
Add other: Norman Bates
Why are they such badasses to you?: He has no super powers, he is just crazy. He is the biggest mommas boy of the bunch, beating Jason. He is also based off of Ed Gein, the same guy Leatherface is based off of.
TBHM wants you Christian, thank you for your input, Norman Bates is a real badass of nature. TBHMmaniac!
Name: katherine 
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Who is your favorite badass?: Mike Myers
Add other: freddy krueger
Why are they such badasses to you? because with out running mike myers can still kill you no matter what and he comes out of no where hes just scary man. And freddy because he haunts you in your dreams and you have to sleep no matter what happens you cant escape a dream.
TBHM wants you Katherine, thank you for your input. It always freaks me out, he is never running after any of those preys yet they always manage to fall victim of his kitchen knife. Unreal.
Name: Timothy 
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Who is your favorite badass?: Freddy Krueger
Add other: Jason Voorhees
Why are they such badasses to you? Because,they Kill like hundreds of people in about 300 days.
TBHM wants you Timothy, thank you for your input. Yep leave it to Freddy and Jason to clear out a remote town. Yes, your worst nightmares! 
Name: Rob
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Who is your favorite badass?: Headless Horseman
Add other: Bloody Mary, Dracula
Why are they such badasses to you? They have such an urban legend vide and the stories have been around for so long some part of their horrifying stories have to be true.
TBHM wants you Rob. The Headless Horseman is a very vivid and terrifying urban legend, one cannot help to hope, it stays an urban legend. Thank you for your input TBHMmaniac!
Name: roxy
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Who is your favorite badass?: Mike Myers
Add other: chucky
TBHM wants you Roxy, thank you for your input TBHMmaniac! Mike Myers and Chucky are fierced, they both undeniably can take down various demographic groups in their limited-time rampage.
Name: Ash
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Who is your favorite badass?: LeatherFace
Add other: Krug from Last House on the Left
TBHM wants you Ash, thank you for your input TBHMmaniac! Leatherface and Krug could be cousins under different circumstances, they share a great deal of similarities, they work alone for the greater good of their "family".
Name: ian
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Who is your favorite badass?: Freddy Krueger
Add other: dead mary
TBHM wants you Ian, thank you for your input TBHMmaniac! Freddy will always remain one of the most prolific villain in my book. He is multi-dimensional. Good choice of Dead Mary as well!