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         Thirteen most twisted endings

Have you ever watched a movie where the beginning was very dull and boring but the ending was so epic that you rated the overall movie experience grade A for awesome (Sleep Away Camp) or the movie was simply so captivating in the beginning and twisted your world with the ending as well (The Sixth Sense, The Mist) that you had to post it up on your wall of best horror movie ever. Well, join the club, I have a passion for horror movies such as these. As a result, I don't care how lame the beginning of a movie may be, I have to watch it from start to finish because you never know what both the director and the writer might have in store for you and I have to find out for you first hand. So I guess I have to take one or many for the team. There is a long list of horror movies with twisted endings that I have seen throughout the years, I picked the best thirteen out of the bunch to share with you today because I know you guys love a good mind-fuck, and so do I. Let me know what other twisted ending movies you would want to see on that list.


****Beware Spoilers Are Present****




 April Fool's Day (2008): The remake of the 1986 film of the same name. I know it did go straight to DVD but I liked the ending, it was very highly unexpected. The story revolves around a set of rich siblings who dared to think they could get away with murder; when a prank resulted in killing Milan, one of their friends, at a party that those two filthy rich siblings Blaine (pre-Dallas) and Desiree, were throwing for a friend. Nevertheless, exactly a year later a la I know what you did last Summer, everyone who were at that party a year earlier started dying, one after another. Desiree thought the killer was Milan's ghost coming back from the grave for revenge or possibly she never even died, Desiree considered. At the end, the two rich siblings were literally the only ones left alive tied up and waiting for absolution.

Twist: They were all playing a farce on Desiree, no one was dead except for Milan. To prove to Desiree that it was in fact a set up; Torrance, the   up and coming actress from the gang, used props she acquired from her stage for the pranks. Well, Torrance aimed the gun at Desiree to show her that there were only blank rounds not live ones in the chamber, instead ended up blowing Desiree's head off by accident. Or was it really an accident? The brother, Blaine, had planned this outcome all along. Desiree deserved it, she was a gargantuan female dog!

Tagline: She has a killer party planned!

Director: The Butcher Brothers

Cinematography: Michael Maley 

Running Time: 91 min

Editing by: Raul Davalos

Actors: Taylor Cole, Josh Henderson, Scout Taylor - Compton

Themes: Pseudo-Killer, Trickery, Deception




Sleepaway Camp (1983): Okay this movie had some of the coolest kills in it, I agree. But there were some dull parts as well, and it was all worth it for the grand finale! How can anyone ever forget that last scene, right! Well, we learn that Angela was one of the weirdest little girls you could encounter. Right off the bat, you could tell something was off with her. By acting so awkwardly around her peers, she was being picked on and bullied by almost everyone. However, her cousin Ricky was very protective of her, along with his friend Paul who grew fonder for Angela by the days. But when the killings started, everyone suspected one person only - Ricky.

Twist: No one would have thought twice about innocent, mousy-looking little Angela, who was in fact, the crazed killer. Even worse, literally she was no little girl. Peter was Angela's surviving brother. When their father and Angela perished in a motorboat accident, Peter was sent to live with his bizarre Auntie Martha, whom wanted a little girl of her own since she already had a boy, Ricky. She progressively dressed Peter like a girl. Thusly, Peter assumed Angela's personality and name. Peter finally snapped when everyone started bullying him at the camp. As a result, he took revenge on all of them by murdering them in various creative ways. Matters got compounded, when Paul wanted to be closer to him (thinking he was Angela, a girl), then Peter felt the need to fix him too, as he was clearly already disturbed from a previous situation - Peter and Angela  found their father sharing his bed with another man and they never quite understood that relationship and it's proven now that Peter was scarred by that unfortunate discovery. This upbringing contains all the perfect ingredients to push a boy to kill as a girl.

Sleepaway Final Scene: Angela is Peter

Tagline: A perfect place to meet young girls, might just be the perfect place to die!

Director: Robert Hiltzik

Cinematography: Benjamin Davis

Running Time: 88 min

Editing by: Ron Kalish 

Actors: Mike Kellin, Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten

Themes:  Serial Killer, Cross-dressing, Molestation, Bullying




Saw (2004): Saw was one of these movies that you could never really predict how they would end. I tried, trust me, I tried to guess who was the mastermind behind the craziness. But was it really craziness?  He kills with a lesson. He wants people to take life more seriously, to be more grateful and more respectful towards their health. Was that too much to ask? Well, yeah! He put these people through hell and back to try to get redemption but when it was all said and done, he was merciful.

Twist: The person we all thought was the mastermind, the guy we thought was behind all of these deadly traps and tests was only a player as well, he had something to lose also. And to find out the whole time, the rotten body on the floor was in fact the real mastermind. As he got up towards the end of the movie to exit the room (this scene sent chills up and down my spine as they showed you the flashbacks). The only survivor (Elwes) had cut off his foot and was trying to escape from the room but the mastermind told him "game over" and shut the door on his face. So original...never saw anything like this ending before.

Tagline: How much blood would you shed to stay alive?

Director: James Wan

Cinematography: David A. Armstrong 

Running Time: 103 min

Editing by: Kevin Gruetert

Actors: Cary Elwes, Tobin Bell, Danny Glover, Leigh Whannel

Themes: Serial Killer, Cancer-patient, Deadly Traps, Deception




Psycho (1960): Marion Crane is on the run, she stole $400,000 from her employer in order to help her lover, Sam. A cop is on her tail and Marion decides to stay in Bates Motel. She is invited by Mr. Bates to dinner. Marion learns that Bates leaves with his mom when she overhears Norman talking to his mother. She reveals her feelings about Mrs. Bates being overbearing and thinks that she should be in a home to Norman. After the dinner, she goes to her room, she decides to return the stolen money in the morning and gets in the shower, to only find herself getting stabbed to death by an old woman.

 Twist: Norman Bates is mentally ill. He killed his mom and her lover. He is in fact, the one killing everyone dressed up like his mother and assuming his mother's voice and mannerism.

Tagline: Don't give away the ending - It's the only one we have!

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Actors: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Garvin

Themes: Serial Killer, Split Personality Disorder, Thievery




The Last House on the Left (2009): Mari Collingwood is the only daughter to the Collingwoods, she had lost her brother and her parents are well to do. The Collingwoods go to their lake house for vacation every year. Mari decides to go visit a friend in town. She meets up with her friend and they decide to get some pot, and from that point on everything took a much unexpected turn.

Twist: Mari's best friend gets raped right in front of her, her kidnappers stop right around her house, the criminals take advantage of them, and leave both girls in the woods for dead. Unknowingly, the criminals go knock on Mari's parents' door, and payback could not be any juicier for the Collingwoods. That's the luck of the Irish!

Tagline: If bad people hurt someone you love, how far will you go to hurt them back?

Director: Dennis LLiadis

Actors: Sara Paxton, 

Themes:  Rape, True Events, Serial Killer, Revenge




The Wicker Man (1973): This story is based on the novel Ritual by David Penner. It revolves around Sergeant Howie whom receives an anonymous letter requesting his investigative skills on Summerisle, where a little girl named Rowan has disappeared. The righteous man that SGT Howie is, sets out to Summerisle to find out what happened to young Rowan. When he arrives to the island he quickly discovered that the inhabitants are a bunch of pagans who worshiped nature, believed in the supernatural and in sex gods, as opposed to believing in God. He reasoned that these islanders were holding Rowan hostage to sacrifice her to their gods in their May Day festivities in order to cause their island to be fruitful, fertile once again.

Twist: Rowan was never missing, she was just a bait for Howie to come to Summerisle willingly. Howie was a virgin, he didn't believe in sex before marriage, he was a devout Christian. As a result, the Islanders wanted to sacrifice him as they believed his death would surely bring them fertility, and growth.

Tagline: Flesh to touch, flesh to burn...don't keep the Wicker Man waiting!

Director: Robin Hardy

Actors: Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt, Christopher Lee

Themes: Ritual, Paganism, Trickery, Sacrifice  





Frailty (2001):  Firstly, I want to point out, although this movie was of a very unusual content and subject matter and one of my all-time favorite, yet it still managed to give me the creeps for weeks. It's so unusual, so unique of a situation, one can only wish for it never to happen in their own family. If it indeed happened, whose side would you have taken if your father whom you loved and adored, flat out revealed to you that he was visited by an archangel and was appointed to cleanse the world of evil, of tainted people with the help of otis, the axe? As days go by, you notice your little brother is being brain-washed by your father's fatalistic ideology and newfound peculiar belief in doing God's work. Would you willingly follow your father's guidelines and comply in recruiting you to be his ally in this movement? Or would you be questioning his mental health since you do not share his perceived demented beliefs, let alone backing him up to put it into motion, what would you have done? Honestly? 

Twist: The story unfolds very ambiguously, making it really up to the audience to discern what is religiously, morally right or not. But we, the collective biased viewer, grasp after many logic defying-twists that the father was not a serial killer guided by the devil but actually by God Himself. We are showed that the oldest son was not a believer and had no faith in God which is why he could not see the real evil within the perceived victims of his father's axe from his perspective, whenever his father would touch them before ending their lives to verify they were indeed demons. Nonetheless, the youngest brother who became a man of the law, continued to carry out his father's legacy. Whereas, the oldest brother became a deranged serial killer. We find out that the narrator of the story was the youngest brother who went to the FBI office assuming his older brother's name and demanding to speak to Agent Doyle, whom was in fact, a murderer, and the whole purpose of his visit at the FBI office was to cleanse agent Doyle of his evil ways, since he was on the list after all.

Tagline: Only demons should fear me...you are not a demon, are you?

Director: Bill Paxton

Actors: Matthew McConaughy, Bill Paxton, Matt O'Leary, Jeremy Sumpter, Levi Kreis

Themes: Angel, Demons, Serial Killer, God, Evil




The Orphanage (2007): The story of a mother who cares so much for her son, that she will go where no one has ever gone before just to be with him. Simon is Laura's adopted son, he is born with HIV positive but he doesn't know that yet. Laura moves Simon and her husband to her childhood home, an orphanage, she had bought in the hopes to make a home for disabled children. Simon sees ghosts and becomes friends with one named Tomas. Moreover, Laura is visited by an old lady named Benigna claiming that she is a social worker, Benigna was in fact, a worker at the orphanage when Laura herself was a little girl. Laura pushes her out of her house, and Simon goes missing couple of days later. Months goes by with no sign of Simon.

Twist: Laura discovers the bodies of her fellow orphan friends, and quickly pieces together that Benigna had killed them to avenge her disfigured son, Tomas, that they had caused to die by a misplaced prank in the cave. The most gut-wrenching twist is to find that Laura had accidently killed Simon. Upon finding out, she commits suicide since she could not bear to live without him or accept the fact that she had been the life ender of her beloved Simon.

Tagline: No secrets stay locked away forever!

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona

Actors: Belen Rueda, Geraldine Chaplin, Mabel Rivera, Roger Princep

Themes:  Ghost, The Dead, The Living, Accidental Young Death, Orphans, Disfiguration





Identity (2003): Identity was one of the most mind-boggling movies I have ever seen. I loved the mystery, I knew it was building up to one of the best climaxes ever and did. This serial killer has multiple personalities, he is about to be executed for his killing tendencies the next day, but his shrink calls up a meeting with all the big shots who has a say in this sociopath's grim future. Simultaneously, the serial killer has a meeting in his head as well, in the hopes to narrow down the various personalities. The goal is once each personality is identified, to kill off the bad ones, and leave the good guy or gal standing at the end. Consequently, the serial killer gets transferred to a psych ward since his shrink proves his patient had been suffering from multiple dissociative personalities and that he had successfully cured him of the bad ones, in his little exorcism exercise.

Twist: The psychiatrist succeeded at killing off the evil, destructive personalities but guess what, the good and half bad ones got killed off. But the most maniacal one yet, that kills without a conscience or remorse was the last one standing and we all know what that meant. Yep he met that man on the stairs again.

Tagline: The secret lies within!

Director: James Mangold

Actors: John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jake Busey

Themes: Multiple Personality Disorder, Serial Killer



Carnival of Souls (1962): One of the first movies to touch on the concept of 'between life and death' in such an unbiased way. I love dark movies that play with your mind with no fancy special effects, just you the viewer piecing everything together, piece by piece. Mary Henry was riding in a car with two other female friends, they got lured into race drag with another car that tragically hits their car off the bridge and into the river. Mary is the sole survivor of the accident and leads a very perturbed and macabre life thereafter. She feels confused most of the time, as suspicious and peculiar things seem to happen to her more and more. 

This single eerie face below was the subject of many nightmares growing up.

Twist: Mary Henry was never a survivor, remained in "the middle", fighting death, trying to be alive in her sub-conscious. She was indeed in between life and death in her mind, comatose. When death finally took her from this world, she was kicking and screaming mentally but before she knew it she was already gone. 

Tagline: Is there death after life?  

Director:  Herk Harvey

Actors: Candice Hilligoss, Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett

Themes:  Ghost, The Afterlife, The Before-Death, Organ Playing





The Others (2001): This family is as strange as they come. These kids have photosensitivity, they are allergic to sun rays. Their rooms have heavy curtains to prevent the sunlight to penetrate their rooms. Grace Stewart, the mother, dreaded living in this big house with her son, Nicholas and her daughter, Anne as she felt the house seemed more like a prison to her. With the arrival of three bizarre housekeepers, weird things started occurring. Grace was overwhelmed with the idea that they were living with ghosts in their house.

Twist: Grace snapped one day over missing her husband who went to war and her kids continuously driving her over the edge. Therefore, she kills herself after smothering her children with a pillow which makes them "The others" for any new owners of that house. Grace and her two children are mere ghosts, along with the servants. After that recollection, ironically, Grace vows to let no one push them out of that house but when she thought she was alive all she ever wanted was to leave that house and never look back.

Tagline: Do you believe in Ghosts? She didn't...

Director: Alejandro Amenabar

Actors: Nicole Kidman, Alakina Mann, Fionnula Flannagan, James Bentley, Elaine Cassidy

Themes: Haunted House, Ghosts, Afterlife




The Skeleton Key (2005): The supernatural in this movie was so close to home. I loved this movie despite the negative reviews. Carolyn is a caring aide played by;Kate Hudson whom lost her dad, so she finds solace in helping the elderly and rejects death on her watch. She is hired to watch after Ben, a stroke victim, who has little time left to live. Carolyn is given a skeleton key by Violet, Ben's wife, to gain access to every room in the manor, except for one. Carolyn grows more curious by the minute while living in the manor and start to investigate the premises for foul play in Ben's current state of health. She feels Violet has a lot to do with Ben's health deteriorating. She grows frantic with the thought that Violet may be trying to kill Ben with the help of Hoodoo, and Luke, the ever so charming lawyer who was hired to rewrite Ben and Violet's wills.

Twist: Carolyn was right about one thing, Luke was in fact helping Violet, certainly not to kill Ben, but to give Carolyn a reason to stay in the manor (sex appeal), since Carolyn is the sole target for now, not Ben anymore. Violet and Ben were not really who they said they were deep inside. Papa Justice and Mama Cecile were two renowned Hoodoo practioners who used Violet and Ben's bodies to lodge their souls long time ago. As they are growing older, they needed younger bodies for their souls, hence, Papa Justice already occupied the young lawyer's body and Carolyn was the prospected body for Mama Cecile. Violet (Mama Cecile) lured Carolyn to believe in Hoodoo, and to think that she was after Ben when all the while she wanted Carolyn's body. Mama Cecile and Papa Justify received what they longed after, new vessels for their souls, and Carolyn's soul went to Violet's stroke ridden, fractured body - so unfair. 

Tagline: Fearing is believing!

Director: Iain Softley

Actors: Kate Hudson, Joy Bryant, Peter Sarsgaard, John Hurt, Gena Rowlands

Themes: Hoodoo, Voodoo, Believing vs not Believing



It's a tie! I have two horror movies in the top place I can't seem to choose which one should be awarded with the top most twisted ending ever in the history of horror movies. So I chose both, I hope you guys can understand.


The Sixth Sense (1999): One of my favorite movies of all times. "I see dead people" was one of the things Cole had the guts to reveal to his child psychologist, Crowe. Crowe is very good at what he does, but he had one failure in his career, Vincent, a patient who broke into his house one night, shot him in the stomach and shot himself in the head afterwards. As a result, Crowe is determined to help Cole with his "situation" and tells Cole that the ghosts that he sees have unfinished businesses, they need his help to cross over. As he helps Cole to use his talent as a mean to help the dead cross over to the other side, Cole helps him as well in ways you would have never imagined.

Twist: Cole said "sometimes, they don't know if they are dead" to Crowe, he was talking about Crowe. Cole helps Crowe understand when Vincent shot him in the stomach, he died that night, his unfinished business was the only thing holding him back from moving on to the other side. He had to help another frightened, troubled little boy into accepting his gift and making good use of it, and he had to tell his wife, she was never second in his life. Now if anyone tells me they saw that coming at the end of "The Sixth Sense", you're a huge liar!

Tagline: Not every gift, is a blessing!

Director:  M. Night Shyamalan

Actors: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette, Olivia Williams

Themes:  Ghost, Unfinished Business, The Dead, The Living

The Mist (2007): I know some of you would be like the ending of this movie was not that twisted... Well, you are a big fat liar! The storyline revolves around an unnatural mist that sets up over Bridgton, Maine. The creatures concealed by this mist are otherworldly. David and his son, Billy, and their estranged neighbor Brent all went to the local market leaving David's wife, Stephanie back at the house. While in the supermarket, Dan Miller runs into the store with a bloody nose explaining to the patrons that the mist has vicious creatures lurking in it. The fate of these townsfolks is not secured; they could all die one by one if they try to leave and go out into the mist or they could wait it out in the store and still meet that same fate. Either way, strange things are bound to happen to them.

Twist: As things reach a fever peak in the market, David, his son Billy, and three others make it out alive to a car in the parking lot and set out to drive away from the mist after resisting the evil darkness that resides in some of the townsfolks from within the walls of the Supermarket. But they run out of gas. I am thinking, just wait it out in the car, they have come this far. The most gut-wrenching scene was only seconds to come. Since they feel they won't make it out alive, they are trapped in the car in the middle of the mist. There is no way out. As a result, David and the others agree for him to end their lives instead of getting shred to pieces by some vicious creatures. So David kills them all, including his own son while he was just waking up. Oops, there were only four rounds. David accepts his fate as he exits out of the car but the mist starts to clear up. There comes the military with their arsenal, and truckloads of survivors. Nothing left to say but extremely visceral. 

Tagline: Fear changes everything!

Director: Frank Darabont

Actors: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Melissa McBride

Themes: God, Evil, man-made Creatures, Evil within



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What is your favorite horror movie with a twisted ending?

1- Saw (2004) 2- The Sixth Sense (1999) 3- Identity (2003)


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What is your favorite horror movie with a twisted ending?          







What is your favorite horror movie with a twisted ending?          

the hills have eyes was pretty good cuz it took half a second to twist the ending





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