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The Hottest Thirteen Vampire Babes ever!

 Early vampire movies have always showcased the
female vampire as a victim or a sexy temptress
purely. The latter is more of what these
seriously oven hot babes, hand-picked for your
own viewing pleasure are more about below. They
range from princesses, warriors, hunters to
ruthless predators who are more than willing to
use their assets to get to their objective.
Understand, they are not mindless nymphs who just
want lustful sex; they have 
defined purposes as they are driven to get
through the night in their dark world at whatever
cost. Just make sure you stay hydrated as it will
be getting blazingly hot, fairly soon!
 *****Yes, she is numero uno and don't even bother asking me why, you should already know why, all I can say is DTD*****
1- Actor: Salma Hayek
Role: Santanico Pandemonium, the snake and belly dancer from Dusk till Dawn (1996)
Authenticity: Dancing her tail off in a bar called the titty twister; hypnotizing and seducing every men and women in the audience with that sexy thing she does with her curvaceous hips. She is indeed a crowd pleaser as she will do anything to keep her audience happy, even if that entails her pouring a drink for Quentin and make him drink it literally from her toned legs down to her toes. Her body is like a sculpture, so well put together.  
2- Actor: Anne Parillaud
Role: Marie the bloodsucking killer with a conscience from Innocent Blood (1998)
Authenticity: Her sex scene with Lapaglia was the hottest one ever. She senses that he is a little scaredish as a result, she asks him to handcuff her so she can make him feel at ease while giving it to her from behind. But honestly could anything stop this hotness if she really wanted to inflict pain on him (as she breaks loose from the handcuffs, and take full control). Nonetheless, Marie only feeds on the mob and there are so many of them to go around, but once they start turning into vampires as well, she teams up with a cop (Lapaglia) to finish what she had started.
3- Actor: Kate beckinsale
Role: Selene from Underworld (2003)
Authenticity: A gorgeously hot vampire warrior sporting some hot leather bodysuit and jacket. Very stylish, very deadly. Selene is very complex, she sees her world completely different from the other vampires. She kicks ass for the greater good and becomes the girlfriend of a hybrid, and have sex on screen what else can you ask for. Through and through, she is a badass with the face of an angel.
4- Actor: Late Aaliyah Dana Haughton (RIP)
Role: Queen Akasha from Queen of the Damned (2002)
Authenticity: The Queen of all blood suckers lurking in the dark. She is awake by the loud rock music of none other than Lestat. She devotes her awakening to him and wants to continue what she had started: to kill off humanity and another class of vampires. But Lestat finds reason and falls for a new girl in that other class of vampires, a good girl that is. Inevitably, Lestat ends up killing the Queen with the help of this other group of vampires as their ideology differed immensely. Love sucks! 
5- Actor: Monica Belluci 
Role: One of Dracula’s three brides from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
Authenticity: One of the hottest Dracula wives yet. One of my exes told me that he loved her hands, although her bosom seems more interesting than her hands. I think he was just being nice.
6- Actor: Silvia Colloca
Role: Verona from Van Helsing (2004)
Authenticity: The sassiest and most playful vampire vixen ever. Her most envious asset proves to be the nail to her coffin...permanently. 
7- Actor: Ingrid Pitt
Role: Camilla from The Vampire Lovers (1970)
Authenticity: Eroticism is a key ingredient in her playbook; she keeps her victim so enticed that they will follow her anywhere.
8- Actor: Jessica Biel
Role: Abigail from Blade: Trinity (2004)
Authenticity: Abigail is the equivalent of Buffy in this trilogy, except that she is in fact a vampire kicking villainous vampires’ derrieres. She wears those skin tight outfits as if she wants you to know she is hot and not afraid to flaunt it.
9- Actor: Catherine Deneuve
Role: Miriam from The Hunger (1983)
Authenticity: She is the hottest bi-sexual vampire ever and she is Egyptian no wonder Susan had to succumb to her charming ways. She lures her preys by telling them what they would want to hear, promising them eternal youth, beauty and sex but there is a catch, she is the only one who will remain young and beautiful as she feeds off their life force and energy to stay the way she is forever.
10- Actor: Alyssa Milano
Role: Charlotte Wells from Embrace of the Vampire (1995)
Authenticity: Her character plays this beautiful, gorgeous, chaste good girl who out of nowhere starts having very sexual dreams. Are they really dreams or is she seeing what will become of her as the arrival of this fanged creature approaches. Her best feature must be her breasts as she bares those 95% of the film and they get touched by men and women alike with or without her approval. She makes up for a hot victim but is she really; because if she enjoys it, that makes her a willing participant. Although, she never became this vampire but the woman she looked like or was the reincarnation of was a vampire so she gets credits for that.
11- Actor: Jami Gertz
Role: Star from The Lost Boys (1987)
Authenticity: The love interest of the badass and the good guy. Is she good or bad? Well, she could be good whenever she wants to but being bad could not be any more contagious in that movie.
12- Actor: Sadie Frost
Role: Lucy from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
Authenticity: Can we forget this red headed, vivacious, life loving, and men loving vixen? She was one of Dracula’s first victim and became a vampire who preyed on small children mostly; which earned her the nickname of “Bloofer Lady”. Her moaning sequences when she is getting exploited by the beast were very tantalizing, very orgasmic and much to our delight. 
13- Actor: Lucy Liu
Role: Sadie Blake from Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)
Authenticity: Sadie, a reporter who wakes up in a morgue feeling weak and hungry; she quenches her thirst on a homeless man feeling sick to her stomach as she notices a young child witnessing her attack. She runs outside and tries to off herself but one thing she does not know, is that once you are already dead, and walking the streets in the dark, you are the undead. So she stands determined as she sets out to avenge her untimely death. Her nude lesbian scene with actress Carla Gugino is one not to miss.  She is equally potent and seductive as Sadie the blood hunter.
In conclusion 
There you have it, brunette, red headed, and blonde. Or more precisely, African-American, Caucasian, American, Spanish, Mexican-American, European, French, Italian, Polish, English, Asian and some mixed heritage hot mamas twirling it on the big and small screens as vampire vixens. They all played good and bad vampiresses but one thing you cannot deny them is that they will get what they want by just being so intoxicatingly irresistible, you have to truly have God in your corner to escape from their fangs.


Who from this list get your heart pumping, and your adrenaline rushing, who is your hottie with the pasty complexion, who from this list keeps your blood boiling and gets you all sweaty even though, it's below zero in the room?

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Name:        Glacierwolf
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Who is your hottest vampire babe ever and why?:        Lucy Lui I love her.



Name: Thomas Sanborn
E-mail: @yahoo.com
Who is your hottest vampire babe ever and why?: Laura Parker who played on the Dark Shadows television series--loved her with long, blonde hair and ...FANGS!!!!!




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