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WTF Horror Moments




Title: Mother (2017)

"Seeing is believing"

Writer: Darren Aronofsky

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris


  Mother! is one of those movies that will twist your world sideways. I had preconceived ideas before watching this film. However, during the watch, it was nothing I had ever expected. I was rendered mind-fucked in a good way! After the writer/director confirmed his storyline, there were some people still interpreting it as they felt because this premise is uber ambiguous. Mother! is a cautionary and reflective tale about mother nature. She gives her heart, her all, yet it is never enough; they devour her flesh and blood. Moreover, they ravenously eat, destroy, tarnish, and take, take, take ever so selfishly. What makes Mother! different than most big budget films, is that the WTF moments were abundantly supplied. Although, this movie was purely an allegory of the bible, it was grossly old testament style. A parable on the muse and the creator story. Without further ado, the most WTF scene that was forged in Mother!...the baby eating scene. I had a hard time sitting through that one and I am certain that I was not alone.


The WTF: There were so many WTF moments in Mother! such as...

Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer disrespecting her home with indiscreet hot sex 

They came from everywhere with various vile backgrounds to see "the Poet" or invade her home..

 They party, they pollute, they fight, and they kill each other -- vicious cycle!


She gives birth to a "baby boy"...with HIM!


But the one to top it all is when "the Poet"  Him takes the baby boy from mother's chest to present to these unwelcomed guests. When we think things could not get any worse, the baby is being passed through the crowd while wailing incessantly. And then, whoosh, disappears and stops wailing.


Baby boy just became chow or literally "the body of Christ"?!

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The most disturbed of August 2021


 The Swarm (6 August 2021)

Director: Just Phillippot

Writer: Jerome Genevray, Franck Victor

Starring: Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes, Marie Narbonne

Synopsis: An independent recently widowed mother of two living in the middle of nowhere, France; surviving on breeding locusts for money, took a rather dreadful turn when the swarm of locusts got a taste for blood, human blood that is.

"Some mothers are from another world of psycho!"

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Happy August TBHMManiacs!!!

TBHM Tip #17: A mother is the closest being to nature; they will do anything to keep their balance...



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