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Title: Squid Game (2021)

"45.6 Billion Won is Child's play"

Writer: Hwang Dong Hyuk

Director: Hwang Dong Hyuk

Actors: Lee Jung Jae, Park Hye Soo, Wi Ha Joon, Oh Yeong Su


  Squid Game was the source material for so many memes last year, it will forever remain a cult classic in survival horror with its originality and attention to detail. From the jumpsuits to the games. So meticulously executed. I can honestly say as a survival horror, thriller, mystery miniseries it delivered a plenty of thrills, loads of mystery and these 456 contestants were put through the ringer and back to earn their place in the game and ultimately for one unlucky champ to win the grand prize of 45.6 Billion won. But Squid Game did something more. It made you wonder how far some people would truly go for money, as much as how far others would go to get some thrills. SG provided buckets of terrifying WTF moments with its 9 episodes full of je ne sais quoi morbidness to outlandish killing sprees while 456 poor indebted suckers compete tooth and nail in children's games, as a matter of life and death.

The WTF Moment we picked is when the "man" behind the badass mask and the head master orchestrating the whole thing was revealed to be none other than the old man. I kinda suspected all along but he was killed "offscreen". He snagged a Golden Globe deservingly for his supporting role. Way to go#1!


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The most supernaturally macabre TV Series of 2021


 Midnight Mass

Why you ask? Simply because as much as you would like to think that you could guess what will be next after watching the first episode, you will keep tripping over the fact that they killed one of the most developed characters, one of the main protagonists while there are at least 6 more episodes to go in the series. You may wonder...is it a religious tv show? Or is it a cult-focused tv series? You may even imagine; it has to be about a dragon. But one thing for sure, you will never be more on the edge of your seat watching these series.

Rated: A serious case of Island fever mixed with blood, guts and danger!


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13 Creepy Shorts To Evil For


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