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   TBHM Hunks of 2010


2010 has been a very inspiring year as far as horror movie hunks are concerned. Hunks were being thrown at us left and right. Some of us got saturated with abdolicious men but for me, I cannot ever get enough, the more the merrier...just keep raining hot, hot, hot men on me and I will probably still be expecting more...more to showcase on TBHM of course. TBHM Hunks are what I crave, surely you do too. Enjoy these hand-picked delicioso hunks for your viewing pleasure and spread your findings!




The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of December

Vincent je t'aime! 

Who: Vincent Cassel is the Horror Movie Hunk for December. He is one of the stars of the new psychological Horror movie "Black Swan" out in theaters December 2010, also starring the two equally beautiful and talented Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman. Vincent is the son of Journalist Sabine Litique and actor Jean-Pierre Cassel born Crochon. Vincent has played in over 50 films worldwide since 1993. I started paying more attention to him for his role in the controversial film "Irreversible" in 2002 where he played Marcus the boyfriend character to Monica Belluci's character. Cassel and Belluci met on the set of the feature film and got married shortly after with two beautiful girls Deva, 6 years old and Leonie, 7 months old to call their own. Cassel could also be a linguist if he wanted a career change as he speaks fluently not only his native tongue French, but also Russian, Portuguese, English and Italian. Cassel is fit, gorgeous and so charismatic.

Scoop: As a couple Vincent and Monica were approached to star in an adult film together, they declined the offer since they were not sure if their fans would brand them as porn stars instead of movie stars.

Why: Vincent has that bad ass flare to him that when he plays a good guy we still crave him as a bad ass. His so ever-penetrating blue eyes seal the deal for me... 

Born: Vincent Crochon, on November 23, 1966 in Paris, France

Vincent est si beau...

 "Vincent...oh la la!"


The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of November

 Eric Balfour j'adore

Who: Eric Balfour is the Horror Movie Hunk for this month. He is one of the stars of the new Sci-Fi Horror movie Skyline. Eric is the son of Sharon and David Balfour and has a younger sister named Tori. Eric's complex beauty comes from his Russian, French and Native American roots. Eric has played in countless TV shows and films. His face was used in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" as a lure for Leatherface to get under the skin of Eric's character's girlfriend played by Jessica Biel. Eric is also a singer, he is the lead vocalist for the band "Born as Ghosts". He is currently playing Duke Crocker "the Colorado Kid" in the Supernatural Series "Haven" based off Stephen King's Novel. 

Why: Eric has a face that most men would want to rip off and use as their own. He is simply intoxicatingly gorgeous!

Born: Eric Salter Balfour, on April 24, 1977 in Los Angeles, California

 Eric Balfour

"Such dirty thoughts coming to mind..."

The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of October

 Sean Patrick Flannery

Who: Sean Patrick Flanery is the horror movie hunk for this month. I know I am not the only one who enjoys watching him playing Connor Mcmanus in "The Boondocks Saints". Sean is getting recognized as the Horror Movie Hunk of this month for his supporting role in SAW 3D and for blessing the screens with his gorgeous smile in every films. Sean is one of those guys who would join a class or a club for a girl. As he did enroll in an acting class because he had a crush on a girl whom was attending that class. Eventually he fell in love with acting instead. Thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and he has been actively performing in over 50 films since 1988. Sean is also very athletic, he has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he races car professionally. He also own a dog that he named Donut because of the dog first reaction to donuts.

Why: Sean is just simply irresistible. He is ageless!

Born: Sean Patrick Flanery, on October 11, 1965 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

  Sean Patrick Flanery

"So tempting!"

The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of September


 Who: Boris Kodjoe from "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D" is the horror movie hunk for September. Boris is of Ghanaian and German roots who used to be a fashion model, now mostly work as an actor. He married Soul Food co-star Nicole Ari in May 2005 with whom he has two youngsters.

Why: Boris can play a friend, a boyfriend, a husband, a survivalist, a FBI agent or just the guy sporting these six packs and I would still be a groupie. He is just mesmerizing!

Born: Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe , on,  , on ,

On March 8, 1973 in Vienna, Austria



The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of August


 Who: Brian Geraghty from "Open House" is the horror movie hunk for August. Brian caught my eye from his performance in "The Hurt Locker" with me being a veteran and all, it touched home. But Brian has also played a marine in Jarhead, so he definitely is hot in my book. I just can't resist men in uniforms.

Why: Brian can play the innocent boyfriend next door, the closeted freak or the EOD specialist and we still will find him convincing in each roles. He's very versatile!

Born: Brian Timothy Geraghty, on May 13, 1974, in Toms River, New Jersey

  Brian my type of soldier!

"Soldier on!"

The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of July

 Travis Fimmel the hottie from Experiment

 Who: Travis Fimmel from "The Experiment" is the horror movie hunk for July. Travis is an Australian actor and model. He began modeling at 18 and became one of the highest paid model representing Calvin Klein exclusively. He has played in a handful of thrillers including "Ivory" and "Needle".

Why: Travis is one of the most gorgeous, abdolicious men in the movie industry. He can be a badass or a good guy, it's totally up to you who you want him to be.

Born: Travis Fimmel, on July 15, 1979 near Echura, Victoria in Australia

 Travis Fimmel in his boxers

"Muy caliente"


The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of June

Adrian Brody

"Such hotness"

 Who: Adrian Brody from "Splice" is our horror movie hunk for June. Adrian has Hungarian, Polish and Jewish blood running through his veins. He has a very broad talent as he can portray almost anybody on screen. As brilliant as he is, earned him an Academy Award for best Actor in "The Pianist" when he was only 29 years old making him the youngest male actor to win in that category.

Scoop: Adrian had a near fatal motorcycle accident where it took him months to recover. His nose is also proned to being broken as he broke it four times doing his own stunts.

Why: Adrian has this sexyness about him. He also shows some guts by kissing Halle Berry at an award ceremony. He just makes you melt in places you never thought you could.

Born: Adrian Brody, on April 14, 1973 in Woodhaven, Queens, NY 

  Adrian Brody with a six pack

"Adrian smiles"

The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of May

"The modern gentleman" 

Who: Jim Sturgess from "Heartless" is the horror movie hunk for the month of May. Jim is your gentleman if you know one. He is an English actor and musician. First look was from "Accross the Universe" and since then I fell in love or maybe in lust with Jim Sturgess and I am positive there are millions more of women like me out there with crushes on Jim.

Why: Jim inspires in his roles. He makes a lot of women happy by just being himself.

Born: James Anthony Sturgess, on May 16, 1981 in London, England


The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of April


 Who: Kellan Lutz from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is the horror movie hunk for April. Kellan is mostly known for playing Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films but we cannot deny this hotness a spot on our list. He has a handful of movies under his belt and some more to come. He is a star in the making.

Why: Kellan is just irresistible to look at, even when he is playing the bad guy.

Born: Kellan Christopher Lutz, on March 15, 1985, in Dickinson, North Dakota


"So gorgeously sexy!"

The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of March


Who: Jude Law is the horror movie hunk for this month. Mr. Law played in movies such as "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Gattaca", "Road To Perdition", "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", "Immortality", "Artificial Intelligence: AI" to cite only a few. He is a very broad actor, who can play good, eccentric, complex, or dark roles without a sweat. He is recently starring in "The Repo Men" now playing in theaters. Jude Law has four biological children and one stepson, three with ex-wife Sadie Frost, and one with US model Samantha Burke. He is a very charitable and peaceful human being, he is actively involved with a number of charities and he also partakes in various peacekeeping activities. Mr. Law has received numerous award nominations, and won several. He is the younger brother to Andrea Natasha Law, the celebrated graphic designer and English painter.

Why: Mr. Law is handsome inside and out, although, he may not be able to keep it in his pants which is fine by me, but he dedicates his life for the greater good in mankind. What an awesome man!

Born: David Jude Heyworth Law, in Lewisham, London, England, on December 29, 1972   

 Jude Law hot!

 "So piercing"


 The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of February

"Tim Olyphant...si beau et si attirant!"

Who: Timothy Olyphant from the pandemic movie "The Crazies" is the horror movie hunk for this month because he has personafied hotness to me. I love his country look and voice but foremost I love his walk and attitude. I love so many other things about him, but I don't think I will have enough time to write them right now, I think I will have a page for him especially. Nonetheless, Timothy was born in Hawaii but raised in California, he went to Fred C. Beyer high school in Modesto before pursuing a degree in fine art and theater at University of Southern California where he was also a very good swimmer as he swimmed competitively and became one of the finalists at the U.S. National Swimming Championships in the 200 individual Medley. Upon being dropped, Timothy moved to NYC where he attended William Esper's acting studio. Believe it or not, he's been married for nearly twenty years to wife Alexis Knief with whom he has three children.

Why: Timothy Olyphant has played such badasses throughout his career that I just always expect him to be one. One word "Hitman"!

Born: Timothy David Olyphant on May 20, 1968, in Honolulu, Hawaii


 "Such a hottie"

The Horror Movie Hunk for the month of January


Who: Ethan Hawke from the vampire movie "Daybreakers" is our horror movie hunk for the month of January. He was married to actress Uma Thurman for nearly seven years and divorced on accounts of Hawke being unfaithful. He has three children two with former wife Uma and one child with current wife Ryan Shawhughes. He starred in countless movies and theater productions and received numerous award nominations for his work, he is truly a very talented actor, writer and director with over two decades of stage and screen work. 

Why: Ethan Hawke is one of the most classical good looking actors in Hollywood, as time goes by, he is only looking better. He plays good guy, villain, boyfriend material, husband, guy on the side, badass and still keeps me on his good side. I think his beauty and charms are timeless.

Born: Ethan Green Hawke, on November 6, 1970 in Austin, Texas

Ethan Hawke love

 "Such a classic beauty!" 


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