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     April Fools' Killer
An excerpt of my very first treatment-- a story about a girl named April who was unlucky enough to be born on April Fool's day from fervent cult followers. This story was inspired by a good friend of mine who was born on April Fool's day. Leave me a comment below.
Log line: After years of torment and abuse by her obscure parents, this rich sensible young girl is pushed over the edge as she becomes a calculated killer on her 13th birthday to find solace and retribution. Perforce, her dark past is revisited on her 18th birthday; cornered and hopeless she goes beyond the realm of death to get her revenge.
Flashback (Introduction)
April-Lynn "April" Miguel was born on a sinister afternoon on April 1, 1993 in the Miguels’ Mansion with the help of their private doctor, Dr. Bezeus.  Her demented parents, Ymora and Joseph Miguel, decided that they would let little April cry her eyes out before cleaning and consoling her; April fell asleep her first night in existence, dirty, cold, hungry, and scared.  Any sane parent would have never  allowed for their newborn to endure such cruelty but for some dark reason, the Miguels were overjoyed by that brutal display of child neglect.
It goes without saying to comment that the Miguels savored every single second of torture and trauma that they administered on their unique child.  Those debilitating pranks and hours of hazing that followed, on every April first, never seemed to come without creativity. Consequently April committed parricide on her 13th birthday and made it resemble a horrible freak accident. 
Being their only child, April inherited their abundant fortune as she grew up quickly into a beautiful young woman with rather peculiar behavioral habits among her peers at Jean-Thoby’s private school. For instance, she was seldom absent from school on her birthday if that day was on a school day, she preferred to take a rain-check on gifts or surprise birthday parties, as her birthday was approaching, April would always look depressed and hurt. After her parents’ 'accidental' demise, people felt it was more than normal for her to behave in this manner since they died on her birthday but it would never cross their mind that April was the subject of pure atrocities foisted by none other than her cult-crazed parents on every birthday she has ever had when they were animated.
With the exception of her reclusion on her birthdays, April appeared to be one of the most normal teenagers in her hometown which could make it very difficult for anyone to believe that she had such a dark predisposition. She secretly held onto those noir memories of her 13th birthday where her progenitors for the 13th time were about to pull another trauma-induced prank on her in their dungeon.
This time around, the Miguels had planned to pull their most elaborate prank ever, since it was going to be her 13th birthday and they had an affinity for the number “13”. The Miguels were actually going to throw a well-orchestrated party, sadly not a birthday party, more like an April Fool’s Party a la Halloween. April had her plans laid out also, they had been doing this to her for 13 years and now it was time for them to atone for their deliberate abuse year after year. Simple as that, April could no longer stomach or get lured to be treated like their special ‘little freak’...
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