June 2, 2012 @ 4:27 PM


The Gorgeous 

Who: Charlize Theron from the Sci-Fi horror movie prequel "Prometheus" is our hottie for the month of June. Her mother has the same first name as my late mother, Gerta; her dad's name was Charles. She is of Dutch, French, and German ancestry. She was born in Transvaal province, in South Africa, she is a descendant of Huguenot settlers. Her mother had to legally off Charles, her husband, the father of her child in self-defense as he was physically threatening her life as well as Charlize's while he was intoxicated on June 21, 1991. Charlize started out as a model, and then a ballet dancer but realized after a knee injury that she was a better fit for acting. She was discovered by a talent agent in a bank where she was trying to cash a check her mother had sent her from South Africa and the clerk was refusing to cash it, her strong personality permeated through her refusal to take no for an answer which captivated the talent agent whom was behind her in line. She started out as a non-speaking character on Children of the Corn III and went on to star in 2 Days in the Valley and The Devil's Advocate where she began to be successful in the industry. She was the first South African actress to be both nominated and won the Academy Award for best actress for the portrayal of Aileen Wuernos in the biopic movie Monster. She is also the first ESL actress to retain any native tongue accent. She is a great supporter to Women's rights, Same-sex marriage and Animal Rights.

Why: Theron is a highly profile actress for her role depictions in her diverse films.

Born: Charlize Theron, in Benoni, South Africa, on August 7, 1975  

Children: Jackson Theron (Adopted in March 2012)

Partner: None at this point but was "Married" to Stuart Towsend from 2001 to January 2010

Great Contributions: Prometheus (2012); Snow White and The Huntsman(2012); Monster (2003; The Devil's Advocate (1997)  

Height: 5' 10" 

Prometheus in character as Meredith Vickers

Snow White and The Huntsman in character as Queen Ravenna

Monster in Character as Aileen Wuernos

Aeon Flux in character as Aeon Flux