August 2, 2012 @ 10:16 PM

Who: Erin Simms from the Supernatural horror movie "The Possession" is our hottie for the month of August, portraying a possessed Italian girl. Erin is a singer, song-writer and an actress who was born and raised in Montreal. Erin was discovered straight out of High School by a casting agent. She studied drama while in High School and continued in Speiser's Studio in California after she moved there from Montreal. She was part of a cover band called High-Five for four years before the band disintegrated and she became a solo act. She has published both her EP and LP records by 2009. Overall, we will remember her always as Maya in the Power Rangers series. 

Why: Erin is a Canadian breed who is very down to Earth and loves cheese, snowboarding, Tennis and red wine in the company of her amazing friends.

Born: Erin Jennifer Simms, in Montreal, Canada, on December 18, 1976 

Children: None

Partner: None that we know of...

Great Contributions: The Possession (2012)