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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.- TBHM is short for what?

TBHM is short for "The Best Horror Movies".


2.- Who created thebesthorrormovies.com?

Mrs. TBHMManiac is the proud founder of www.thebesthorrormovies.com


3.- What is TBHM all about?

TBHM is a site dedicated to review and recommend the best horror movies ever made specifically the following three sub-categories of the genre which are: Horror-Comedy, Slasher and Supernatura to entertain horror movie fans about the greatest and latest in horror. A place where everyone's views are welcomed in our dark room and anyone can have their pick at which actress or actor should be the horror movie hottie or hunk of the month and much more.


4.- Why was thebesthorrormovies.com created?

Mrs. TBHMMAniac created the site because she is also a horror movie fan, her love for horror movie started at the tender age of nine and it only grew stronger as time went by. She had to create a site where her passion for horror movies can be displayed for other horror movie enthusiasts to join and support their horror as well.


5.- What are the three levels of horror?

The three levels of horror are three sub-categories of the horror genre which are, Horror-comedy, Slasher, and Supernatural that the founder has accentuated in because they are simply her favorites. She believes strongly that those three sub-categories make up the best horror movies of all times which is why she titled her site as such.


6.- How long does the delivery take of any movie purchased from the USA?

It takes up to 48 hours upon receipt of the money. Currently, we are not selling any movies from our site. Movies for sale on our site are through Amazon.com


7.- Can I order a movie and get it shipped to me outside of the USA?

Unfortunately, we are not selling any movies directly from our site. Every movie posted for sale on our site is through Amazon.com, we advise everyone to read their terms and conditions before purchase.


8-. Are your movies region 1 or 2?

We are currently not selling any movies through our website. Any movies being purchased through Amazon.com, we have no control over, please read their terms and conditions before transacting with them.


9.- Are any of the movies for sale used or bootlegged versions?

No, we are currently not selling any movies through our website. Again, anything you purchase from a third party on our site, ie Amazon.com we have no controls over, you are advised to read their terms and conditions before conducting any transaction.


10.- Why would I need to buy a movie online when I can go to the store nearby and get it?

Well, we review and recommend some of the rarest horror movies ever made and we believe that you would rather stay in the luxury of your living room and wait for your movie to be delivered to your door. We have a very selective type of horror movies to choose from. We give you very detailed info on the movies. We do pretty much all the work for you. And two other very obvious reasons why you would rather order your movie to your door than walk to your local video store to get it are: if you have house arrest or if you don't like having people around you.


11.- Will there be downloads available on this site?

Yes, but for now, all we can interest you in, is amazon unbox and amazon.com 


12.- Is that all you have to offer on this site?

For now yes, but we are constantly growing, we are adding new sections in our site everyday, we want your inputs as well, we want to make this site yours completely but we need your help to do so.


13.- Will you ever consider other sub-categories of horror movies on your your site?

Yes, but the three levels of horror will always be the focal point of this site.


Because horror is the one thing I can relate to. It's not so much about seeing people being chopped off, or getting possessed; it's the story behind it. How they survive these gut-wrenching experiences. Our fears, our strengths, how they are measured when we are confronted with moral, physical and emotional adversities. Watch the ending of "The Mist" written by Stephen King and tell me what would you have done in such a difficult time? Horror movies are just mere examples of what lengths humans will go to preserve their humanity.


Spread your horror!

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