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Scary, Mild-Horror, Slasher, Splatter, Or Supernatural? 


 Horror-Comedy rates Mild-Horror, Dark Comedy, Film Noir

Slasher rates Serial Killers, Dark Psycho-Thrillers, Splatter 

Supernatural rates Ghost, Possession, Haunted House, Haunted Places, Other-Wordly Creatures ie Aliens, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves 


Undeniably, your love of either mild-horror, supernatural, or slasher has a lot to do with your upbringing. Some of us love to watch the goriest, bloodiest, most disgusting slasher movies and others love the thrilling mindfuck, the suspenseful supernatural flicks, which is my personal favorite; whereas this last group just love to poke fun at those two categories cited above. These people love the mild in horror, they love horror movies that are not too suspenseful or too gory, while parodying those serious supernatural and slasher themes. There is nothing wrong with that, at least they love some horror. Sometimes, the type of horror movies you like to watch says a lot about you as an individual. Either you are strong enough mentally to taste the best and the worse in horror with no visible trauma or you are just proned to nightmares by just touching a horror DVD casing!

Bruce Campbell as Ash

Ash from Evil Dead is everyone's hero but he was my Horror-Comedy King before Shawn of the Dead!

As I mentioned before  on this site "It" and "Friday the 13th" were the two first horror movies I had the privilege to watch when I was nine and got me hooked since. I am not saying that kids who never get to watch horror movies will never grow up to like horror movies but most of us who had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of horror films early on, grew up to love it or hate it indefinitely. It’s one or the other, there is no in between with this genre. Most people who hates the horror genre happens to be mostly people who never had a chance to see these types of movies in their childhood and grew scared and afraid. Why? Whether they were too chicken shit to watch them or they assumed it must be horribly terrifying to experience now since they never attempted the horror genre before. Well, I say to this group start slow and steady, a horror-comedy flick would help them get there.


Chi chi chi cha cha cha!

Why do I love horror so much?

I can’t really describe it but I can tell you this much, there is something about it that got me puzzled when I was 9 years old; something about the fear, the scream, the monsters and the heroes. It made perfect sense to me, to watch a movie where good defies evil, where good oftentimes win over evil. You could choose to side with good or evil secretly, it was totally up to you. Well, you should be aware that most people love to be in the winning side. Although, I was scared most of the time, peeking through my fingers in the heightened climaxing scenes but I soon realized that I yearned for that kind of feeling. I was thrilled, exhilarated, electrified. I guess that realization alone convinced me to keep up with my newfound delightful sensation. I was very fortunate to realize so early that horror was my favorite genre, the genre that got me so excited, so focused to the point to create my very own website to share this excitement, this intoxicating feeling with others like me.


Pennywise the scariest clown ever!

 The clown who gave me the chills for years!


Although, I celebrate all day the three levels of Horror which are Horror-Comedy, Slasher and Supernatural, my all time favorite level of horror though, is Supernatural what's yours?

How do you take your Horror?

What's your kind of horror?

Slasher, Supernatural or Horror-Comedy and why?

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